Khaleesi hair: 13 epic Game of Thrones hairstyles to recreate

A song of style and sass: Recreate our favourite Game of Thrones hairstyles.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is soon to aired which means, first and foremost, we’ll finally find out the fate of all of the characters. But also, it means we don’t have much time left to appreciate the wonder that is Khaleesi’s hair *sobs*.

The best Game of Thrones hair from Instagram

We celebrate the incredible Game of Thrones hairstyles that the show has given us with our favourite Khaleesi-inspired hairstyles and looks from other Westeros favourites.

1. Khaleesi’s platinum braids

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Back view of a woman with platinum blonde long curly Khaleesi hair in half-up braids
This hairstyle has Khaleesi’s name written all over it. Credit:

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t dream of having Daenerys Targaryen hair approx 10 times per episode. Ever since season one of GoT, the Mother of Dragons has been wearing her platinum blonde tresses in all kinds of amazing braids.

She might be known as the People’s Queen but to us she will always be the Queen of Braids. Credit: @jasminehoffman

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This violet-tinted shampoo (there’s also a conditioner in the range) will cancel out any brassy, yellow tones in your colour, transforming it into the ashy, silvery tone you want.

2. Pastel Khaleesi hair

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Back view of a woman with silver and pastel dyed long Khaleesi hair with basket weave braids and a dragon hair accessory
Why not give your Khaleesi hair a pastel touch? Credit:

If you love Khaleesi hair but are after something more standout, this dreamy pastel creation is just what you need to add some colour into your Game of Thrones hairstyles. Oh, and the dragon hair accessory is e-v-e-r-y-thing! Credit: @prettyaudhair

3. Daenerys’ impressive braid combinations

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Collage of photos of a silver haired girl with Khaleesi hair in braids
Game of Thrones hair is all about the detail. Credit:

One of the things we love most about Daenerys’ Game of Thrones hair is that she’s rarely rocking just one type of braids. From Dutch and fishtail braids to showstopping 4 strand braids, the key to creating Khaleesi hair is to think outside the box with your braiding methods. Credit: @beyondthebeautyus

4. Braids and waves

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Back view of a woman with very long curly silver blonde hair in a half-up basket braid Khaleesi hair style
Daenerys does the half-updo. Credit:

Khaleesi has mastered the half-up braids and cascading curls look and it’ll always be one of our favourite looks of hers. So if you’re hoping to dress as her for Halloween or a cosplay, you can’t go wrong with this style. Credit: @b3_nederland

5. Daenerys Targaryen hair on dark hair

Game of thrones hairstyles: Back view of a woman with long brown hair in Game of Thrones inspired braids
See, brunettes can get in on it too! Credit:

Wait, you didn’t think having dark hair meant you couldn’t take on Daenerys Targaryen hair, did you?

This brunette ‘grammer has all the best elements of Khaleesi’s look (the flowing lengths, the twists, the intricate braids), all in a rich, warm-tinted brown shade perfect for autumn. Credit: @style.daze

6. Easy, Khaleesi-style pull-through braid

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Back view of platinum blonde triple twisted Khaleesi hair
Can’t braid? We’ve got you. Credit:

If you’ve got this far and you’re thinking there is no way you’ll ever be able to recreate these Game of Thrones braids, don’t be put off.

Our pull through braid tutorial shows you how to create amazing braided looks like this one here, all without actually needing to know how to braid. Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t! Credit: @hairbyjoannam

7. Dragon hair

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Photo of a woman with curly brunette long hair in dragon inspired cornrows braids with gold glitter and face make-up
Why not partner up with your friend and turn yourself into one of Khaleesi’s dragons?

What would the Mother of Dragons be without her dragon babies? This fiery dragon look is perfect for curly girls and the glitter cornrows will transform you into full dragon mode.

Editor’s tip: Love hair glitter? Give your mane the Midas touch with a sprinkling of the super sparkly VO5 Galactic Gold Hair Glitter.

Then, if you need any help removing it afterwards, read our glitter removal tips.

8. Cersei Lannister hair

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Back view of a woman with long dark Cersei Lannister hair in flower braided buns
Remember Cersei’s hair pre-chop? Credit:

Before she had all of her hair chopped off in season five *spoilers*, as the Queen Cersei Lannister wore some pretty amazing hairstyles too. See more flower braids like this. Credit: @urbanfringesalon

9. Sansa Stark’s hair

Game of thrones hairstyles: Back view of a redhead with long wavy hair in Sansa Stark braids
Sansa’s often seen with these intricate braids. Credit:

From the regal braided updo she wore on her wedding through to her more recent carefree styles, Sansa Stark’s been on a major hair evolution throughout the show. Credit: @escapades_in_braids

10. Sansa’s looped braids

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Cosplayer dressed as Sansa Stark with long ginger hair in half-up looped braids
Khaleesi isn’t the only one sporting impressive braids, you know! Credit:

When in the north, Sansa becomes much more of a power player and, in turn, has a hairdo to match. Going for a more mature style, she keeps her hairstyles relatively simple with just a few looped braids securing her fiery mane. Credit: @grange_air

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11. The Red Woman’s flaming lengths

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Back view of a woman with long red hair in a half-up knotted bun hairstyle
Red by name, red by nature. Credit:

She may have been sent packing from The Night’s Watch for her questionable actions, but we will always remember Melisandre (AKA The Red Woman) for 2 things; her resurrection of Jon Snow and her gorgeous hairstyles.

Melisandre’s  long, fiery red tresses, beautifully contrast her fair complexion and add to her air of mystery. Credit: @katie_wizard

12. Missandei’s braided ‘fro

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Woman with a headband braid on black curly afro hair
This headband braid is Missandei approved. Credi:

Khaleesi’s right-hand woman and adviser, Missandei always looks stunning on screen and has one of our favourite GoT hairstyles, ever.

With her natural curly mane out in all its glory, Missandei often spruces up her look by adding a headband braid. Wondering how to do it? Click for a how-to.  Credit: @mini_marley

13. Lyanna Mormont’s waterfall braid

Game of Thrones hairstyles: Back view of a woman outside with long brunette straight hair in a half up braid
One to watch Layanna Mormont would be a fan of this style. Credit:

Sticking to simple styles, Lyanna keeps her brunette tresses straight and long. To pin back her tresses, she uses skinny braids on either side of her middle parting and secures them at the back.

For a more modern version, try trading a traditional braid for the waterfall option above, which we can totally see Lyanna rocking. Credit: @plaitsbyhelen

Take a look at how to create a waterfall braid!

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