Easy hair tutorial: Learn how to crimp your hair without a crimper!

Learn how to crimp your hair without crimpers in 5 simple steps.

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how to crimp your hair tutorial no crimpers


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Thought crimped hair was only reserved for the ’90s and #TBT? Well, think again, because this year we’re seeing the return of the crimp, and we really couldn’t be happier! Crimped hair may be been seen all over the runways of autumn/winter 2016, but learning how to crimp your hair is super easy to achieve at home – all without the need to invest in a pair of crimpers.

So, if you fancy letting your inner Baby Spice roam wild, then simply follow our step-by-step tutorial below. Trust us, you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll in no time!

How to crimp your hair: 5 Steps to cute hair


Apply mousse.

Apply Toni&Guy Volume Plumping Mousse to towel-dried hair and blow-dry tresses for volume.

Editor’s tip: Try lifting your roots as you blow dry your hair for extra volume.

crimped hair tutorial: Blonde model with long damp hair applying mousse

Section and plait hair.

Then take a small section of hair and spray with the VO5 Waves Creation Hairspray and tightly braid your hair. Trust us: this miracle hairspray will help you create cute, crimped hair. Then secure each of your braids with a clip of hairband.

Repeat this plaiting method until your whole head of hair is completely braided.

crimped hair tutorial: Blonde model plaiting small braids

Run a straightener over your braids.

Mist with your hair with hairspray and then clamp each braid with straighteners. Once you have run your straighteners over all of your braids.

Crimped hair tutorial: Blonde model using a straightener on her braids

Undo your braids.

Undo your braids and gently massage your head to get rid of any partings, before giving it a final mist of hairspray.

blonde model spraying crimped hair with VO5 Creation Hairspray

Final look.

And there you have it: a cool crimped hairstyle without a crimper in sight!

Blonde model with long crimped hair


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