Harley Quinn hairstyle: The best Suicide Squad-inspired recreations on Instagram

Arianna | 09 August 2016

Let your inner Harley Quinn roam free with these amazing hairstyles.

The highly anticipated David Ayer-directed film Suicide Squad was released last week – and thousands of people worldwide flocked to the cinema to watch the DC Comics movie. It’s no secret that throughout the action-packed film, the All Things Hair team was most drawn to Margot Robbie’s mesmerising rendition of the supervillian, Harley Quinn. Why? Because of her iconic Harley Quinn hairstyle, of course! The fictional character is renowned for her blonde pigtails that are ombre pink on one side and blue on the other. We know, pretty rad, right?

Seeing as the film has just launched – and we’re currently suffering from Suicide Squad fever (just like everyone else) big time – we just couldn’t help but dedicate a whole Instagram-inspired piece to the famous Harley Quinn hairstyle. Keep reading to discover the best recreations we’ve seen on the social platform – and get ready to channel your inner two-tone-haired villain – now.

The best Harley Quinn hairstyle recreations from Instagram


Harley Quinn hairstyle
Harley Quinn hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/nikkietutorials

Famous beauty vlogger @NikkieTutorials is renowned for experimenting with wacky hair and makeup looks. She posted the above picture on Instagram alongside the caption: “Why so serious, Puddin’?” (a popular Harley Quinn quote).

Nikkie is wearing a custom wig in the picture, which has been styled into low, loose pigtails. One pigtail features a pink ombre hue, while the other features blue (note how these colours start quite high up the hair). Being the queen of makeup, Nikkie also matched her eyeshadow to her ombre ponytails. SO cool.

harley quinn hairstyle suicide squad
Harley Quinn hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/lauren_valenti

We have to give it to Marie Claire US’s Digital Editor Lauren Valenti, who was way ahead of curve (and craze), and channelled her inner Harley Quinn for Halloween last year. She opted for a more subtle blue and pink ombre, which she paired with fierce red lips and smudged eyeshadow. A pretty good rendition of the DC Comics character, don’t you think? Credit: @lauren_valenti

Harley Quinn hairstyle Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn hairstyle: Instagram.com/mypaleskinblog

Beauty blogger Em Ford rose to fame last year for posting fun-filled makeup videos, but it seems that makeup isn’t the only thing she’s good at! She put her own twist on the Harley Quinn hairstyle by opting for straight yet voluminous ponytails (in the film, Harley Quinn typically wears her hair slightly kinked) and you know what, we kinda like it! Credit: @mypaleskinblog

Harley Quinn hairstyle
Harley Quinn hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/elinsfxmakeup

You don’t have to have blonde hair to be able to pull off the Harley Quinn hairstyle (although it does help!). If you have icy white or grey hair, then rest assured, you can still totally rock this Suicide Squad look. Just be creative – and don’t forget to put on your best pout. Credit: @elinsfxmakeup

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