28 Inspiring Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Our round-up of shaved hairstyles for women will show you how many ways there are to work the trend.  

It may be the ultimate edgy hairdo, but what if we told you that numerous stars (including Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron) have already experimented with short shaved hairstyles at some point, would you try it then? From bold buzz cuts to more subtle, undercut designs, there are numerous ways to play around with this fun and quirky trend.

Determined to prove that these styles aren’t just for the A-list elite (or the super brave among you), we took to Instagram in search of some more wearable everyday hair inspiration. Below, we’ve compiled our edit of the best looks, so if you’ve ever contemplated going short, there’s no time like the present.

Buzz Cut

Woman with a brunette buzz cut
Go bold or go home! Credit: Instagram.com/jessicatrdeer

Out of all of the shaved hairstyles you could go for, the buzz cut is definitely the most dramatic ‘do of all. While it’s not one for the faint of heart, it actually accentuates your facial features in a way that no other hair cut ever really can. Plus, having no hair left to hide behind (literally!) means that you’ll ooze confidence. Credit: @jessicatrdeer

Bleached Buzzcut

Black woman with a platinum blonde wavy buzz cut
Spruce up a buzzcut by experimenting with colour. Credit: Instagram.com/elleestmimi

If you’re someone who loves shaking up your look with colour, going short doesn’t mean giving that up. Choosing a hue that contrasts with your natural shade instantly creates a stand-out look and one that’s sure to have heads turning wherever you go. Credit: @elleestmimi

Editor’s tip: To keep your shaved hair looking uniform, try using a hair gel to smooth it down. Our favourite? The VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray, which gives the ultimate hold of a gel (without leaving sticky residue) with the convenience of a spray.

Grown Out Buzz

Woman with natural dark brown afro buzz cut hair
This grown out buzz cut is gorgeous. Credit: Instagram.com/kajzone

The best thing about a buzz cut? When it grows out, you can have it shaped to tailor your tastes. Credit: @kajzone

Long Hair Shaved Sides

Woman with pink wavy long hair with shaved sides
Credit: Instagram.com/guy_tang

Give your long hair some fresh edge with shaved sides, just like this!
Credit: @guy_tang

Undercut Hairstyles

Blonde woman with short hair and a half shaved undercut
Undercuts are a celeb favourite. Credit: Instagram.com/215yoga

Demi Lovato and Ellie Goulding have already rocked half shaved hairstyles in the past – and it’s not hard to see why! Allowing you to combine the toughness of an undercut with the feminine, face-shaping properties of sweeping bangs, we’ve become total undercut converts. Credit: @215yoga

Bob With Buzzed Temple

Woman with a ginger bob with half of her hair shaved
Give your bob an edgy feel with this side shaved hair ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/fiona_flowers_fitness

Shaved hairstyles for women can be super subtle, too. You can quickly amp up any look (be it a bob or a something longer) with some cool shaved detailing, like this. Credit: @fiona_flowers_fitness

Mushroom Cut With Undercut

Woman with a short silver bowl haircut with an undercut
This is how to make a bowl cut look modern. Credit: Instagram.com/madeleineschoen

Forget everything you’ve heard about mushroom cuts (AKA the bowl haircut) — they’re actually an awesome way to show off a subtle undercut. Plus, it’ll give this throwback look a modern twist! Credit: @madeleineschoen

Editor’s tip: Want to recreate this choppy look? Then stock up on the TIGI S Factor Creamy Molding Wax. This product is great for adding definition and texture to your ‘do, without making it feel sticky.

