8 Angled Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

Chop, chop! It's time to get on the angled bob trend ✂️  

We’ve seen them worn blunt, with bangs, long, textured, and even shaved, yet the latest way to rock a bob is angled. Now you may roll your eyes at another bob style suggestion, but the angled bob has a lot going for it!

Unlike other bobs, an angled bob hairstyle can be combined with a multitude of other styles and hair textures. Whether you wear it straight, wavy or curly, angled bob hairstyles are one of the chicest ways to wear your hair this year, so pay close attention…

By scrolling through our gallery (above) you’ll discover 8 ways to wear an angled bob, or you can simply read on for all our expert tips and advice on how you can make the most out of this must-try look.

8 angled bob hairstyles that’ll make you want to go for the chop

Angled bob: Kaley Cuoco with a wavy brown to blonde ombre angled bob
Add waves for added style points. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

1. Wavy soft angled bob

Never tried a cropped ‘do before? If you’re looking for an angled bob hairstyle that’s on the subtle side, we recommend going for a softly angled bob like Kaley Cuoco’s. The graduated length isn’t drastic but it’s still noticeable enough to look stylish.

Style tip: Add soft waves for an A-list finish that looks like you have just stepped out of the salon – and don’t forget to do your fanciest hair swishing Boomerang.

Angled bob: Fearne Cotton with a blonde 1920s inspired wavy angled bob with a side parting, wearing pink lipstick and a red lace dress
We are loving this retro-inspired style. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2. Retro-inspired

We just love how Gatsby Fearne’s look is; from the angled cut to the vintage side-parted waves, this is a look for those who love retro-inspired styles.

Editor’s tip: Ensure your curls stay looking frizz free and glossy with the VO5 Frizz Free CreamRub a small amount between your palms and through damp or dry tresses, and either allow to air dry or blowdry before curling.

Angled bob: Jourdann Dunn with an ash brown sleek, straight angled long bob
Long bobs are still a much-coveted length. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Long angled bob

Lover of medium-length styles? You will be pleased to know that you can also get on board with the angled bob trend by picking this long bob as your next haircut. Worn sleek and straight, it’s especially good for those who like to keep enough length to tie their hair up away from their face.

Style tip: From Kylie Jenner to Olivia Munn, see how the stars are wearing their medium-length bobs for extra inspo.

Angled bob: Amandla Stenberg with a short wavy bob with micro bangs, wearing a high neck floral patterned dress
Oh so chic. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. Short bob and bangs combo

You might not be an actual Parisian socialite, but you can certainly look like one! Take the French bob hairstyle as the basis for your look, and give it an angled and slightly stacked cut.

Keeping the style relatively simple, this chin-grazing bob and short micro bangs are a modern take on the trend.

Angled bob: Close-up of Jessica Szohr with a dark brunette sharp angled bob, wearing a blue and yellow print dress
An updated version of the pob. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. Deep angled bob

Ready to take the look to the next level? Then why not try this deeply angled bob haircut?

The deep angle cut still maintains a lot of length at the front while the shortest part stops at the nape of the neck. Ideal for those with poker-straight tresses, as the cut will serve to enhance the sharpness of your style!

Editor’s tip: Make sure your tresses shine bright with the TIGI S Factor Flat Iron Shine SprayNot only can this be used on wet hair for its heat protection properties but you can also treat your tresses to a spritz when dry for the shiniest sheen of all ✨.

Angled bob: Taraji P. Henson with a short wavy angled bob with an undercut, wearing a red sequin dress
Give your angled bob an extra edge by adding an undercut. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

6.  Undercut angled bob

Undercuts may have once been looked down upon for their edgy aesthetic, but you just need to see Taraji P. Henson’s red carpet ‘do to know that the times have changed!

Sported by A-list stars and runways models alike, the undercut has risen through the style ranks and infiltrated a host of other looks to give hair a dose of toughness. So if you want to add a quirky twist to your angled bob, we think this statement style is the look for you.

Angled bob: Naomi Watts with a blonde blunt angled bob, wearing a high neck silky pale pink dress
This is how the fash pack are wearing the choppy bob. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

7. Blunt angled bob

If you really want to make a statement with your angled bob hairstyle (why wouldn’t you, right?), keep it choppy with a blunt cut like Naomi Watts. Particularly good for fine hair, getting your hair stylist to cut straight across at the ends will help make your locks appear fuller and get rid of any split ends.

Angled bob: Close-up of Jennifer Aniston with a blonde layered angled bob with a side fringe
Layered bobs are flattering on all ages. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

8. Layered bob

Layers can really transform the overall look of a cut – just look at Jennifer Aniston. Also it’s worth noting that if you’ve got thick or curly hair and you’re worried about short hair looking too ‘triangular’, getting soft, long layers cut in can help balance this out.


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