Three women with wavy honey blonde hair

30 Best Honey Blonde Hair Highlights for Women in 2023

Sweet like honey blonde.

Known as the glossy alternative to platinum blonde, honey blonde is a hair colour with a blend of light brown and sunkissed blonde with warm gold tones pulsing through. With the dual blonde and brunette tones, honey blonde coloured hair can be adapted by making it darker or lighter to suit different skin tones, eye colours and personal styles. With honey blonde celebs spanning from Beyonce to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, there’s a honey hue for everyone. Find your shade below!

Golden Honey Blonde

Woman with long wavy golden honey blonde hair

Golden honey tones are some of the best shades for giving hair a beachy, sunkissed feel – perfect if you’re in need of a summer colour refresh. Credit: @thegoodhairwitch

Dark Honey Blonde

Woman with long dark honey blonde wavy hair

For those with a naturally darker base colour or more tanned or olive complexions, darker honey hues are especially flattering. Credit: @malkonyanhair

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Honey Beige Blonde Hair

Woman with wavy mid-length honey beige blonde hair

Currently rocking an ashy blonde but looking to switch things up? Honey beiges work well as they add warmth to icy tones without turning the colour too brassy or yellow. Credit: @hair_by_marinna

Honey Blonde Highlights

Woman with long wavy honey blonde highlighted hair

For the most indetectable has-she-hasn’t-she result, try soft highlights focused around the front rather than a total all-over colour.  Credit: @kinzandco

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Honey Blonde With Light Blonde Highlights

Woman with mid-length wavy honey blonde hair with light blonde highlights

If you love super light blondes but don’t love the maintenance that comes along with it, getting a honey root smudge will help to blend in your natural colour more seamlessly. Credit: @tvonchale

Natural Honey Blonde Hair

Woman with natural honey blonde wavy mid-length hair

Warm tones can wash out those with fair skin. Opting for a more cool-toned honey shade like this one will give you a more natural-looking and flattering result. Credit:

Auburn Hair With Honey Blonde Highlights

Woman with long copper honey blonde wavy hair

Whether you’ve always wanted to go red, or you’re a natural red head looking to add more dimension, auburn and honey are a dreamy combination. Credit:

Honey Blonde Short Hair

Woman with a short wavy light honey blonde bob

Honey blonde hair works well for all hair lengths, which is good news for our short-haired girls. Give a tired bob a new lease of life with a light-reflecting honey blonde shade. Credit: @oliveecohair

Light Honey Blonde

Woman with light honey blonde curly hair with a side parting

We love the way this light honey blonde blends cooler tones on the top with warmer, golden tones in the layers underneath. Credit: @anna_cantu

Honey Blonde Balayage

Woman with long wavy honey blonde balayage hair

Hate having to go to the hairdresser to have your colour redone all the time? Ask your stylist for balayage instead of traditional highlights – the colour is applied freehand so there’s no harsh lines as it grows out and the upkeep is minimal. And don’t forget to try SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo to hydrate your mane and give it a shiny boost.

SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Shampoo Front Bottle View

Credit: @strawberrysalon

Honey Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

Woman with long curly dark brunette hair with honey highlights

Colour feeling a little flat? Enrich chocolate and chestnut brunettes with the addition of a few lighter blonde strands. Credit: @hairbyamybee

Honey Red Hair Colour

Woman with a light honey red wavy bob
This look strikes the perfect balance between red and blonde, making it a great choice for natural redheads looking to go blonder. Credit: @lucimono

This look strikes the perfect balance between red and blonde, making it a great choice for natural redheads looking to go blonder. Credit: @lucimono

Honey Blonde Highlights On Black Hair

Woman with mid-length wavy dark hair with honey highlights

This pretty foilyage blend proves that dark raven locks and honey blonde are a truly stunning combination. Credit: @cleahairandmakeup

Jennifer Lopez Honey Blonde Hair

Jennifer Lopez with long curly honey blonde hair in a half-up half-down ponytail

Whether she’s wearing her hair in a stylish lob or glamorous flowing curls, J Lo‘s golden honey blonde has become her signature shade. Credit: @jlo

Honey Platinum

Woman with long honey platinum blonde wavy hair

Warm up cool platinums and brighten your complexion in one with a golden, buttery blonde. Credit: @beautyluxe.dora

Caramel Honey Hair Highlights

Woman with long wavy caramel honey blonde hair

Hair colour combinations don’t come sweeter than this rich caramel honey. Credit: @rispellinihair

Honey Chestnut

Woman with wavy mid-length honey chestnut brown hair

If Autumn were a hair colour, we’re pretty sure it would look exactly like this honey and chestnut blend. Credit: @hairbyjules_

Ash Honey Blonde

Woman with long wavy ash honey blonde hair

Part brunette, part blonde, 100% ashy hair goals. Credit: @pixie_glamstudio


Caramel Crush

front facing image of a woman with honey blonde hair colour and caramel tones
Credit: Dvora

While cooler blonde shades can sometimes wash you out, adding a touch of warmth to your colour can create softer and more natural-looking results. Try mixing caramel lowlights with your natural base to give your style extra depth.