Shaved Back

Selena Gomez with shaved back and dark hair styled into a ponytail
Credit: Instagram.com/selenagomez

Who said you can’t rock a shaved hairstyle with a ponytail? Add some extra dimension to your favourite hairstyles by rocking them with a subtle shaved back.Credit: @selenagomez

Hidden Design Undercut

Brunette with arrow shaped shaved hair with her hair in a bun
Get creative by choosing a unique design. Credit: Instagram.com/antoniofinest

Make a statement by playing around with fun shaved hair designs, like zig-zags or the arrowhead style above. The edge factor of your messy bun will be instantly elevated, plus you’ll be able to cover it up if you need to – bonus. Credit: @antoniofinest

Shaved Flower Hair Design

Woman with dark brown hair with a floral shaved undercut and a bun
What design will you go for? Credit: Instagram.com/buzzcutfeed

Like a tattoo, shaved hair designs all depend on what you feel comfortable with getting done. And, if you’re worried about your shaved hairstyle not looking feminine enough, you can always go for cute flower or star designs. Credit: @buzzcutfeed

Topknot With Shaved Hair

Woman with dark brown long hair styled into a topknot, with an undercut
Half shaved hairstyles, like this one, always impress. Credit: Instagram.com/saraurb

Long hair? There’s no need to feel left out of the shaved hair party, as they’re plenty of ways you can incorporate this edgy trend into your look. And, this Instagrammer’s long top knot and undercut style is a serious case in point. Credit: @saraurb

Half Shaved Hair

Woman with long grey purple ombre with half shaved hair
Credit: Instagram.com/staygold31

Shaving one side of your head will add a fun contrast to your hair. And, here’s the proof! Credit:@staygold31

Natural Hair Undercut

Woman with natural hair in a bun with an undercut
Naturalistas can get in on this trend too. Credit: Instagram.com/frecklesandfros

Looking for women’s shaved hairstyles for natural hair? Then take a leaf of this Instagrammer’s book and ask your stylist to shave in an undercut around your hairline. It will liven up your look while embracing your natural Afro textureCredit: @frecklesandfros

Curls With Side Shaved Hair

Woman with natural curly dark brown short hair with a fade
Make your curls pop. Credit: Instagram.com/naturalhairrebel

In this example, this beauty pairs her bouncy curls with a side shaved mid-fade. Teamed with the right makeup, this pretty ‘do is sure to put your curls in the spotlight. Credit: @naturalhairrebel

Mini Undercut

Woman with bronde hair in a messy bun with a mini undercut
There are plenty of discreet ways to rock an undercut. Credit: Instagram.com/erikaasliva

Business on top, party underneath! Adapt the shaved hairstyle trend for a more office-appropriate environment with a mini undercut. As it’s so small, it’s a very low-maintenance style and it also won’t be as much of an issue during the awkward growing-out stage. Phew! Credit: @erikaasliva

Long Pixie With Shaved Nape

Woman with a medium brown long pixie with undercut fade
If you want to keep things subtle, try this. Credit: Instagram.com/marialreis

Before you get bored of your lovely long pixie haircut, why not inject some playfulness into your style by getting your hair shaved around the nape of your neck, like this. Credit: @marialreis

Slick Pixie With Side Shaved Hair

Woman with dark brown short swept-back hair with a small undercut
How cute is this shaved hairstyle? Credit: Instagram.com/topmerve

Looking for short shaved hairstyles for women that’ll work for the office? Prepare to fall in love with this sweet pixie haircut. Bonus points if you style your hair swept back, just like this.Credit: @topmerve

Quiff With Shaved Taper Fade

Woman with a silver blonde pixie quiff with an undercut
Because men aren’t the only ones who can pull off quiffs. Credit: Instagram.com/autumnhartt

You can’t talk about shaved hairstyles for women without mentioning this popular look. Not only will copying this Elvis-inspired quiff and taper fade cut show everyone how well it looks on women, but it will also look super striking if you opt to team it with a silver-blonde hue. Credit: @autumnhartt

Editor’s tip: Want to recreate this voluminous look in the comfort of your home? Try using the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Thickening BalmIt’ll give you the volume you crave and help make your strands look thicker.

Use on damp hair, before blow drying, and use a vented brush to lift your strands as you dry.

