Flattering mid length hairstyles for women over 40

The celebs know best...  

When it comes to finding suitable mid-length hairstyles for women over 40, you may feel like your fighting a losing battle. Picking a look that not only works for you, but is also on trend can be difficult, especially when we are constantly told that we can’t rock certain looks because they are for ‘younger women’. Well, we’re calling it: it’s all nonsense!

Below, we’ve rounded up a number of top A-list celebrities over the age of 40 that are rocking medium-length locks like total pros! Whether your preferred style is sleek and straight, casual and relaxed, or even timelessly classic, there is a look just waiting for you. So, waste no more time and scroll down to discover your new ‘do!

Stunning mid-length hairstyles for women over 40


jennifer aniston wearing a one shoulder black dress with sun-kissed blonde highlights mid-length hairstyles for women
Flattering mid-length hairstyles for women over 40: Natural looking highlights. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Natural-looking highlights

Sometimes, even something as simple as brightening your hair colour can make all the difference when it comes to your hairstyle. Yet don’t think you have to work in bold and out-there hues to up your look, on the contrary: the best way boost your mid-length locks is to work in some natural-looking highlights!  

Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of how a subtle colour change – using understated highlights – can help to brighten and lift your overall appearance. And if you’re working with light brown strands like Jen, try opting for highlights of golden and honey tones, to give your mane an enviable sun-kissed finish!

kate winslet in a black v neck dress with shoulder length blonde wavy hair
Flattering mid-length hairstyles for women over 40: Cute and wavy. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Cute and wavy

Not very confident when it comes to hair styling, yet want to work a glamorous style for your next event? Don’t give it a second thought, because all you need to do is take a leaf out of Kate Winslet‘s book, and work your strands in loose curls!

An ever popular hairstyle, this wavy ‘do helps to give the appearance of fuller-looking locks, and can easily be changed up, simply by switching the position of your parting! To help you get the look, we suggest using the VO5 Effortless Wave Creation Foam, which will enable you to create stunning, tousled waves in an instant. 

meryl streep wearing a white bird print dress with sleek straight blonde hair
Flattering mid-length hairstyles for women over 40: Straight and sleek. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Straight and sleek

Every time she steps out on the red carpet, Meryl Streep seems to exude effortless class and elegance – and we think this is partly down to her sleek and straight hairdo! This hairstyle looks just as stunning when worn on a day-to-day basis as it does for a fancy soiree, providing refinement and maintenance in equal measure. 

Editor’s tip: Has this ‘do has piqued your interest and now want to recreate it yourself at home? Well, all you need to do is grab your bottle of the TRESemmé Runway Collection Get Sleek Creation Hairspray and generously spritz your mane after straightening, for a look that has plenty of hold and style!

gwen stefani wearing a black roll neck dress with blonde and brown colour block hair
Flattering mid-length hairstyles for women over 40: Bold and bright colours. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Bright and bold colours

These last few seasons, we’ve seen a wealth of incredible colouring trends come and go, all of which make a great choice if you want to be experimental with your locks, regardless of age or hair type. Gwen Stefani is a great example of how fun and edgy colourful hair can be; so if you’re looking for a change, follow in her footsteps and opt for highly contrasting tones!

Editor’s tip: If you do decide to dye your tresses a stand-out hue, remember to invest in a wash and care set specifically designed for coloured hair. We suggest trying the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, to help maintain your chosen hue’s vibrancy.

helena bonham carter rocking a mid-length hairstyles for women
Flattering mid-length hairstyles for women over 40: Relaxed and casual. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Relaxed and casual

If your preferred style is relaxed and casual, then look to Helena Bonham Carter as your hairdo hero, since she’s always working a bountiful mane with tonnes of undone vibes! Helena proves that hair can look great even if it has a more roughed-up finish, as well as looking totally at home on the red carpet. And what’s more, it’s incredibly simple to create: just spritz your tresses with the VO5 Sea Salt Spray, before whipping them up into a messy bun


We hope you enjoyed these mid-length hairstyles for women over 40! Now that you’ve got your new look sorted, why not check out our feature on the best shampoo and conditioner for ageing hair, too? It may just save you from bad hair days.

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