Strawberry Honey

front view image of a woman with honey blonde hair and strawberry blonde hair colour
Credit: Faraz Essani Photography

Mixing in a touch of strawberry blonde with a warm honey shade makes for an ultra-flattering colour for most skin tones, especially if you have pale skin and dark eye colour combo.

Subtle and ever so slightly darker than a classic honey blonde hair colour, this shade brings a hint of pink to blonde hair, creating a truly stunning look.

Honey Hair Colour Base

front view image of a woman with shoulder length, honey blonde hair colour
Credit: Dvora

If your skin has cooler undertones and you want to rock a classic blonde bombshell hairstyle, using a warm honey blonde as a base can be a great way of making this light hair shade work for you.

Ask your stylist to use warmer honey tones and lowlights through your roots, as these will create a nice contrast to brighter blonde shades and really make your hair colour pop!

Sunkissed Brown

front view of a woman with red lipstick and honey blonde hair, sun kissed brown waves

If you’re a natural brunette and want to brighten up your look, this take on honey blonde hair is the perfect way to try out a lighter shade, without having to go the whole hog. Instead, enjoy a subtle sunkissed look by adding a glimmer of lightness to your brown hair to elevate the tone a little.

Ombre Honey Blonde

woman with long hair worn down in a honey blonde ombre colour

Honey blonde hair can look wonderfully sweet and bright. But if you’d like to add a pinch of edginess to the look, then go for a bolder, contrasting hair colour by pairing the lighter hue with darker ombre shades.

Keeping your roots darker and brightening the tips will give a more rock ‘n’ roll take on this blonde hair colour.

Pale Honey

Front view image of a woman with curly pale honey blonde hair
We love these pale honey curls. Credit: Dvora

Give depth to platinum blonde with a gorgeous mid-shade of honey, this will help add a hint of sweetness to those with paler complexions.

But the best thing about this hue? Since it’s a more muted version of honey blonde hair colour, it can be more flattering on a range of skin tones, without detracting from the bold platinum base.

Copper Honey

front view of a woman with big curly hair in a copper honey blonde hair colour shade
Credit: Dvora

A touch of copper can make honey blonde hair sparkle gloriously, as well as giving you a really refreshing take on blonde hair.

It’s also a great way of going blonde without having to worry about excessive maintenance, as this shade works beautifully throughout the cooler seasons, too.

Dark To Light

Before and after of a woman with dark to light honey hair

If you’re going to take the plunge from dark tresses to honey blonde hues, rest assured that it will look fantastic when you pick the right shade!

Make sure you choose a stylist with lots of experience and take photos so that there’s no confusion about the end result. Your stylist will be able to guide you in the honey blonde shade that’s right for you.

Warm Balayage Blonde

Woman with wavy warm honey blonde balayage hair

Warm-up darker tresses without going honey blonde all over, by using carefully placed balayage highlights.

Your stylist will hand paint different honey hair colours, throughout the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to create a multi-tonal finish. Credit: @hairbyamberjoy

Honey And Warm Reds

side view image of a woman with wavy hair with balayage in honey blonde hair colours

We love this stunning shade, which is perfect for transforming your tresses to a gorgeous new autumnal hue.

Mix warm reds, with brunettes and honey tones to create a totally unique finish. It’s not blonde, but if you want to dip your toe into the blonde territory, this is a great way to go. Credit: @hairenthusast1284

Bright Honey Blonde

side view of a womans shoulder length hair which is honey coloured and wavy

If it’s true honey blonde hair you seek, then this bright offering should tick all the right boxes. It’s warm, fresh and light, which will give your locks a new lease of life.

This is an ideal shade to rock year-round. Credit: @salonlelu

Honey Bee

Back view of a womans head with wavy hair - dark roots and honey blonde hair colour

The beautiful thing about honey hair colour is that it looks fantastic teamed with darker hues. Channel your inner honey bee with this gorgeous colour.

The roots are warm and chocolatey, while the mid-lengths and tips transition into bright, creamy shades of honey blonde. This is the stuff hair colour dreams are made of! Credit: @hairby_ericamarie

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