Pixie haircuts for every face shape

Whether you have a long, square, oval or round face, there's a pixie for you.

There’s a common misconception that pixie haircuts only suit those with certain face shapes. The truth is, with careful consideration they can be a great option for everyone, no matter their facial structure. Of course, we understand that taking the plunge with a haircut as drastic as the pixie can be rather daunting (and a decision you shouldn’t take lightly), so we’re here to guide you through every step of the way, or at least until you’re in the safe hands of your hair stylist.

Great news is: whatever your face type, there’s no need to count out this cool, uber short crop altogether in fear that they may be unflattering. Because regardless of whether you have a square, round, long, oval or heart-shaped face, there is a perfect pixie hairstyle just for you. Don’t believe us? Why not read on and find out more…

5 Pixie haircuts perfect for your face shape


short choppy pixie haircuts ginnifer goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin’s short and choppy pixie haircut suits her round face perfectly. Credit: Getty Images

Round-shaped faces

Pixie haircut heroine: Ginnifer Goodwin

Contrary to popular belief, ladies with fuller cheeks can rock pixie haircuts, too. Just bear in mind that a short crop, if not carefully considered, can accentuate the roundness of a spherical face. But there’s definitely a way to counter this and really emphasise those amazing cheekbones you’re so lucky to have.

Just ask your hair stylist to keep the back and sides short and choppy, and to build in a side fringe that’s soft and sweeping in effect. Tip: give straight fringes and blunt cuts a miss, they’ll make your face appear even shorter, while too much fullness at the back will only further add to the roundness.

long tapered layered pixie haircut keira knightley
Keira Knightley shows that long tapered layers work well on square faces. Credit: Getty Images

Square-shaped faces

Pixie haircut heroine: Keira Knightley

Square-faced ladies are often worried that a pixie cut will make their faces look more angular, but by opting for a slightly longer cut with lots of short, choppy layers, this won’t be an issue. Plus, the tapered layers of this pixie-meets-bob haircut will help round out strong jawlines. Win-win, right?

short pixie haircuts for long faces Rihanna
A short, full pixie cut with bangs works wonders on Rihanna’s longer face shape. Credit: Getty Images

Long-shaped faces

Pixie haircut heroine: Rihanna

When it comes to longer faces, adding width and fullness is the aim of the game, so when deciding on a pixie hairstyle for this face shape, ask for an ultra short cut at the back, plus a heavy fringe, or straight, blunt bangs. This will introduce fullness to the cheeks and help balance out the proportions of a longer face.

Tip: make sure that the fringe hits around where your eyebrows sit; any shorter and it will only lengthen your facial structure.

pixie haircuts with bangs Frankie Bridge
If you have a heart-shaped face like Frankie Bridge, try adding long, sweeping bangs to your pixie cut. Credit: Getty Images

Heart-shaped faces

Pixie haircut heroine: The Saturdays’ Frankie Bridge

Heart-shaped faces classically have a wider forehead, a very slim lower half and pointy jaw. So the aim of your pixie cut should be to create balance, which means short or blunt pixies should be avoided, as they will only draw the eyes to upwards (the opposite of what we want to do). Instead, a short to medium crop at the back, teamed with a deep side fringe can help add width to the lower half of the face, while also creating the illusion of a smaller forehead.

short pixie haircuts charlize theron
Charlize Theron’s oval complexion makes the perfect match to an ultra short, striking pixie hairstyle. Credit: Getty Images

Oval-shaped faces

Pixie haircut heroine: Charlize Theron

This face shape is considered the most versatile, so when it comes to pixie haircuts, anything goes! If you do boast a perfect oval-shaped complexion, count yourself lucky, and utilise the advantage to experiment. Be it with baby fringes, blunt cuts, tapered layers or wispy side-swept bangs, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you have a cool, confident attitude to go with the cut, we’ve no doubt you can pull it off 100%.

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