10 Inspiring Natural Hair Influencers to Keep on Your Radar

Fine 'fros are only a click away...

If you’re in need of some new tips and tricks to care for and style your natural hair, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve picked 10 inspiring black women who use their Instagram feed to educate, celebrate and show us all the beauty and diversity of black hair. Just don’t forget to click ‘follow’ and add these lovely ladies to your feed, will you?

Jay and Trina From Curlture

Jay and Trina from Curlture UK
Credit: Instagram.com/urltureuk

Who are they?

Best friends Jay-Ann Lopez and Trina Charles started Curlture as a way to document their different natural hair journeys and to create a one-stop-shop for people to learn about curls and black culture.

Why you should follow them?

They often post pics of inspirational curls and coils, as well as useful hair care tips and hacks. Need another reason to follow them? They have co-written, Kink, an empowering book that shines a spotlight on black women and their hair. Credit: @curltureuk

Shannon From UK Curly Girl

Shannon from the ukcurlygirl blog
Credit: Instagram.com/ukcurlygirl

Who is she?

Shannon is a blogger and YouTuber that uses her own experiences and hair journey to encourage girls and women to love their curls.

Why you should follow her?

She put up informative posts about her hair routine and demos the products she uses. She’s also written an educational but easy to understand e-book entitled, Get My Curls Back!. to help with natural hair care and transitioning. And did we mention, she’s also the creator of O So Curly ®, a brand of hair tools and accessories brand especially for curly hair? Credit: @ukcurlygirl

Editor’s tip: Already feeling tempted to follow one of these badass ladies? Then if you copy any of the natural styles they’re serving up, be sure to keep your strands looking their best.

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Freddie Harrel

Influencer and founder of RadSwan Freddie Harrel
Credit: Instagram.com/freddieharrel

Who is she?

Freddie Harrel is a fashion influencer with a gorgeous afro and also the founder of @RadSwan, a conscious and premium synthetic wigs and hair extensions brand.

Why should you follow her?

With her new beauty brand, Freddie is hoping to give black women a chance to experiment with clip-in textured hair extensions, in the most sustainable way possible. Her brand is set to launch this summer, so keep an eye out! @freddieharrel

Lesley From Fresh Lengths

Lesley from Fresh Lengths with long box braids
Credit: Instagram.com/freshlengths

Who is she?

Fashion and beauty blogger Lesley proves that she is a ‘Jack of all trades’. She started her blog to document her natural hair journey, as she made the move from relaxed hair to natural tresses.

Why should you follow her?

She is a fountain of knowledge of natural hair and gives honest opinion on styling tips to treat your mane right. Needless to say, she’s a great one to check out if you’re looking for natural and protective hairstyles for black women. Credit: @freshlengths

Nià the Light

Influencer and Founder of the curl bar LondonNia the light
Credit: Instagram.com/niathelight

Who is she?

Nià The Light is a vlogger and journalism student with a self-proclaimed love for afros and travelling. She’s also the founder of The Curl Bar London, a salon that is a safe space for those with natural curls, kinks and coils.

Why should you follow her?

Her YouTube channel has practical hair care advice, while her Instagram is chock-full of her amazing ‘fro and her naturalista friends, like @laurenlewiss_.

She’s also the creator of @HappyFroday – an Instagram account that celebrates all afro hair textures. If that alone doesn’t make you want to be her Insta friend, then frankly, we don’t know what will. Credit@niathelight

Jamelia Donaldson From Treasure Tress

Founder of TreasureTress Jamelia Donaldson
Credit: Instagram.com/jameliaisobsessed

Who is she?

Jamelia Donaldson is the founder and CEO of TreasureTress, Europes first and largest natural hair product subscription box.

Why should you follow her?

If you struggle to find the perfect hair products for your natural hair type, her box is exactly what you need to help you get there. They also provide you with great information on caring for natural hair. Credit: @treasuretress

Laila-Jean From Neffyfrofro

Lalia-Jean from Neffyfrofro
Credit: Instagram.com/neffyfrofro

Who is she?

Founder of @wildseedbotanicals, Laila-Jean, is a natural hair expert with glowing skin and an affinity to plants (after scrolling through her feed, you’ll want to create a plant haven of your own!).

Why should you follow her?

Laila-Jean has over 15 years of experience with natural and transitioning hair, Lalia is a great resource for anyone looking to start their journey. Plus, she’s got the lowdown on how to grow natural hair! Credit: @neffyfrofro

Leal Alexander from Curlygallal

Leal Alexander from Curlygallal
Credit: Instagram.com/curlygallal

Who is she?

Leal has amazing hair and is a great source of information for girls with 3C curls! From sharing her wash day routines or ways to style a headscarf, she’s got all the inspo you need to up your mane game.

Why should you follow her?

Definitely check out her Instagram for curly hair inspiration, tips and product reviews. Credit: @curlygallal

Editor’s tip: Want to take your wash day routine to the next level? Just be sure to add the Love Beauty and Planet Cleansing Conditioner into the mix! This cleansing conditioner will gently cleanse and nourish your curls at the same time.


Birabiro from Instagram
Credit: Instagram.com/birabiro

Who is she?

She is a jeweller, a lawyer, a mother, and a colour enthusiast. But other than those things, she is a natural hair goddess!

Why should you follow her?

Click over to her Instagram page and you’ll instantly be treated to a wealth of fresh afro looks that have no competition. Always working a grown-out ‘fro with an ombre finish, she has also an endless amount of incredible bright fashion styles to get inspired by. Credit: @birabiro

Chifundo Chilera

woman with box braids wearing a slogan t-shirt, sunglasses and a hat in the trees
Is there any better combo that braids, sunglasses and a good hat? Credit: Instagram.com/chifundochilera

Who is she?

Chifundo Chilera is a naturalista who has travelled to 24 of 30 countries by 30, loves Malawi, champions women and youth, and is a panel speaker.

Why should you follow her?

For obvious reasons: she is killing the mane game! She has rocked box braids, slayed the twist out, and even trialled a TWA. You name it, she has tried it. So if you’re ever short on inspiration, her Insta page is a good place to start. Credit: @chifundochilera

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