Hygge hair is trending and we couldn’t be happier about it

Shake off the chill with these winter warmers...

In recent months, the Danish art of hygge (pronounced hue-gah) has taken the world by storm. Originally created by the Scandinavians as a way to survive their long, dark winters, hygge is essentially all about harnessing the power of things like candles, soft furnishings and warm drinks to help make life a little more bearable and comfortable! And we’re sure you’ll agree, this is something that us Brits can definitely get on board with, especially during the cold, winter months!

And now, rather unexpectedly, the hygge trend has filtered its way into the world of hair, too! “How can hair possibly be cosy?”, we hear you ask. Well, as hygge is all about fighting off the cold and staying warm, picture a spectrum of autumnal shades ranging from warm, golden blondes to fiery true red hues that will help to brighten vitamin D-deprived complexions. For some hygge hair colour inspiration, keep on scrolling!

Our fave hygge hair pictures from Instagram


Woman with short copper hair
Hygge hair: Copper. Credit: Instagram.com/farukyln


If you’re already a natural blonde, a copper shade is a great option. As your hair is already light, the copper colour will take to it really well, without requiring too much upkeep (meaning less salon visits!). Credit: @farukyln

Woman with curly auburn hair hygge trend
Hygge hair: Auburn. Credit: Instagram.com/kayluhhz_doeshair


If you’re afraid to go for a super bright red, try a more toned-down auburn hue. This subtle hue features a blend of brunette and dark red tones, which creates the effect of a gorgeously natural-looking shade. Credit: @kayluhhz_doeshair

Woman with caramel coloured hair
Hygge hair: Caramel. Credit: Instagram.com/courtneygnas


Bored of your current style? Adding some blonde highlights or balayage can really help to inject some warmth into mousy brown hair without having to commit to dyeing your whole head. Credit: @courtneygnas

Woman with long ginger hair hygge trend
Hygge hair: True red. Credit: Instagram.com/hairalarm

True red

Redheads rejoice! For ultimate hygge hair, dare to go bold with a fiery true red shade! Trust us: with a colour this bold, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go! Credit: @hairalarm

Editor’s tip: Tempted to try out a hygge-inspired shade? Don’t forget to switch up your current hair care routine to include a wash and care system that’s been formulated for coloured hair, like the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner.


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