15 fierce and fabulous faux hawk braid styles from Instagram

Curious to try a faux mohawk braid? Well with French braid faux hawk looks (and more) on offer, it'll soon be your go-to style!  

Have you ever heard of a faux hawk braid? If you haven’t, today is your lucky day, because you’ve just stumbled across a fabulous gallery full of them! These edgy, cool-girl braids are set to be this season’s hottest hair trend, so listen closely.

Now we wouldn’t blame you if the term ‘faux hawk braid’ conjured up dubious images of shaved heads and spiked attire – but this look is far from that! So, if you’re ready to rock a faux mohawk braid for the season ahead, check out our fave Instagram inspirations, below.

Faux mohawk braids: The coolest looks from Instagram


back view image of a woman with a french braid faux hawk braid with two tone hair
Ready to rock this French braid faux hawk? Credit: Instagram.com/mjfsalon

1. The two-tone faux hawk braid

Not sure if you can pull off this look with coloured tresses? Well, it’s time to set those fears aside. We love how highlighted locks look when styled into a braided faux hawk, as the weaving of your plait makes every strand of your coloured hair pop!

To get the look, pull all your hair to the centre of your head and Dutch braid down the middle. This will create the height you need and give the appearance of having a mohawk! Alternatively, weave a French braid for an equally stunning French braid faux hawk. Credit: @mjfsalon

Editor’s tip: If you have particularly fine hair, try spraying some VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo into your mane before braiding. This will add volume and give your hair some extra grip when creating this look!

back view image of a woman with bright red bold hair in a French braid faux hawk
We love coloured tresses teamed with this faux hawk braid! Credit: Instagram.com/sannukkaxx

2. Bright braided faux hawk

Have you taken coloured tresses to a bolder level? Then you’re in luck, because weaving a faux mohawk braid with bright hues looks absolutely stunning! Honestly, we can’t help but think that this ‘do gives the wearer a mythical mermaid look. Ariel, is that you? Credit: @sannukkaxx

Top tip: If you’re looking to take this look up a notch and give it some extra oomph, you can try tucking the tail of your braid under your hair at the nape of your neck. This will add volume and give a bolder finish to your ‘do.

faux mohawk braid inspiration: multiple braids
Faux mohawk braid inspiration. Credit: Instagram.com/ramsaymarstonhair

3. Multi-braid

One faux mohawk braid not enough for you? Then why not opt for 2 smaller, tighter braids that run either side of your larger one? Just bring all 3 braids to join at the back of your head to create one ultimate braid. Credit: @ramsaymarstonhair

Now, instead of finishing off with a faux French braid, how about switching your weaving technique to a fishtail plait instead? Trust us, you’ll really prove your braiding credentials with this one!

faux French braid instagram: half up half down hair
Faux French braid inspiration. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyamberjoy

4. Half-up braided faux hawk

If the French braid faux hawk is a tad too edgy for you, don’t worry: you can still rock the style, just with a little more subtlety.

Sound like your cup of tea? Then try a half-up, half-down faux hawk braid instead, as this variation is less dramatic, yet is still very rock-chic! Credit: @hairbyamberjoy

Editor’s tip: To get those gorgeous, tumbling waves, curl your loose hair with a large barrel curling wand, like the TONI&GUY Glamour Jumbo Tong. Once you have your curls, gently run your fingers through your mane to loosen them and give a tousled finish!

side view of a woman with a braid and wisps of hair with a faux hawk braid
Wisps of messy hair and braids create this stunning faux hawk braid! Credit: Instagram.com/hairandmakeupbysteph

5. Side braid faux hawk

If you’re more of a simple braid kind of gal, this could be the look for you!

