Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker with green hair

Joaquin Phoenix’s 12 Best Movie Hairstyle Moments

Hair inspo straight from the Joker himself.

A Grammy and Golden Globe Award winner and 3-time Academy Award nominee, Joaquin Phoenix made his acting debut as a child and has gone on to have a long and successful career with roles in films like Gladiator and Walk the Line.

No stranger to transforming his look for a part, some of the most memorable aspects of Joaquin’s performances have been his ability to totally alter his appearance for a role. To celebrate the release of Joker, we’ve put together a collection of his most unforgettable on-screen hairstyles – see how many of them you can remember!

Gladiator (2000)

Joaquin Phoenix with short textured French crop
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

For his epic role as Commodus in the Gladiator, Joaquin Phoenix sported this short, tousled Caesar-inspired hairstyle. This style quickly became Joaquin’s go-to look for his upcoming roles.

Buffalo Soldiers (2001)

Joaquin Phoenix with soft textured short hair in Buffalo Soliders
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

In 2001, Joaquin Phoenix played a war hero in Buffalo Soldiers. His short sides and messy top certainly caught our eye!

Signs 2002

Joaquin Phoenix with short textured top and tight sides in Signs
Credit; Rex by Shutterstock

Giving the Phoenix spin on the classic Ivy League haircut, the actor sported a modern, textured Ivy cut for his role as Merril Hess in Signs.

Walk the Line (2005)

Joaquin Phoenix with quiffed brown hair and bold side burns
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock
Playing music legend Johnny Cash meant that not only did Joaquin have to perfect his sound but his iconic style too. To get into character, Joaquin styled his brown hair in a slick pompadour style with sideburns, a style that was hugely popular with stars including Elvis in the 1950s.

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The Master (2012)

Joaquin Phoenix with swept back quiff in The Master
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Loosely swept-back yet still put-together, this relaxed quiff hairstyle helped Joaquin steal the spotlight in The Master.

Her (2013)

Joaquin Phoenix with short brown wavy hair with moustache
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Playing a soon-to-be divorcee who falls in love with his virtual assistant, Joaquin’s lonely-hearts haircut teamed a curly crop with a ‘70s-inspired retro ‘stache in sci-fi drama Her.

The Immigrant (2013)

Joaquin Phoenix with short brown hair in side parting
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Transforming his style for The Immigrant, Joaquin Phoenix went for a clean shaved look with a smart cropped side-parted combover style.

Inherent Vice (2014)

Joaquin Phoenix with medium length curly hair with mutton chops in Inherent Vice
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

For his role as a ’70s detective, the actor sported a curly flow hairstyle with daring mutton chops. While we aren’t keen on the mutton chops, we do think he pulls off longer lengths well.

You Were Never Really Here (2017)

Joaquin Phoenix with long brown hair in man bun with scruffy grey beard
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Joaquin had his own version of the hipster man bun and beard in movie You Were Never Really Here. His rugged grey beard was often styled with a messy low bun which added to his dishevelled appearance.

The Sisters Brothers (2018)

Joaquin Phoenix with swept back hair and beard in the Sisters Brothers
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If there’s one Joaquin Phoenix haircut we still rate, it’s this one the star sported for his role in The Sisters Brothers. This slick look is the perfect hairstyle to wear to work or under cowboy hats (or, regular hats if you prefer!).

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Mary Magdalene (2018)

Joaquin Phoenix with long wavy brown hair with scruffy beard and moustache
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Playing the role of Jesus meant that Joaquin would need yet another transformation and this wavy shoulder-length style with a shaggy beard is one of his most iconic looks yet.

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Joker (2019)

Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker with green hair
What would the Joker be without his green hair? Joaquin followed in the footsteps of his predecessors Heath Ledger and Jared Leto by donning the iconic green hair for the latest remake of the DC classic.

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