7 hairstyles that’ll look super cute under a bobble hat

Beth | 01 October 2018

Off to Winter Wonderland or heading out for the NYE fireworks? Do it in style with these hat-friendly looks.

One of the best things about this time of year is being able to wear cute hats and scarves on the reg. But as much as we love layering up and keeping cosy, it’s got to be said that hat hair is one of the more unwelcome aspects of winter. However, don’t despair this winter

There are plenty of hat-friendly hairstyles out there that’ll work well under your chosen head warmer, keeping you stylish and snug at the same time. Ready to take your winter style up a notch?

Hat-friendly hairstyles to save your winter mane


Woman with dark brown long straight hair wearing a pom pom bobble hat and winter jumper
Snug as a bug! Credit: Instagram.com/victoriabeaulondon

1. Straight and glossy

You can leave any misconceptions about messy hat hair at the door now! This Instagrammer’s glossy straightened locks show that you can still look polished, even with all the winter layers. If Kim K-W was ever to wear a bobble hat, we feel like she’d totally go for this. Credit: @victoriabeaulondon

Woman with long curly blonde hair with a black bobble hat
Don’t let keeping warm stop you from rocking your fave curls! Credit: Instagram.com/samantiuke

2. Curls

Girls, you don’t have to put your hair up just because you’re wearing a hat! Soft curls are a flattering way to frame your face, plus you can use your hair as a scarf for some extra warmth (long-haired ladies, you feel me).

To stop your style looking flat, remember to be sure to curl away from the face as this will open up your face and give a more voluminous look. Credit: @samantiuke

VO5 Wave Creation Hairspray

Editor’s tip: Whether you decide to go for tight spiral curls or more relaxed waves, remember to set your curls to stop them dropping. The VO5 Wave Creation Hairspray is ideal for creating curled looks, as it helps maintain shape and body – especially handy when it’s windy out!

Woman watching ice skating with her blonde hair in a long side braid with a white bobble hat
Side braids will look gorgeous peeking out from below your hat. Credit: Instagram.com/aglassofice

3. Loose side braid

Wearing your hair down is always an option, but if you’re planning to go ice skating or on any fairground rides, then you’ll probably want to keep it out of your way.

This gorgeous side braid lets you make the most of your lengths but also stops you from having to worry about your hair getting caught up. Credit: @aglassofice

Selfie of a woman with honey blonde wavy bob hair, wearing a white knitted bobble hat, red tartan scarf and a camel coat
Bobs and bobble hats are a match made in winter hair heaven! Credit: Instagram.com/itsdaniellesjourney

4. Wavy bob

Rocking a bob? Try adding in some loose, undone waves with a curling wand (or your straighteners – here’s how) for extra cool-girl texture. Pair with a statement berry lip for the ultimate winter beauty look. Credit: @itsdaniellesjourney

Brunette woman wearing a grey hat and scarf with her hair in a side fishtail braid
There’s nothing fishy about this intricate style! Credit: Instagram.com/larapatricia27

5. Fishtail braid

If you wear braids on a day to day basis, and are getting bored of your usual style, this is a fun alternative. Even if you’re not a skilled braider, fishtail braids are easy to master and have real wow factor. Credit: @larapatricia27

TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Editor’s tip: Braiding newbie? You may find that prepping your hair beforehand with a sea salt spray (the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray is a favourite) will make things easier.

Sea salt sprays add a gritty texture to strands, making it easier to create styles and stop them splaying out. Plus, they provide a little extra hold, too, to make the look last longer. Basically, they’re your BBF (braiding best friend!).

Blonde woman with her hair in a ponytail with a black crochet headband hat
Knitted headbands look chic and keep you cosy! Credit: Instagram.com/g.i.tepes

6. High ponytail

This Instagrammer’s knitted headband look is giving us major après-ski vibes. Essentially a bobble hat with a hole in the middle, you’ll be able to thread through your ponytail while also keeping your head warm. Now, pass us a hot chocolate! Credit: @g.i.tepes

Brunette woman with long hair in double bubble ponytail braids and a grey hat, against a pink background
Is it a braid? Is it a ponytail? It’s both! Credit: Instagram.com/buablink

6. Bubble braids

Bubble braids are an A-list favourite (just look at Alicia Vikander and Kendall Jenner) and they do look stunning without a hat – but add in a bobble hat and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter hairstyle.

Rather than the not-so-chic pigtails you might’ve worn in school, this look is way more party appropriate, meaning you can go straight from the fireworks to the Auld Lang Syne afterparty without having to redo your hair. Credit: @buablink

VO5 Dry Texturising Spray

Editor’s tip: Want to try out the bubble braid look? To get your bubbles looking full and, well, bubble-like, use the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray to add texture and volume. That way, when you come to creating your bubbles you’ll be able to backcomb them so they’re really voluminous.