How To Curl Your Hair 4 Different Ways

Learn how to curl your hair like a pro.

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How to curl your hair: Blonde model with long s-shape waves, wearing a white v neck t-shirt


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Some days just call for bouncy, glossy curls but it’s annoying always having to rely on your one friend who’s good at hair to do your curls for you. We’re here to make it simple by showing you how to curl your hair 4 different ways, so soon you’ll be able to do it all on your own.

Different curling techniques create different types of curls – you can hit play on the video to discover the differences between flat wrap curling and ‘S’ shaped waves, or for more beginner-friendly curling tips and advice, just keep reading.

1. The flat wrap curling method

How to curl your hair: Close-up of a blonde with half her hair twisted and clipped up with a single flat wrapped curl, wearing a white t-shirt
The flat wrap method is perfect for creating big, loose curls. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Type of curls: Big, loose curls

You might not know them by their official name but flat wrap curls are probably the most common method people try when learning how to curl hair.

Flat wrap curling is when small sections of hair are wrapped flat around a curling wand, giving you classic loose curls that work for any occasion.

What to do: 

Take your hair and wrap it flat like a ribbon around the barrel and hold it there for around 15 seconds. Then release the curl and use your fingers to gently pull on it from the ends to soften up the ringlets into loose curls.

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This will help protect your strands against damage and breakage caused from heated styling, while also conditioning your hair for a softer, smoother finish.

2. The twist & wrap curling method

How to curl your hair: Close-up of a blonde woman with her hair twisted and clipped up with a single ringlet curl
For springy and ultra defined curls, try twisting the hair before wrapping it around the barrel. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Type of curls: Defined spiral curls

This method is the best for creating tight and defined spiral curls that stay bouncy and full of volume – making them a great choice for fine hair types.

What to do: 

Take a piece of hair and twist it all the way down to the bottom, before wrapping it around your curling wand.

#HairHack: Once you’ve released the curl, hold it in the palm of your hand and allow it to cool before letting it drop. This will help to give your curls even more longevity and definition.

3. The ‘S’ wave curling method

How to curl your hair: Blonde woman with her hair in an updo with a single 1920s style s-shaped wave, wearing a white v-neck t-shirt
These soft waves have a gorgeous retro feel. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Type of curls: Retro waves

You don’t have to have a curling wand to be able to create curls. Learning how to curl your hair with a straightener to make ‘S’ shaped waves is a great way to make old Hollywood waves that look beautifully vintage and romantic.

What to do: 

Taking a small section of hair, push the hair towards your roots so that it forms an ‘S’ shape and use your straighteners to press down, starting at the top. Then simply continue clamping the straighteners down to create wavy ‘S’ shaped waves all the way down the hair.

4. 2 directional flat wrap curling method

How to curl your hair: Close-up of a blonde woman with her hair twisted and clipped up with a single piece of curled hair
Changing up the direction of your curls gives a less uniform and more natural result. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Type of curls: Natural looking curls

Want to know how to get curly hair that looks natural? Rather than having perfectly sized curls that all go in the same direction, the key to creating natural-looking curls is to have some difference in size and curl pattern, as not even naturally curly haired girls have perfectly positioned curls!

The 2 directional flat wrap technique involves curling your hair first one way and then the other to mimic natural windswept, beachy curls.

What to do: 

Following the flat wrap curling technique used in method 1, take a piece of hair from near the root and curl it towards your face. Then, working from the end of the hair, curl it again, this time curling away from your face.

Editor’s tip: Some old-school hairsprays feel so heavy that it seems like they actually make your curls drop faster.

Luckily, the VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray is completely different, with a lightweight formula that won’t weigh down hair and a natural hold that sets your look without feeling hard.

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