How To Do a French Twist in 7 Easy Steps

A step-by-step guide to creating the elegant French twist.

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Woman with curly hair in French twist

There’s no doubt that the French twist is a timeless classic. Whether it’s a for prom or a wedding, this hairstyle is an elegant option that makes you look like you’re a permanent resident of the South of France. But we’re well aware that creating this twisted updo can be nerve-wracking for anyone that is less confident in styling.

That said, the French twist updo is rather easy to achieve. Unconvinced? Just have a look our 2 simple step-by-step guides, below.

How to Do a French Twist: The Classic Look


Part and Backcomb.

Start off with dry hair and part as desired.

Then take your comb and begin backcombing sections of hair, focussing on the hair that will eventually form the twist.

model with light blonde hair and darker roots using a comb to create volume in her hair


Once you’ve fully backcombed your hair, gently brush it to one side – being careful not to undo your backcombing – and secure at the end with a hair elastic.

model with light blonde hair and darker roots attaching an elastic band around the end of her hair to make a ponytail

Use Chopsticks.

Take a pair of chopsticks or two pencils/pens (or anything similarly shaped) and place one on either side of your ponytail. This will aid in creating a neat twist. 

model with light blonde hair and darker roots using chopsticks hold her hair ready to roll it into a an updo


Holding the chopsticks firmly, start rolling your ponytail up and to the side, making sure to keep the hair pulled tight for a neat twist.

Now with the chopsticks in the centre of the twist, secure it in place with bobby pins. Use as many as you need.

model with light blonde hair rolled into a french twist updo, pinning it in place with a bobby pin

Pull out Chopsticks.

Now your twist is suitably secure, very gently pull out the chopsticks.

You can now perfect the look by further securing any loose bits of hair, or pull out some tendrils from the front of your ‘do to frame the face.

model with light blonde hair rolled into a french twist updo, pulling hair out from the front of her look to frame here face

Use Hairspray.

For the finishing touch set your look in place using the VO5 Firm Hold Hairspray

With a non-sticky and fast drying formula, this will ensure your chic updo lasts all day! And don’t worry, it brushes out easily, too.

model with light blonde hair rolled into a french twist updo, spraying hairspray to hold it in place


Et voila! Your fancy French twist updo is complete and you’re now ready to take on any formal occasion.

Want to switch up the look for more casual affairs? Then keep scrolling and follow our next step-by-step…

model with light blonde hair rolled into a french twist updo, with loose hair at the front of her look to frame here face

How to Create an Undone French Twist


Backcomb and Spray.

This look is all about volume, so it’s time to backbomb, backcomb, backcomb!

To do this, lift 1-2 inch wide sections of hair and spray with a fine mist hairspray, like the TIGI Catwalk Firm Hold Hair Spray to help prep and hold your backcombing in the next step.

french twist how to

Gather Your Hair.

Gently gather your hair as if you were about to create a loose ponytail, keeping the top bouffant.

Try to be light with your touch (you don’t want to undo all your hard work by flattening your teased hair!).

a blonde woman pulling back her hair

Start to Pin.

Begin to pin your hair, placing two crossed bobby pins on the left side and the top.

Remember to criss-cross the pins, this will help them remain invisible and create your twist in the next step.

a blonde woman with her hair clipped on the backside

Twist and Roll.

Now, for the pièce de résistance, it’s time to create your French twist!

Carefully roll the end of your hair into itself – remember to roll it towards the side that you previously pinned. Secure your twist using more bobby pins, and you’re done!

a blonde woman making a frech twist

Final Look.

Want a more relaxed French twist? Try to leave some tendrils out at the front or think about adding a hair accessory.

Using a simple headband can help you achieve a Brigitte Bardot-inspired aesthetic.

a side view of a french twist woman


How to Do a French Twist on Curly Hair

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Looking for a hairstyle that’ll keep your curls out of the way while still looking chic and stylish? Then this French twist is just what you need. Curly hair is full of natural texture and body so embrace it with this elegant updo.


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