7 hair colours you never knew you could achieve using hair henna dye

Hair henna is really taking off in the natural beauty world.  

Hair henna is quickly garnering attention in the beauty world as a kinder, more natural alternative to traditional hair dyeing methods.

You might’ve heard of henna body art and it’s pretty much the same idea here with hair, too. Henna is a natural plant which, once dried and powdered, can be used to dye fabrics, skin and, most importantly for us, hair!

So, if you’re looking for a chemical-free way to colour your hair, it’s a great option to consider, especially with so many salons now starting to offer henna hair colour services. But the best part? There’s actually more than one colour to choose from!

7 henna hair colours you probably didn’t know existed

woman with curly natural hair dyed auburn
Henna hair colour is a gentler alternative for natural hair types. Credit: Instagram.com/missrieb

1. Warm red

If you have natural hair, conventional box dyes might not always be the best thing for you, as they can affect the integrity of your curl pattern, so henna is a popular alternative for curly girls.

Another plus is that as your hair grows out, your roots will take longer to appear as they would on someone with straight hair (as the hair grows in an S formation), so you won’t have to worry about touch-ups. Credit: @missrieb

back viwe of a woman with really long ginger hair
Faux red never looked so realistic. Credit: Instagram.com/aneta.92

2. Ginger

Being blessed with true ginger hair is a rarity (think Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain) but don’t let genetics get in between you and your redhead dreams.

How vibrant the results of your hair henna turns out will depend on your existing shade, so for a result as bright as this really you’d need to be starting with a pretty light blonde shadeCredit: @aneta.92

Editor’s tip: Henna hair colour is permanent but it will fade and lose it’s vibrancy over time, so using colour protecting products is advised.

The Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner have a Vibrant Colour Lock formula which helps to lock in this colour for as long as possible.

side profile shoulder length curly copper hair
Copper is wonderful for warming up the complexion. Credit: Instagram.com/susiehairhero

3. Copper

Flaming coppers have always been popular, especially with brunettes looking to transition their hair during the autumn/winter period.

This warm orange tinted shade is a surefire way to liven up dull, winter-worn mousy browns and give your locks a new lease of life. Credit: @susiehairhero

back view of a woman with really long curled burgundy hair
It’s always wine o’ clock with this hair around. Credit: Instagram.com/reshmabeauty

4. Burgundy

Would you like a glass of red with that hair? This delicious merlot-inspired shade blends red and purple tones for a colour that would be any wine lover’s dream. Credit: @reshmabeauty

woman with shoulder length curled violet purple hair
Pantone say violet is this year’s big colour trend and we’re inclined to agree. Credit: Instagram.com/callieatbella

5. Violet

Ever since Pantone announced Ultra Violet as their 2018 colour of the year, everyone’s been going wild for violet hair. With henna, the purple tint will only show up when the light hits, so it’s subtle but totally gorgeous! Credit: @callieatbella

woman with dark ebony curled long hair
Brunette doesn’t have to mean flat. Credit: Instagram.com/rozaliabeautyfoodtips

6. Ebony

Seeing a few first grey hairs starting to poke through? Dark henna hair colours like this rich, glossy ebony will cover any pesky silver strands in a natural-looking way. Credit: @rozaliabeautyfoodtips

side profile of a woman with black hair in a bun
Jet black hair is the ultimate in statement hair. Credit: Instagram.com/torinoelledaniels

7. Jet black

Love the look of jet black hair but concerned about the chemicals in regular dyes? Henna can help you to achieve this allover midnight hue just as effectively — just remember to apply some Vaseline around your hairline to stop it staining your skin, too! Credit: @torinoelledaniels


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