Simply create a standard plait that will work to define your mohawk, then sweep your tresses up and pin in place, leaving the ends of your hair messy and textured. A great look with minimal effort! Credit: @hairandmakeupbysteph

back view image of a woman with long blonde hair in a fishtail braid - faux hawk braid
This sweet fish tail braid creates a far edgier look! Credit: Instagram.com/kayleymelissa

6. Fishtail faux hawk braid

Channel your inner Viking warrior with this fishtail faux hawk braid that looks anything but tame. Your hair will be transformed into an edgy look, leaving you ready for anything! Credit: @kayleymelissa

back view of a woman with long blonde braided hair - faux hawk braid
Create a braided faux hawk like this bold look. Credit: Instagram.com/n.starck

7. The 3-strand braid

The central strand of this mesmerising braided faux hawk creates the raised centre piece of this sleek look. If you’re a dab hand with your braiding skills, this striking ‘do will leave you looking like a warrior princess! Credit: @n.starck

back view of a womans blonde hair braided and long - faux hawk braid
Create thick plaits like this striking ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/n.starck

8. Chunky central braid

This amazing faux hawk braid is a stunning nod to the mohawk look. Sweep half of your locks up and off your face, then create a 5-strand braid with the top section of your hair. The contrasting sleek look of the rest of your loose hair, will guarantee to get all eyes on you! Credit: @n.starck 

back view of a woman's blonde hair in a loose braid - faux hawk braid
This loose and relaxed faux hawk braid is oh so pretty! Credit: Instagram.com/instibraid

9. The twisted side braid

If you like the look of the faux hawk braid, but you want to create a simpler ‘do, try your hand at this sweet 2-strand twist, that has been teamed with a voluminous, textured ponytail. Pull out wisps of hair around your face to complete this easy, yet oh-so-pretty look! Credit: @instibraid

back view image of a woman with red hair in braid - faux hawk braid
Rock bright red braids like this fiery ‘do! Credit: Instagram.com/hairdressersjournal

10. Cornrow braided faux hawk

If you want to go all out with your braided look, then this cornrow style is the one for you! We love the brightly coloured locks, that have been carefully sectioned, neatly braided and then left loose at the ends to create a faux mohawk look. Credit: @hairdressersjournal

a side picture of a woman with braided long hair
This sleek faux hawk braid look sporty and sleek! Credit: Instagram.com/hairdressersjournal

11. Sleek locks

One of the key elements of a more traditional-looking faux mohawk braid, is to keep the rest of your hair super sleek and wisp free.

The smoothness of your tresses helps to emphasise the height that your faux mohawk braid creates! Sleek and edgy… what’s not to love?! Credit: @hairdressersjournal

side view of a model with dark blonde hair in braids - faux hawk braid
This simple faux hawk braid is great for a night out! Credit: Instagram.com/maneaddicts

12. Subtle mohawk

If you’re looking for a party ‘do that’s less ‘out there’, go for a simple braid, secured with three different hair bands to create your faux hawk look. This is a great style that says ‘business at the front and party at the back!’ Credit: @maneaddicts

back view of a woman's hair with pins and braids - faux hawk braid
Go for an extreme faux hawk braid with added pins! Credit: Instagram.com/katsuyakamo

13. Serious spikes

You’ll probably want to save this one for Halloween, but just incase you like to go to town with your hair on a daily basis, we thought you needed to see this!

It might look tricky to achieve, yet it is, in fact, just tiny sections of hair that have been twisted around pins to create an extreme spiked look! It’s not for everyone but it will certainly get heads turning! Credit: @katsuyakamo

front view of a woman with colourful hair in a braided mohawk style
Try your hand at this colourful faux hawk braid! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbycherryp

14. Punk rock

Take it back to the days of punk rock, with this edgy-looking ‘do! We love the brightly coloured tresses teamed with a large central braid that has been swept up in the centre. There’s even a bit of crimping thrown in there for good measure! Credit: @hairbycherryp

side view of a woman with her hair in a high pony tail with mini faux hawk
Rock a high ponytail with a mini faux hawk. Credit: Instagram.com/theconfessionsofahairstylist

15. High ponytail and mini faux hawk braid

This sweet look is pretty and achievable even if you’re not a 5-strand braid master!

Simply create a mini Dutch braid from your forehead to crown, pull out sections to create height, then sweep the rest of your locks up into a high ponytail. Ideal for everyday wear or even a night on the town – it’s all up to you! Credit: @theconfessionsofahairstylist


Tried the faux mohawk braid but not great at plaiting? Then perhaps the bubble pony tail trend is the one for you! Simple and stunning… it’s a must see!

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