How to tease hair: This simple hack is the easiest way to get instant volume

Clueless on how to tease hair for volume? Not for much longer...  

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Looking for instant volume? We hear you. Even if you are blessed with naturally thick tresses, adding height and lift to a hairstyle can take it from zero to hero in a matter of minutes. Our secret hack? Learning how to tease hair.

This is an instant day to night update you can do at your desk – Yvi

This teasing technique is perfect for all hair types – especially those with fine hair – and is an easy option for hair pros and novices alike.

So, to learn how to tease your hair, just grab yourself a teasing comb or brush and keep on scrolling for va-va volume that won’t drop as the day goes on – we promise.

How to tease your hair for volume


Section your hair.

Using a comb, take a small section of hair from your crown or wherever you’re looking to create volume and lift.

Blonde woman with comb how to tease hair

Add texture.

Lift your chosen section of hair and spray it with the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray. This will give it some grip and texture, so your volume will stay in place all day.

Blonde woman spraying VO5 texture spray how to tease hair

Start backcombing.

Hold the hair up in one hand and using your other hand, comb the hair from the mid-lengths down towards the roots. Pushing firmly as you go.

Blonde woman backcombing how to tease hair


Divide the hair as you go and repeat this process. Hold your strands at a ninety-degree angle to ensure your backcombing is even for all sections.

Blonde woman backcombing hair how to tease hair



Use the tail comb trick.

Double check your teased sections are backcombed well enough by trying to push the end of a tail comb through them from front to back.

If your hair is well teased, the comb should not be able to pass through.

Blonde woman how to tease hair

Smooth over.

The trick to learning how to tease hair for volume is to gently use a paddle brush. Smooth over the surface of the teased hair sections with your brush, so that they look sleek and frizz-free.
And remember: try to do this carefully, so that the volume remains intact.

Blonde woman taking section of her hair how to tease hair

Secure with hairspray.

Once you’re happy with the look, set the style with the Tigi Bed Head Flexi Head Hairspray.

Woman with blonde hair using hairspray how to tease hair tutorial

The finished look.

How to tease hair: mastered. Use this technique to plump up your ponytail, beehive or any voluminous hair look.

Woman with blonde hair how to tease hair tutorial

Say goodbye to fine hair…

Blonde woman smiling how to tease hair
Instant volume? Yes please! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Now you’ve mastered how to tease hair, check out our roundup of the best #hairhacks to create volume, lift and lasting fullness – no matter what your hair type is.



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