Loose Curls With Side Shaved Hair

Brunette woman with a long curly pixie with shaved sides
If you’re looking for a way to make your thick hair manageable, try this. Credit: Instagram.com/rachelrenaepaz

If you want a way to make your thick hair more manageable, don’t be afraid to try a half-shaved hairstyle, like this one. We can’t stop staring either! Credit: @rachelrenaepaz

French Crop With a Shaved Undercut

Halsey with a short pink pixie cut
Think pink! Credit: Instagram.com/iamhalsey

Just because you’ve got a gorgeous shaved haircut doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with new colours. Make your look stand out with this fierce flamingo pink French crop cut, complete with a matching undercut fade.

Did we forget to mention this choppy style is great for those with fine hair who are looking for a cut to make their mane appear fuller and thicker? Credit: @iamhalsey


Brunette woman with a spiky mohawk and fade
Mohawks are great for those looking for extra edge. Credit: Instagram.com/whitney_wildone

Does the word ‘mohawk’ conjure up images of spiky-haired, leather-clad bikers? While it is one of the edgiest shaved hair designs, there are definitely more wearable ways to rock it, as the Instagrammer above proves. Credit: @whitney_wildone

Braided Undercut

Woman with blonde boxer braids and an undercut
You can show off your shaved hairstyle like this. Credit: Instagram.com/sarahwillcutyou

Add detail to side shaved hair by accentuating your undercut with boxer braids, just like this Instagrammer. Play around with different braiding methods, like Dutch, fishtail or waterfall braids and you’ll never be short of styling ideas again. Credit: @sarahwillcutyou

Short Twists With Side Shaved Hair

Woman with short natural twisted hair with a side shave
Twist and shout! Credit: Instagram.com/astoldbybrittanyd

Short natural shaved hairstyles like this one are effortlessly fierce and easy to manage (seriously, your morning routine will be cut in half!). Not only does this look do a great job of showing off this lady’s twisted hair texture, but it also looks ultra-chic with a red lip. Credit:@astoldbybrittanyd

 Bun With an Undercut

Woman with brown to blonde ombre hair in a bun with an undercut
This hideable undercut won’t give anything away! Credit: Instagram.com/manonlecor

You may think a messy bun isn’t that exciting but have you ever paired it with an undercut? Asking your hairstylist to cut in an undercut, dramatic or small, will give your look an unexpected edginess that’s far from boring. Credit: @manonlecor

Coloured Buzz Cut

Woman with a short green buzz cut
For those girls who aren’t afraid of a little colour. Credit: Instagram.com/thegirlnamedwalter

Have you always wanted to dye your hair a crazy colour but never gone through with it? The best part about rocking short shaved hairstyles is that you can change up your colour with ease (how amazing is this Instagrammer’s green buzz?) and quickly grow it out if you don’t like it – no strings attached. Credit: @thegirlnamedwalter

Coloured Undercut

Woman with blue grey hair with a yellow undercut
Painting by numbers: Hair edition. Credit: Instagram.com/emmalottafun

Those not content with just any old undercut can also dye their undercut in a contrasting colour to the rest of their locks to make a real statement. Just think how many colour combinations you could try! Credit: @emmalottafun

Criss-Cross Undercut

Blonde woman with a braided updo with an undercut
These criss-cross shaved hairstyles for women are all over Instagram. Credit: Instagram.com/rlphair

Shaved hair designs allow you to get artistic with your look in a way that few other styles can. You can go simple with your undercut or showcase your creative side by getting a cool criss-cross design shaved in. Credit: @rlphair

Wavy Pixie

Black woman with short wavy hair
Finger waves add texture and retro flair. Credit: Instagram.com/mayarosephillips

If you’re looking for a short shaved hairstyle that works for formal occasions, you can call off your search. Everything about this wavy pixie is giving us 1920s vibes, from the vintage-inspired waves to the dazzling sheen, making it a perfect choice for your next soiree. Credit: @mayarosephillips

Editor’s tip: Use a small amount of the Alberto Balsam Wet Look Gel and a fine-tooth comb to add the finishing touches and give you a controlled, glossy finish.

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