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20 Gorgeous Indian Hairstyles for Any Occasion

Are you looking for trendy Indian hairstyles? We know, it’s not always so easy to find chic ‘dos that make the most out of those thick, glossy strands you’ve been blessed with. So, we’ve done the hard work for you and found you the absolute best hairstyles for Indian hair.

Whether you’re after an elegant ‘do for an Indian wedding or just want something casual to revamp your everyday style, there’s bound to be a ‘do you’ll want to try, below.

French Braided Bun

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into a French braided bun, wearing yellow sari with drop earrings outside
This ‘do is fit for any occasion. Credit:

First up, we’ve got this lovely French braided bun! This is a great Indian hairstyle to test out when you want a ‘do that’ll keep your thick tresses out of your face. Plus, it’ll also do a fab job of showing off your sari.

Half-Up Indian Hairstyle

Indian hairstyles: Woman with long dark brown hair styled into a straight half-up, half-down wearing it with a hair tikka and matching earrings
How sleek will you go? Credit:

If you’re in search of trendy Indian hairstyles, you’ll feel just like a celebrity if you fashion your hair into this sleek half-up ‘do. Pair it up with a hair tikka and swanky earrings, you’ll look the part at any event.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray Front of bottle

Editor’s tip: Using heat to create this look? Don’t forget to use a heat protection spray on your strands before you do so, to help avoid heat damage. You’ll want to get your hands on the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray, as it’ll help keep frizz at bay and help you achieve silky, shiny strands.

Half-Up Bun

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into a half-up, half-down bun, wearing glasses with white jumper outside
Is there anything half-up styles can’t do? Credit:

If you’re a fan of easy Indian hairstyles, this pretty half-up, half-down bun hairstyle is sure to provide you with some work and weekend hair inspiration, whatever your chosen activity.

Loose Curls

Indian hairstyles: Woman with long, dark loose curls wearing a sari over her head with a hair tikka and nose ring jewellery
You can’t talk about Indian hairstyles without mentioning this one. Credit:

Do you want to show off your long, layered hair? Enter this timeless, yet contemporary Indian hairstyle. Not only does this hairstyle look glamorous, but it’s a universally flattering option for all face shapes, too.

Bollywood Waves

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair with honey ombre ends styled into glam waves, wearing black choker and pink jumper
You don’t need to be a Bollywood star to rock these. Credit:

Trust us, these beautiful Bollywood waves are all you need to make your tresses feel new again on your next night out. So, it’s no wonder this look is still one of the best Indian hairstyles for long hair.


Elegant Braided Bun

Indian hairstyles: Woman with honey brown hair styled into a low bun, decorated with Indian hair jewellery, posing in a studio
Earn best-tressed status with this bun. Credit:

Earn best-tressed status with this bun. Whether you have some serious braiding skills under your belt or not, you can spruce up your favourite bun with some sparkly Indian hair accessories.

Messy Updo

Indian hairstyles: Woman with topknot bun with wispy tendrils left out
With longer locks you can try this trend. Credit:

If we’ve learnt anything from Fendi’s runway looks, it’s that messy topknots look their best paired up with 90s-inspired wispy tendrils. And, this example is a serious case in point.

Low Bun

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into a low sleek bun, wearing white Bardot top and posing outside
What’s not to love? Credit:

Looking for Indian hairstyles for shorter hair? You won’t need to worry about your tresses staying upright with this laid-back low bun.

Milkmaid Braid

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into a milkmaid braid, wearing a red lipstick with red top in a bedroom
Date night hair? Sorted! Credit:

We’re loving this milkmaid braid on this Instagram beauty! This Indian hairstyle will keep your hair out of your face in a flattering way and won’t require any touch ups, because it’s super long-lasting.

Boxer Braids

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into braided pigtails, wearing all black and posing in bedroom
Gym days are about to become a lot more easier. Credit:

Ideal for ladies who are always on the go (whether you’re off to the gym or lunch), these boxer braids can solve all sorts of last-minute hair woes. So, if you’re looking for braided Indian hairstyles to incorporate into your hair wardrobe, you know what to do.

