People are wearing fairy lights in their hair because, well, it’s Christmas!

The tree isn't the only thing getting lit this Christmas ??  

Who here remembers the Christmas tree hair trend? Just last year people were literally turning their hair into tree shapes and covering it in tinsel and baubles, Cindy Lou Who style. Yet for Xmas 2017, people on Instagram are decking their halls and their tresses with another festive trend: light-up hair.

With light-up Christmas jumpers, earrings and Santa hats already stockpiled for the season, we see no reason why our manes can’t get the same treatment. So if you’ve got any leftover fairy lights knocking about, extend the Christmas decor to your hair this holiday season and start spreading the festive cheer!

Fairy light hair is trending & it’s every bit as magical as you’d expect


blonde woman with long hair in a big french braid with fairy lights in
This is a Pinterest lover’s dream. Credit:

This bright and beautiful hair trend is usually worn in braids, with Instagrammers weaving in LED fairy lights as they braid. This way, once the style is complete and the lights are turned on, you’ve got a seriously dazzling mane! Credit: @omgartistry

woman with black hair in a big braided updo with fairy lights woven in
Holiday hair on fleek. Credit:

Worried about how you’re going to enjoy your night while having to stay close to a plug socket at all times? Don’t fret, all of the styles we’ve seen have been created using mini LED lights with battery packs, which you can easily tuck inside your braid or bun.

Sounds a bit scary, we know, but these are the same lights that you’d find in your favourite light-up Christmas jumper, so as long as you’re careful you shouldn’t have any mishaps! Credit: @saloncapri

Editor’s tip: Shiny hair is the order of the season, so if you’re going to try any of these looks out for yourself, a few drops of the TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops will be the perfect finishing touch. After all, with super glossy hair you’ll shine all the brighter!

blonde woman with her hair in a braided chignon with christmas fairy lights in
It’s a Christmas chignon! Credit:

Have short hair or don’t feel like wearing your hair down? Braids aren’t the only option here. Adding lights to a classic updo (like this pretty twisted chignon) is a great evening party look and is just as festive! Credit: @maggiemh

woman with dark and light green hair in a twisted braid with fairy light christmas lights in it
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree… Credit:

Thought this trend couldn’t possibly get any more Christmassy? Well, if you’re willing to take the holiday hair look one step further, why not turn your strands into a real life Christmas tree with a temporary Grinchy-green hair colourCredit: @vikiscissorhands

brunette woman with long hair in a french braid with fairy lights woven in
Is anyone else getting Stranger Things vibes here? Credit:

Now, before you write this off as just another wacky Christmas hair trend that’s best kept on Instagram, wait and hear us out. As festive as this look is, it would also be the perfect way to stand out at your next concert, birthday party or crazy hair day.

So next time you’re stuck for party hair inspiration, light it up! Credit: @katelynjeanhair


Will you be lighting up your locks this Christmas? If you do, please tweet us photos over at @AllThingsHairUK, we’d LOVE to see!

Xmas hair trend: People are turning their locks into Christmas trees!


xmas hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Christmas tree hair trend
Xmas hair trend: Christmas trees! Credit:

This bizarre Xmas hair trend involves people styling their manes into cone-shaped ‘dos that mimic that of a Christmas tree! But of course, it won’t do to just have a tree-shaped hairstyle, oh no. Once their manes have been pulled up to great heights, they are then elaborately decorated with ornaments such as baubles, tinsel, and even Christmas tree toppers! Credit: @jamilurve

xmas hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Christmas tree hair trend
Xmas hair trend: Christmas trees! Credit:

Now, you may be wondering how people are actually able to create these sky-high hairdos, right? Well, to achieve this wacky look, people have been placing empty water bottles or cones on top of their head, and then wrapping their tresses around it to build mega height!

We also reckon that a lot of hairspray (like the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray) was involved in order to hold this ‘do in place all day long. Credit: @makeupandhairbyelise

xmas hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Christmas tree hair trend
Xmas hair trend: Christmas trees! Credit:

Okay, we have to admit: while this trend is rather bizarre (and something that you’d expect to see from the townspeople of Whoville), it’s definitely helping to get us into the Christmas spirit! Now the only question that remains is: will you be rocking this hair-raising ‘do for the fun festivities? Credit: @salonnadwa


Thought this Xmas hair trend was uber cool? Then you’ll want to learn how to get the jazziest party ‘do of all with hail foiling! Trust us, by rocking this look, you’ll be shining brighter than a starry sky.

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