Meet Raye, the rising Brit singer and hair icon in the making

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British singer Rachel Keen (AKA Raye) has been making waves in the music scene with her catchy soft pop vocals and R&B-laced tracks. And while we’ve been listening to her latest single, Decline, on repeat, we’ve been also stalking her Instagram to get a glimpse of her most stand-out feature: her romantic rose gold curls.

After spending most of her time straightening her curls when she was younger, the 20-year-old has learnt to love and embrace her curly mane (as she rightfully should!). Needless to say, she’s a hair icon in the making and we’re obsessed with her. Keep scrolling and you’ll be, too!

Why Raye’s hair is complete #hairgoals


close up shot of singer raye with rose gold curls, posing on instagram , wearing black top
Rose gold hair isn’t just for straight hair! Credit:

1. Because she’s rocking the dreamiest hue

After being platinum blonde for a hot minute, Raye decided to get in on the ever popular rose gold hair trend, proving the pastel shade that works just as well on beautiful spiral curls.

The best thing about her pretty, sunset strands? They give the singer a gorgeous glow 24-7 and make her coils more prominent. Credit: @raye

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We especially love the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, which will to help maintain your hue’s vibrancy, plus keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

close up shot of raye with pink ponytail hairstyle
Stand aside, the princess of ponytails is coming through. Credit:

2. Because she’s the new ponytail princess

While Ariana Grande is the queen of ponytails, Raye’s feed shows us all that she’s the newly crowned princess of the pony! Yep, in every single shot the beauty is championing this practical style and showing us it’s far from basic.

From heavenly high ponytails to slay-worthy side ones, the pop star’s obsession with them makes us want to rock them everyday, too. Credit: @raye

close up shot of british pop and rnb singer with curly ponytail with scrunchie
You’re going to wish you hadn’t thrown your scrunchie away… Credit:

3. Because she’s all about on-trend hair accessories

If there’s one thing that sums up Raye and her music, it’s her love for all things ’90s, which she also professes with her hair. How? By rocking it with the It-girl accessory of the moment: a scrunchie. Doesn’t it just bring back loads of nostalgic memories? Credit: @raye

close up shot of raye with blown out natural curls, wearing raspberry lipstick, posing on instagram
Who runs the world? Curls! Credit:

4. But most importantly, because she loves her natural curls

You only need to turn on the news or flick through social media to see that all the radical hair policies that surround natural curly hair. However, Raye doesn’t let that get her down and chooses to show us all how gorgeous curly hair can be. Thanks for the #naturalhairinspo, R! Credit: @raye

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