Oval faces: Top 5 short haircuts for curly hair

Discover how to perfectly frame your versatile face shape!

On the hunt for short haircuts for curly hair? Too often, inspiration for the best short hairstyles are modelled on straight hair types – which is all well and good, if you have dead-straight locks. But it does leave curly-haired ladies a little in the lurch. But the good news is we’ve put together some of our favourite short haircuts for curly hair that will flatter oval faces.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new ‘do and are in need of some #hairspiration, take a look at our gallery (above) or scroll down below to see our top 5 list. Just remember to save your favourite pictures and take them to the salon with you!

5 Short haircuts for curly hair to try if you have an oval face


Short haircuts for curly hair: graduated bob
Short haircuts for curly hair: Graduated bob. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Graduated bob

Thought that bobs were out of the question for those who have curly hair? Think again. This haircut works perfectly on ladies with classic curls (or type 3A). The key is to ask for a softly graduated cut, as this will help the cut sit neatly, as well as help frame and define your oval face.

To keep your curls under control and in place all day, give the Toni&Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray (£7.49*) a go for a firm, yet flexible hold.

Short haircuts for curly hair: cute crop
Short haircuts for curly hair: The cute crop. Credit: indigitalimages.com

The cute crop

For tighter, type 3 curls and afro kinky hair, the cute crop is the ideal short cut. Curls are cut evenly all the way round to create a small halo of curls.

Need more curl definition? Why not use flexi rods to create beautiful, bouncy curls? After washing, part your damp hair into 1-2 inch sections and twist your hair around the flexi rods. Then, wist the ends of the rods to secure. Once your hair is dry, release your tresses and your cute crop is complete!

Short haircuts for curly hair: black bob with fringe
Short haircuts for curly hair: Bob with bangs. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Bob with bangs

Before you turn your nose up at this bob haircut, hear us out. This cut is slightly different from the graduated bob style mentioned previously. Luckily, ladies with oval faces are fortunate enough to be able to work almost any haircut or fringe styles because of the versatility of their face shape.

To make your curls look gorgeously tousled, try using a small amount of the TIGI S-Factor Creamy Molding Wax (£17.45*). Rub it in between palm of your hands and work it through the lengths of your hair. Tip: the blunt cut of this bob works best on slightly looser, type 2 curls.

Short haircuts for curly hair: quiff
Short haircuts for curly hair: Quiff Credit: indigitalimages.com


Looking for a super short cut that works with curly hair? Why not try the versatile and perfectly edgy quiff on for size? We know that for anyone with long hair, taking the plunge and going short is a risky business. But don’t worry your pretty little curls, this ‘do looks super cool and contemporary, especially on curly hair. Plus, it’s the perfect cut from which to create a high impact look with minimum styling efforts. Just ask your hairdresser for short back and sides, while keeping quite a bit of length at the front to create your low-maintenance quiff.

Tip: Amp up the volume and texture of this look with some VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray (£3.99*) to keep your curls looking bouncy and full of movement, but free of flyaways!

Short haircuts for curly hair: buzz cut afro
Short haircuts for curly hair: Buzz cut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Buzz cut

Ok, we know: this almost ‘no-hair’ hairstyle isn’t for the faint of heart. So we highly recommend taking a little time to mull over this cool haircut before you take the plunge and shave off your curly locks. And remember: all hair grows back, so if you don’t like it, all you have to do is be patient. But if you do brave the androgynous buzz , then we’re positive you’ll love the results. After all, it’s an uber chic, always-on-trend look.

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