Yoga Hairstyles That’ll Make Your Sun Salutations Infinitely More Stylish

Nama-slay your next yoga sesh with these practical workout styles.  

Yoga enthusiasts will know that figuring out how to wear your hair to class is often a workout in itself. Turning into Cousin Itt while you’re stretching into downward dog isn’t exactly zen, and as you move in and out of different poses, you want yoga hairstyles that can hold up.

Now, we may not be fitness bloggers, but we’ve got a few handy styles that we’ve found to work really well for low-intensity style workout classes – and we’re sharing them, here!

Boxer Braids

back shot of a brunette woman with her long hair in two sporty boxer braids
If they’re good enough for boxing, they’re good enough for yoga too. Credit:

Don’t be fooled by the name, boxer braids are great for all forms of exercise. Made up of 2 Dutch braids, they keep the hair tight and close to the scalp so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose.

Originally a hairstyle worn by women with natural hair, this style was re-popularised by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

Plus, once class is over and you’re ready to take them out, you’ll be left with lovely mermaid waves that you can rock for the rest of day. Credit: @ces_menato

Low Messy Bun

brunette woman on the beach in a pink sports bra and white leggings with her dark hair in a low messy bun
Messy buns and getting things done. Credit:

If you want something you can do quickly with no fuss and no mirror required, the humble messy bun comes up trumps. It keeps the hair out of your face but isn’t so tight that you’ll get a headache while you’re stretched out on the mat! Credit: @lornajaneactive

Dutch Braid Pony

sporty blonde woman with her long ash blonde hair in two dutch braids tied into a ponytail
This look is way too pretty to not go out and show it off after class. Credit:

And the award for most Instagrammable yoga hairstyles ever goes to… This one will take a little more time to do, but if you’re planning on heading out to grab a smoothie after class it’s a really pretty one to try.

This style starts off in the same way as boxer braids, with a Dutch braid on either side but instead of braiding all the way down, the hair is tied into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Credit: @gabitrybyte

Editor’s tip: Fine hair? Before you get going with your braids, prep your strands with a blast of the TONI&GUY Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo. This will help to plump up braids and add more texture for a fuller, more aesthetic finish.

Double Bun

blonde sporty woman standing out over LA wearing a racerback black vest with her hair in a double bun
What could be better than 1 messy bun? Duh, 2! Credit:

Looking for a straightforward style that looks nice but doesn’t call for superhuman styling skills? Verticle double buns one on top of each other are a really underrated style, great for keeping your neck cool during those sweaty Bikram sessions. Credit: @daniellabenita

Fishtail Braid

sporty redhead woman wearing a black strappy sports bra with her curly hair in a neat fishtail braid
Once you know how to do it, you’ll be able to do this impressive fishtail braid in just a few minutes! Credit:

Blessed with thick or curly hair? Then you’ll need a hard-working style that can keep unruly hair in check during class. Fishtail braids tick all the right boxes and they’re just that little bit more impressive than your regular 3-strand braid. Credit: @cabellobycarolina

Wrapped Bun

sporty woman with her blonde hair in a neat twisted high bun
There’ll be no chance of stray strands falling in your face with this one. Credit:

There’s a reason ballerinas wear their hair in high buns – it stops loose strands getting in their face and stops them being slapped by their ponytails as they turn.

This pretty wrapped style takes all of the practical elements of the classic ballerina bun and makes it even prettier – if that’s possible. Credit: @verolocalb

Editor’s tip: If you find any of your hair starts to come out, don’t panic. You don’t have to take your hair out and start all over, just keep a can of the VO5 Sleek Creation Hairspray in your gym bag and use it to smooth down any stray strands with your fingers.

Rope Braid

brunette woman with her hair in a rope braid
Retire the French braid and give this new rope braid style a try. Credit:

Braids are always a good option whatever exercise you’re doing. This updated rope braid style will give long lengths a fresh twist and with celeb fans like Shay Mitchell and Blake Lively, just whip on some shades and everyone will think you’re an A-list gym-goer. Credit: @salonnirvana954

Space Buns

sporty looking asian wooman wearing a hoodie with her dark hair in cute space buns
Is there anything cuter than space buns? Credit:

We’ve got a soft spot for space buns, so much so that we’d rock them at any opportunity if we could, but they do actually fare well in the gym.

Just as effective as high buns but double the fun, you can let your personality show through with this playful look. Credit: @khanh.hong.tran

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