I Tried the New TRESemmé Biotin+ Repair 7 Range for the First Time & Here’s What Happened…

How would the range fare against 6+ years of bleaching?

The backstory:

I’ve been getting a full head of highlights ever since I was in school. While I try to space it out as much as possible, only getting them done around three times a year, it’s inevitable that my hair’s got pretty damaged in the process and I suffer quite a lot with hair breakage.

Now, add blow-drying, straightening and curling to the mix and honestly, it’s a wonder I’ve even got any hair left at this point!

So, when the new TRESemmé Biotin+ Repair 7 range was released earlier this year, promising to help combat 7 different signs of damage (who knew there were even that many different types of damage?), I figured who better to put it to the test than me, right?

First impressions: A review of the new TRESemmé Biotin+ Repair 7 range

group product shelfie of the tresemme biotin+ repair 7 shampoo mask and primer spray along with the toni&guy finishing shine spray and vo5 frizz free cream
The range is designed to help rebuild broken bonds, strengthening the hair over time.

What went down:

First up was the TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Shampoo and while I think it’s hard to say too much about a shampoo after one use, it did lather up really nicely and did a good job at getting rid of my build-up of dry shampoo, hairspray and other general London griminess that was chilling on my scalp.

Next, for conditioner: I decided to skip out on the regular TRESemmé Biotin+ Repair 7 Conditioner and instead go for the more intensive TRESemmé Biotin + Repair Instant Recovery Mask, which I left on for around 5 minutes (as the instructions suggests that the mask should be used as a weekly treatment in lieu of your conditioner).

I only tend to wash my hair around twice a week (thanks to the bleach-induced dryness, it doesn’t really ever get greasy, which I suppose is one ‘pro’ to come out of all of this). So, when I do wash my hair I try to treat it to something that’s going to be really nourishing and this did just that.

group product shelfie of the tresemme biotin+ repair 7 shampoo mask and primer spray along with the toni&guy finishing shine spray and vo5 frizz free cream
I love a hair mask for a more intensive conditioning treatment.

For me, the mask was the real showstopper from the range. Even after I’d washed it out, my hair still felt really moisturised but not in the sense that there was any heaviness on my hair, it just felt smoother and less brittle.

Then I hopped out of the shower and combed through my hair before applying the Primer Spray all over. This is great if you’re a one-and-done kind of girl, as it’s essentially a heat protectant, a detangler and split end preventer all in one.

For styling, I applied my regular dose of VO5 Frizz Free Cream to my still damp hair and worked it through my mid-lengths and ends. I find my hair is quite fluffy after blow-drying (does anyone else get that?), so this just helps to smooth it out a bit and makes it easier to work with.

Once it was totally dry, I then ran through my hair quickly with my straighteners and finished up with a touch of my TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray just to add a touch of gloss and stop any frizz from creeping in.

selfie of all things hair beauty editor beth after trying the tresemme biotin range
The results!

Final thoughts:

Obviously, with any new hair care routine, it takes a little while to actually see any long-term effects, especially when you consider that you’re trying to counteract the accumulation of years’ worth of damage. With that being said, I think from the after-photo, above, you can already see that my hair has a definite shine to it (which is no mean feat on a blonde) and considering I’m due a cut, I do think it looks healthier.

So, my final verdict is if you’re at all worried about damage of any kind, I’d totally recommend giving it a go and seeing how it works for you.

It’s for everyone who’s aware they’re damaging the hair whether it be heat, chemical, or just day-to-day styling. – Aaron Carlo, TRESemmé UK Hair Ambassador

In fact, even if you’re a complete hair dye virgin, never use any heat and don’t think your hair is that damaged, TRESemmé UK Hair Ambassador Aaron Carlo explains that even the most obvious everyday styling like brushing, blow-drying and braiding can all damaged hair, so really it’s “for everyone who’s aware they’re damaging the hair whether it be heat, chemical, or just day to day styling”, so I think a lot of people will benefit from the products.

Will you be giving this new range a try? If there’re any other hair products you’d like the team to try out, get in touch over on our ATH Twitter or Instagram and let us know!


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