Top styling tips for men with thick hair

Struggling to manage your thick locks? Here's everything you need to know...

If you’ve got thick locks, you’ve probably been told on more than one occasion that you’re incredibly lucky to be blessed with such beautiful hair (right?). But no matter how desirable it might seem, most men with thick hair know too well how difficult it can be to manage.

That said, the good news is that by following our simple recommendations, you can be sure that your hair will always look great, regardless of the cut. So just keep reading ahead to get the best styling tips for your thick hair now.

6 Styling tips for men with thick hair


styling tips for men with thick hair
Styling tips for men with thick hair.

1. Moisturise

Depending on the texture of your thick hair, natural oils can sometimes struggle to get all the way to the tip of each strand, which can then lead to dull, dry locks and even split ends. So to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, it’s definitely worth investing in some moisturising haircare products. You may even want to consider using a conditioner in conjunction with your existing shampoo, as it’ll help to moisturise the hair and smooth down the cuticles, giving your mane a healthier-looking sheen.

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Choose the right cut if you have thick hair
Choose the right cut. Credit:

2. Consider the cut carefully

If you’ve got really thick hair, it’s imperative to choose the right haircut for ease of styling and maintenance. Because while you might want to go for that super cool new hairstyle your mates are currently sporting, it may prove a nuisance to style and care for with your ultra full locks. Trust us, when you find that you have to get out of bed 15 minutes earlier than usual to do your hair, you’ll be wishing you had considered the consequences more carefully before getting that trendy new ‘do.

thin out mens thick hair
Thin out thick hair. Credit:

3. Ask your barber to thin it out

Another good way to make thick hair more manageable is to ask your barber to thin it out by removing some of the excess weight (through use of scissors or shears, usually) without impacting the length. Like we said before, a good cut makes all the difference.

mens thick hair styling tips
Grow thick hair long.

4. Grow it out

One of the best things about having thick locks is that you can pull off a wide range of longer haircuts – trust us, you’ll be the envy of men (and women!) everywhere. Obviously, if you’re thinking of going long, beware of the maintenance required as we can guarantee there’ll be countless “awkward stages” to come. But it’s worth noting that some of this season’s hottest looks – such as the pompadour and the quiff – also make great mid-length choices, since volume and texture (both of which you’ll have plenty of) are key to nailing the look.

Buzz cut for men with thick hair
Buzz cut for thick hair. Credit:

5. Consider the buzz cut

If your hair is super thick and you’re struggling to handle it, why not consider a buzz cut? If you’re ready to trim it regularly, this is one of the easiest and stylish ways to control your thick hair. And did we mention it’s bang on-trend at the moment, too?

men with thick hair can experiment with colour
Inject some colour into your hair. Credit: Inigital

6. Consider highlights

If your thick hair is at risk of looking like one huge, solid block, then getting some highlights or lowlights could be the answer. If colour is fairly unfamiliar grounds to you, do talk to your barber about the various options available and how it might work. As a general rule, adding different tones to your locks (particularly if they’re dark) will help to create texture and definition.

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