Chignon Bun for Indian Hair

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into a classic chignon with flowers, wearing black sari with sparkly drop earrings
Keep it classic with a chignon. Credit:

You’d be hard-pressed to find an Indian hairstyle that epitomises sophistication and elegance more than this classic chignon. This traditional updo looks beautiful for weddings and can work a treat on shorter hair, too.

The trick to nailing this ‘do is to curl your hair beforehand to provide your look with an extra bit of dimension. Flowers are optional but highly recommended to complete this stylish look.

Curly Updo

Indian hairstyles: Woman with chestnut brown medium hair styled into a curly updo, wearing traditional Indian clothing and posing in a studio
Your curls will look like a work of art. Credit:

Don’t get us wrong, we love polished updos, but showing off your natural curls (instead of tucking them away), can really help elevate your overall look. Paired with a glitzy sari, you’ll have a neat hairstyle that will see you through the party season time and time again.

Natural Waves

Indian hairstyles: Woman with natural hair curly texture dark brown bob wearing green jumper and posing in a studio
Au naturel! Credit:

Trust us, keeping your hair au natural is a lot easier than you think — all you need is the right hair product. The secret? Keep your tresses moisturised with a leave-in conditioner, fight frizz and define your curls with a smoothing hair serum. Simple, right?

SheaMoisture Miracle Hair Styler Leave-In Treatment Front of bottle view


A light layer of the SheaMoisture Miracle Hair Styler Leave-In Treatment will add loads of moisture and shine, while keeping frizz at bay.

Wavy Ponytail

Indian hairstyles: Camila Coelho with chestnut brown wavy hair styled into a high ponytail, wearing hoop earrings with autumnal makeup
Beachy ponytails never fail to impress. Credit:

Have you ever considered rocking beachy waves? Whether you style them into a ponytail or wear them as is, your strands will always have a summer holiday vibe about them. The best part? No matter if you have short hair, long hair, or something in between, this will look amazing.

Bob and Bangs

Indian hairstyles: Woman with short, blunt dark brown bob wearing a floral top with sunglasses outside
Fancy going short? Try this! Credit:

The hottest short haircut (AKA the bob) works well on thick Indian hair, too! With less bulk and thinned out, blunt ends, your hair will still look full but be a lot easier to maintain. If you’re on the fence about getting bangs because you aren’t sure which one will go with your face shape, your stylist can help you make the decision whether to take the plunge!

Layered Hair

Indian hairstyles: Woman with blown out long dark brown hair with layers, wearing a yellow sari with drop earring posing in a bedroom
Layers will give your mane a boost. Credit:

A brilliant way to make long, thick hair more manageable? With layers, of course. They’ll help reduce heaviness, yet still, retain plenty of your hair’s enviable volume and body.

Side Braid

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown long hair styled into a side fishtail plait, wearing orange sari posing outside
Upgrade your braid and move it to the side! Credit:

Looking for more plaited Indian hairstyles? So why not upgrade your signature ‘do by moving it to the side? This little adjustment in placement sounds simple, but trust us, it’s utterly effective and will instantly add a flirty, feminine feel to your braided ‘do.

Sleek Ponytail

Indian hairstyles: Woman with long dark brown hair styled into a sleek low bun, wearing sunglasses and white dress outside
This look won’t let you down. Credit:

Are you looking for a fashion-approved hairstyle that not only looks good but is also super easy to create? This sleek ponytail is exactly what you are looking for!

Half-Up Twist

Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown wavy hair styled into a half-up, half-down twist, wearing a sari and posing in a bedroom setting
When it doubt, twist it out. Credit:

A hair twist brings a fresh spin to an otherwise simple straight Indian hairstyle. It’s quick to do and great for anyone who struggles with braiding.


Indian hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into a beehive updo, wearing a hair tikka with red lipstick and golden eye makeup
Because vintage Indian hairstyles always look good. Credit:

Let’s face it, a ’60s-inspired beehive and classic cat-eye works for any occasion. And guess what? You can accessorise this look with gorgeous hair accessories to match the occasion.

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