How to create a ballerina bun: A step-by-step guide

Arianna | 26 April 2016
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Even if you’re not destined to star in Swan Lake, you can still look the part with this classy bun!

Created to withstand intense dancing routines and long working hours, the ballerina bun is an elegant hairstyle that’s sure to stay put all day long. And just because we’re not all destined to star in The Nutcracker or Swan Lake, it doesn’t mean we can’t at least look the part, right? Well, now you can channel your inner ballerina with this simple hairstyle.

Keeping it modern, our favourite way to wear a ballerina bun is a little lower on the head and super sleek. And while the final look may seem as though you need professional prowess, we promise that it’s super simple to achieve! So, follow our step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to create a classy ballerina bun in 8 easy steps.

How to create a ballerina bun


Section your hair.

Wash your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Restore & Control Shampoo (500ml, £4.99*) and Conditioner (500ml, £4.99*) to ensure your hair is clean and silky smooth. Once your hair is dry and straight. Using a comb, section your hair to create a deep side part. If you’re not a fan of deep side partings, you can work a middle part, too.




Create a low ponytail.

Using your comb, gently style your hair into a low ponytail. On either side, make sure to comb your hair behind your ears so that your ponytail looks super sleek. Secure your ponytail with a stretchy hairband.



Apply hair oil.

Apply a few pumps of Dove Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil (£6.99*) to the tail of your ponytail to help smooth any flyaway hairs.



Twist your ponytail.

To create the delicate ballerina bun effect, tightly twirl your ponytail in one direction, so that it creates a twisted shape.



Create a bun.

Place 2 of your fingers next to the base of your ponytail, and wrap your twisted piece of hair around them to create the perfect bun shape.



Secure your bun.

Using bobby pins, fix your bun in several places until it feels secure.



Set with hairspray.

Once you’ve secured your bun, use a hairspray, like the Tigi Catwalk Firm Hold Hairspray (£14.95*), to help give your look super staying power. For best results, spray at arm’s length.



Final look.

And there you have it, an elegant ballerina bun that’s super simple to create!


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