Short hairstyles for square faces for women over 40

Struggling to find good short hairstyles for square faces? Head this way, ladies!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find age-appropriate short hairstyles for square faces. But when you finally get the right cut, it can take years off you, making you look fresh, youthful and on-point in the style stakes.

As you age, your facial features and hair textures can change over time, so if you’re still sporting the same cut you did in your 20s or 30s, you may well find that you’ve outgrown it and that it no longer flatters the way it did before. Of course, the hairstyle you should opt for doesn’t just come down to your age, as the shape of your face also has a bearing on what might work best for you. Which is why, to help you, we’ve created a useful guide listing 5 short hairstyles for square faces that are ideal for women over 40. Keep reading ahead to see what’s in store!

5 Great short hairstyles for square faces


short hairstyles for square faces long bob nicole kidman
Short hairstyles for square faces: Nicole Kidman, the long bob. Credit: Getty Images

The long bob

Hairstyle heroine: Nicole Kidman

If you’re tired of your long hair but aren’t quite ready for a dramatic chop, a long bob (AKA lob) makes for the perfect compromise. This relatively short cut is chic, sophisticated and ideal for women with square faces. Just remember that your long bob should stop between the nape of your neck and your shoulders for the most flattering results.

Editor’s tip: to enhance the look and further soften your angular features, try blow-drying your hair using a round brush to add volume and soft, subtle textures.

layered bob hairstyle for square faces heidi klum
Short hairstyles for square faces: Heidi Klum, the layered bob. Credit: Getty Images

Layered bob

Hairstyle heroine: Heidi Klum

This flirty, fresh and super versatile hairstyle actually looks great on ladies of all ages. With plenty of movement, your layered bob should fall just below your jawline and can look even better when paired with a short, side-swept fringe. One of the main advantages of this look is that it’s super easy to style, so if you’re always short on time in the morning, this short hairstyle for square faces could be for you.

Short fringe hairstyles for square faces Cameron Diaz
Short hairstyles for square faces: Cameron Diaz, bob with rounded fringe. Credit: Getty Images

Bob with rounded fringe

Hairstyle heroine: Cameron Diaz

A softly rounded, side-swept fringe is a great way to create a face-framing effect that helps to soften the angular features of square faces. And while it can inject youth and elegance into your everyday look, it can also complement a wide range of hairstyles, so a brief bob is definitely not your only option.

Short tapered pixie cut Robin Wright
Short hairstyles for square faces: Robin Wright, short tapered cut. Credit: Getty Images

Sheared, short tapered cut

Hairstyle heroine: Robin Wright

A sheared, short tapered pixie cut is perfect for square-faced women, as the extra height on top helps to create the illusion of a longer, leaner bone structure. It’s also worth noting that if you have a square face, almost any pixie cut can complement its shape, just as long as the layers are soft and textured, rather than harsh and choppy.

smooth wavy bob short hairstyles for square faces Marion Cotillard
Short hairstyles for square faces: Marion Cotillard, wavy bob. Credit: Getty Images

Smooth, wavy bob

Hairstyle heroine: Marion Cotillard

Short, effortless waves will instantly flatter and soften square faces. And the good news is that there’s no age limit to this playful look. When it comes to creating your waves, the trick is to start curling your hair about an inch from your roots to create a flattering and laidback beach look. One of the main advantages of this style is that it will instantly soften your angular facial structure, making you look and feel years younger instantly.

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