40 Stunning Chestnut Brown Hair Colours for 2023

Chestnut brown hair is a colour that looks just like – you guessed it – the nut from a chestnut tree. It combines brown and red hues for a naturally gorgeous colour. And, despite its popularity during the colder months, it can be worn all year round.

It’s not just us, Emma Roberts, Audrina Patridge and Olivia Palmero are all fans of chestnut hair. Once you’ve seen all the stunning examples we’ve found for you; you’ll want to convert to the nutty side, too. Not sure which tone is for you? Keep scrolling to discover the best chestnut brown hair colours to try now.

Glossy Chestnut Hair

Woman with glossy chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairby_desi

If you’re looking for an eye-catching chestnut hair colour, this glossy shade is seriously perfect for you.

Playful Chestnut Tones

Woman with warm chestnut coloured hair
Credit: Instagram.com/johnnys.777

Anyone else saving this gorgeous look to their hair inspo Pinterest board?

Classic Chestnut Brown

Woman with wavy chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/charlottepaintshairstudio

Just another example of a classic chestnut hue, this ultra-flattering hair colour works for all hair lengths, types and skin tones. Keep your colour looking amazing with TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo for up to 12 weeks!

A 900ml bottle of TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo front of pack image

Chestnut Brown Highlights

Woman with long chestnut coloured hair
Credit: Instagram.com/faithforhair

Liven up dark brunette bases with reddish-chestnut highlights.

Cinnamon With Chestnut Highlights

Woman with long hair with chestnut highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbybritny

Chestnut doesn’t have to be applied all over your barnet to look beautiful and these subtle highlights prove that.

Curly Chestnut Hair

Woman with curly chestnut hair wearing a coat
Credit: Instagram.com/tim.carli

Chestnut hair looks even more glam and glossy when curled.

Reddish Brown Chestnut

Woman with red brown hait
Credit: Instagram.com/chrisgreenehair

Featuring rich brown and playful red tints, this rich chestnut brown is a winter fave.

Chestnut Hair With Auburn Tones

Person with wavy chestnut toned hair
Credit: Instagram.com/karinadkl

Coupled with a medium nutty brown base and dark auburn tones, this gorgeous hair colour is exactly what you need to stylishly shake things up.

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Editor’s tip: Protect your coloured strands with the SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yoghurt Hydrate & Repair Shampoo.This mighty shampoo will help prevent colour fade while also nourishing your strands.

Light Chestnut Hair

Woman with light chestnut wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/tesseghair

If you’re a natural blonde tempted to get chestnut hair, this Olivia Palermo-approved shade is perfect for you.

Chestnut Caramel

Woman with caramel hair
Credit: Instagram.com/jazzystyles__

This colour is a little bit chestnut and a little bit caramel – a winning colour combination if you ask us!

Honey Chestnut Hair

Woman with a chestnut balayage
Credit: Instagram.com/glittery_hippie

These perfect beachy waves prove honey brown and chestnut brown are perfect for each other.

Chestnut Spice Ombre

Woman with chestnut ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/luvmehair

Another way you can get in on the chestnut hair trend? With an ombre dye job, just like this beauty. Protect your coloured strands with a gentle shampoo like Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo, designed to repair signs of damage while nourishing from the inside.

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo Front view

Chestnut Bob Cut

Woman with a chestnut bob
Credit: Instagram.com/ans0403

A touch of chestnut gives this lovely long bob haircut a fresh new feel.

Dark Chestnut Hair

Person with dark chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbykacie1

Combine the right shades of chocolate and chestnut undertones to get this sultry hair colour.

Warm Chestnut Balayage

Chestnut balayage hair
Credit: Instagram.com/studio11_vimannagar

When it comes to popular chestnut brown hair colours, this tiger eye-inspired nutty balayage is one of our absolute faves.

Reverse Chestnut Balayage

Woman with a reverse chestnut balayage and pearl hair clip
Credit: Instagram.com/blondemanezstudio

If anyone’s going to convince you to try reverse balayage hair, it’s this stunner. Don’t forget the pearl hair clip!

Romantic Chestnut Brown

Person with long shiny chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/ultrafadebyrich

This romantic rose brown hair look works best on a chestnut brown base.

