The ultimate guide to rocking a short fringe: Find your perfect match

Freshen up your look with a set of baby bangs (they really are as cute as they sound!).  

We certainly won’t be the first to tell you that if you’re looking to give your current hairstyle an instant update, bangs are a great way to mix things up. But you may be surprised to hear that the style we’re currently rooting for is the short fringe

Now before you start shaking your head while simultaneously trying to find the back button on your screen, because you think only a select few can actually pull this fashion-forward look off, we beg you: hear us out.

Whether you know it as the micro-fringe, baby bangs, or Bettie bangs (aptly named after the iconic 1950s pin-up’s signature cut), there’s no denying that short fringe hairstyles are having their very own moment in the spotlight right now. And luckily, there are many ways of making it work, no matter your hair texture or face shape!

Will a short fringe hairstyle suit me?

Micro bangs come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be integrated into various hairstyles – from ’90s-inspired, straight-across-the-forehead looks to shorter, retro styles worn with plenty of bounce. Technically speaking, anyone can pull off a short fringe, as long as you pick the right cut and length to ensure it flatters your natural textures and face shape.

If you’ve got a narrow or oval-shaped face, a super short, blunt fringe, can really help to highlight your best features and inject a modern edge. Those with square or heart-shaped faces (or those with slightly larger foreheads), however, should consider a slightly longer short fringe with some layers built in.

This super versatile look also works well with all different hair types, and can be worn smooth and polished, or messy and heavily textured. Sure, short fringes are not for the faint-hearted; it’s a bold look and you’ll need the confidence to pull it off. But if you’re brave enough to take the plunge, we promise it’s definitely worth it.

Now try one of these short fringe hairstyles!

close up shot of a model with flaxen blonde hair cut into a choppy bob and fringe
Go edgy with an angled bob + choppy fringe. Credit:

Angled bob with a short, choppy fringe

Perfect for ladies with an oval-shaped face, an ultra modern micro bob, paired with a short, choppy fringe looks chic with just the right amount of edge.

Editor’s tip: Want to recreate this punk-inspired ‘do? Then you’ll need to rough things up a little. Luckily, all you need is the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Simply spray into damp hair and rough dry for tonnes of attitude, or spritz on dry tresses for a boost of texture.

model wearing a black and white outfit with her long blonde hair worn in loose waves with a micro fringe cut in
Create contrast with long, loose waves and a super short fringe. Credit:

Long, loose waves with a super short fringe

There’s just something effortlessly cool about the contrast that a set of baby bangs can create against luscious, long locks with a slight kink. The perfect look for channelling your inner free-spirited bohemian.

woman wearing a denim jacket and a black backpack with her dyed black hair cut into a blunt bob and short blunt fringe
Blunt bobs and bangs make the best combos! Credit:

Blunt bob with a short fringe

Blunt bobs are having a somewhat of a moment in the fashion spotlight right now, and the addition of a super short fringe is perfect for giving it a generous dose of cool-girl edge.

TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray Front

Editor’s tip: For bobs and bangs that are styled to sleek perfection, make sure to finish off your look with a good hairspray.

We suggest trying the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray, as this will ensure you look doesn’t budge all day. Plus, with it’s humidity protection formula, this hairspray provides you with 24-hour frizz control!

close up shot of a woman wearing a khaki green outfit with her blonde hair cut into a pixie crop with a textured fringe
Up your pixie game with a texture fringe.

Pixie cut with baby bangs

This understated, elegant look proves that baby bangs with lots of texture can work just as well with super short pixie crops as they can with long, flowing locks.

Style them straight forward for a cool boyish look, or brushed to the side and messed up for a more modern, feminine outcome.



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