How to do a hair bow with box braids

Upgrade your box braids with this super cute hair tutorial.

how to do a bow bun for box braids



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Bored of your usual ponytails and buns? Looking for a super cute hairstyle for your box braids? Well, you’re in luck, because the All Things Hair team have got you covered with this chic half-up, half-down how to do a hair bow tutorial (you can thank us later)!

And with only 5 simple steps involved, all you need to pull off this look is a hairband and some trusty hairspray! So, if you’re ready to take your hair game to the next level, just keep on reading to discover how to do a hair bow with box braids.

How to do a hair bow with box braids in 5 steps


Section your hair.

Starting with your hair down and loose, begin sectioning the top portion of your hair. This section of hair should be as wide as your forehead, and go back until your reach your crown.

Note: This tutorial works best on medium-length to long hair.

how to do a hair bow step 1

Create a top knot.

This step involves using the hair that you sectioned in step 1 to create a top knot. To do this, start by creating a ponytail with the sectioned piece of hair, but instead of pulling the ponytail all the way through the hairband, create a loop so that you have about three quarters of your hair loose at the end. Ensure that your top knot is secure and neat, so that your hair bow will look perfect.

Editor’s tip: Use a strong-holding hairband if you have thick box braids to avoid the top knot being too loose, otherwise your bow bun will wobble!

how to do a hair bow step 2

Separate the top knot.

Using your hands, separate the top knot in half, so that you have an equal amount of hair on each side. These two sections will create the sides of your hair bow.

how to do a hair bow step 3

Create the bow.

Take the loose strands of hair from the end of your ponytail, and pull them forward and over the middle section of your top knot. Then, wrap the hair around the base of the ponytail until you’ve run out of hair. Secure the hair bow in place with bobby pins by slotting them into the base of your ponytail.

Editor’s tip: For a wobble-free bow, spritz some VO5 Classic Styling Firm Hold Hairspray over your mane to help hold your ‘do in place.

how to do a hair bow step 4

Final look.

And there you have it: a super cute and stylish half-up, half-down hair bow! See? We told you it was easy to master how to do a bow bun!

how to do a hair bow step 5

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