Chestnut Copper Ombre

Person with a chestnut ombre hair colour
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbybrice

We know it’s quite a mouthful – try saying that to your hairdresser! But we think you’ll agree that the results speak for themselves.

Chestnut With Cinnamon

Person with wavy chestnut toned hair
Credit: Instagram.com/mikayladaoust

Blend together chestnut tones, cinnamon and auburn shades, and you’ll get this multi-dimensional, natural-looking chestnut hue.

Chestnut Bronde Hair

Person with chestnut bronde hair
Credit: Instagram.com/_kchair

This sun-kissed bronde colour is a great way to boost your hair’s lightness, while still being a beautiful brunette.

Chestnut Brown Curls

Woman with curly hair in chestnut tones
Credit: Instagram.com/whatup_curlfriend

See? Even curls look great with a blend of light chestnut streaks.

Chestnut Brown With Chocolate

Person with chocolate and chestnut highlights in hair
Credit: Instagram.com/salonghypehallarna

Simply add hints of chestnut to chocolate brown hair to get this delicious shade.

Icy Chestnut

Kim Kardashian with long straight chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/chrisappleton1

This cool take on chestnut brown is perfect for those who prefer icier, ashy tones.

Chestnut With Caramel Highlights

Woman with chestnut highlights in hair
Credit: Instagram.com/productclub

The strategic placement of these highlights will help give a dark chestnut base extra dimension. Love!

Chestnut Latte Hair

Woman with ombre hair
Credit: Instagram.com/carrieamurtaugh

Want to match your hair to your Starbies order? This eye-catching chestnut latte look is the one for you!

Chestnut Hair With Bangs

Woman with chestnut hair and a fringe
Credit: Instagram.com/pinkdagger

Got bangs? Here’s how you can incorporate some chestnut into your look.

Chestnut Flamboyage

Person with long wavy hair
Credit: Instagram.com/david.bernat.hair

The combination of ombre and balayage (aka flamboyage) will help you achieve this stunning hair colour.

Chestnut Brown to Blonde

Woman with chestnut to blonde ombre
Credit: Instagram.com/ashleighkellyhairdressing

Melting a dark chestnut base into creamy blonde ends like this will instantly give brunette strands a summer-ready feel.

Chestnut Face Frame

Woman with face framing highlights wearing a hat
Credit: Instagram.com/luxyhair

Face-framing highlights are still making us swoon, and you can easily get in on this trend with a few chestnut ribbons.

Chestnut Blow Dry

Medium length chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/yarisart_

What’s not to love about this sophisticated blow-out style?

Nutty Tones

Long hair with nutty highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/thescissorsammurai

Want cosy autumnal vibes all year round? Bring the season to you with this subtle blend of nutty tones.

Golden Chestnut Hair

Long bob with medium chestnut highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/minthairlondon

For all the bob and long bob lovers out there, this is a perfect example of the trend working for shorter lengths.

Beachy Blends

Person with wavy hair and beachy highlights
Credit: Instagram.com/colourlab_by_timisaimons

Who wouldn’t want their hair to look sunkissed? This is the perfect shade to pair with beachy waves.

Warm Chestnut

Woman with warm chestnut medium length hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyelenavogel

This gorgeous reddish-brown will warm up any brunette base in an instant.

Medium Chestnut Waves

Woman with medium length chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/capellididavu

When teamed with subtle waves, this shade instantly gives more dimension and volume to any hairstyle.

Chestnut Red Bob

Person with a short chestnut bob
Credit: Instagram.com/jodiannh

This tousled, piecey bob is everything! Plus, the stunning chestnut tones makes it that extra bit more special.

Blonde to Chestnut

Person with straight chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/tannenclawsonbeauty

For dark blondes who want to test out the chestnut waters, this reddish-brown hue is a great stepping stone.

Gorgeously Nutty

Woman with wavy nutty toned hair
Credit: Instagram.com/saxarnaboden

This glossy shade gives the illusion of bouncy, healthy-looking strands.

Chestnut Layers

Woman with a layered chestnut bob wearing a bright lip
Credit: Instagram.com/anxkapper

Channel ’90s vibes with this layered cut and cool-girl hair colour.

Soft Chestnut

Person with soft chestnut hair
Credit: Instagram.com/hairzstueck_bymanuelaesposito

If you want your hair to look shimmering, opt for this toffee and chestnut hybrid shade.

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