Layered curly hair: The secrets to success

Layered curly hair is a thing. Unravel the secrets ahead...

Whether you’ve got gorgeous soft waves or a delicious head of ringlets, your curly hair rocks! However, if you’re thinking about getting it cut and need some advice, we’re here to help. The texture, shape, and tightness of your curl entirely dictates the way in which you wear it – and how easy it is to manage, too. The solution? Layered curly hair. Ever wondered if you could have it? You totally can! All you need is to consider some important facts about your mane first – which is where we step in. Read on to uncover our secrets on how to tackle layers and curls before you head to your next stylist appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

Everything you need to know about layered curly hair


Layering will help create shape

First of all, layering is absolutely essential when it comes to curly hair. Cutting it evenly will only create a heavy, boxy look – your curls add a lot of weight around your head, which can sometimes lead to unflattering results. Going for layered curly hair instead really helps to avoid that dreaded ‘triangle head’ situation by creating movement and shape.

Treat each curl as an individual

All those beautiful curls need to be treated with extra care when you’re cutting in layers – because blocks of even curls can leave you looking heavy-headed. This means taking an uneven approach to layers -graduated layered curly hair will have fantastic volume and a shape that will perfectly accentuate your face.

curly layered hair
Should you cut your curly hair when its wet or dry?

Avoid razors

Styling razors or thinning shears and curls aren’t the best of friends. Razors are meant to cut hair with a blunt edge in order to create texture, but your curly tresses work in a different way. Beware that using texturisers on layered curly hair could lead to a frizzy finish by taking away the heaviness at the bottom of each curl that defines its shape. Instead, make sure that your curls are always cut at an angle, and with sharp scissors.

Dry or wet?

Should you cut your hair while it’s wet or dry? It really depends on your style and your stylist. Some prefer to create it on damp hair because it’s easier to comb and brush. But cutting your hair while it’s dry has a lot of pros, too. Curly locks have a lot more shrinkage, so letting them dry first helps you and your stylist see exactly how a cut will look. Of course, this also means that you’ll probably need to go a little longer in-between cuts, unless you’re planning on removing a lot of length.

Take your time

We know that styling your curly tresses to get layered curly hair can take time, but once you see the result, it’s absolutely worth it! Your stylist will work through your pretty curls carefully and meticulously, but we promise that the final look will be impressive.

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