The undercut: Women who are rocking it best on Instagram

Ever considered an undercut hairstyle? Women with all different hair types, colours and styles have been showcasing this versatile 'do on Instagram lately - take a look!  

As you’ll probably know, men have long been fans of the undercut. Women like Ruby Rose and Cara Delevingne may have experimented with the shaved style over the years, but it’s never really hit the mainstream. Until now, that is!

Admittedly this still isn’t a look for the faint of heart, but we’ve been surprised by just how versatile this trend can be. Depending on your individual style, you’re free to opt for a sweet and feminine female undercut or to play around with different undercut designs! But before you let your stylist loose with the clippers, we think you’ll benefit from a little hair inspo to find your ideal undercut hairstyle. Women of the world, take note!

5 of our favourite undercut designs


undercut: women woman with black cropped hair with undercut
Liven up a basic crop with a dramatic female undercut. Credit:

1. Short crop undercut

Did Kristen Stewart‘s recent mane transformation inspire you to opt for a buzzcut? If so, you might think that you’re unable to join the undercut crew because of your already cropped tresses. However, we’re happy to report that that’s absolutely not the case!

Proving to us all just how much of an impact an undercut can make on buzzed strands is this stunning, short-haired Instagrammer. We love the way that her gutsy, disconnected undercut contrasts with her soft, natural TWA (AKA teenie weenie afro) and understated make-up. Credit: @stepthebarber

blonde woman with an undercut hairstyle women
Bored of bobs? Why not try sprucing up this classic style with an undercut? Credit:

2. Bob undercut

We understand that many of the female undercut styles out there are on the edgier side, which isn’t always to everyone’s tastes. But there is a way around this! Try combining an elegant asymmetric bob with a mini undercut, for a less intimidating take on the trend. This is also a great option for anyone with a strict office dress code, as it can easily be covered up. Business by day, party by night! Credit: @jessdoeshair

Editor’s tips: To get your locks looking as sleek and shiny as the Instagrammer above, simply apply a few drops of the Toni&Guy High Shine Serum Drops through your strands. It will add a glossy sheen to your hair, as well as preventing any frizz from rearing its ugly head!

striped undercut designs on woman with lilac hair
Get playful with a patterned design. Credit:

3. Patterned undercut

For those that like to stand out from the crowd, make the look your own by experimenting with more imaginative undercut designs. We practically swooned at the sight of the stripey pattern above and we’re already daydreaming about chevron, floral and geometric patterns, too! It’s time to get creative, people. Credit: @playwithscissors

black curly female undercut
Give your natural curls an on-trend upgrade with an undercut. Credit:

4. Curly hair undercut

Blessed with curly locks but love the idea of an undercut? Women with natural curls will be pleased to hear that undercuts are by no means off limits! As you can see from the image above, an undercut can actually help to keep your ‘fro perfectly shaped and under control, without sacrificing your beloved ringlets. Pretty and practical? Where do we sign up?! Credit: @abigail.martina


women undercut hairstyles: pixie crop
Take your pixie crop one step further with an edgy undercut. Credit:

5. Long pixie cut with undercut

If you’re looking for punky styles for women, undercut hairstyles are a perfect option. Just don’t forget that it’s important to take the rest of your ‘do into consideration when searching for an undercut hairstyle. Women with petite, rounder faces are generally better suited to more daring buzzcut styles, whereas those with long faces will find wider styles with bangs work best, like this long pixie cut. Credit: @curtostendencia

Editor’s tip: Thinking about taking this photo along to your next salon visit? Make sure you invest in a workable hair wax, like the TIGI S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax, post-chop to keep your layers messy!


Feeling inspired by these women? Undercut hairstyles aren’t for everyone, so if you’re in need of something less edgy, head over to our Short Hairstyles page. There you’ll find all the fuss-free short ‘dos you need to know about for the season ahead!

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