How to Get a Concave Bob in 5 Easy Steps

You've got the cut, now here's how to style it for that fresh-out-salon look everyday.

If you’ve ever looked at someone with an immaculate concave bob with a sigh of envy, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The inherent chic factor – as well as perceived upkeep, therefore she must have awesome skills, no? – is why we’ll always have a soft spot for this neat, sophisticated short hairstyle.

No updos to the rescue here, ladies: ironically, this short ’do can sometimes be harder to maintain and style than longer hair because you’re basically stuck with dealing with it, bad hair day or not. So, if you’ve finally committed to the fabulous concave bob, the easiest way to rock it is to learn how to never have a bad hair day in the first place (yep, that’s possible!). So what are you waiting for? Read on for tips and tricks on the best way to style your super cute short cut, now!

concave bob tapered ends - image - all things hair
Ends that are layered downwards can help give your concave bob an inward curl.

1. Ask for slightly tapered ends

Like all good haircuts, it starts in the salon. Ask your stylist for a cut that’s ever so slightly stacked in the back and sides, with the ends tapering downward. These graduated ends will help your bob naturally turn under as it dries, which is half the battle right there! Keep it subtle though; anything longer than an inch in between layers can end up flipping out and looking choppy!

2. Choose a good volumising shampoo and conditioner

Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that can help add bounce and lift. This will help inject some volume into your concave bob, and prevent it from falling flat when dried. A volume-boosting wash and care system, such as the TRESemmé Collagen+ Fullness Shampoo and Conditioner, is the perfect tool for this, as it will leave your hair looking fuller and bouncier after every wash.

3. Use a blow-dry lotion that can help boost shine, too

Nothing makes a concave bob pop like a shape that’s perfectly moulded, with a healthy-looking shine to boot. After washing, dispense a 5p-sized amount of hair volumiser, like the TIGI Bed Head Motor Mouth Volumising Cream, between your palms before distributing evenly onto your hair. To style, use a round brush, and place it underneath your hair; blow-dry it in sections, first tugging outward, then pulling in a downward motion ’til you reach the ends.

concave bob black hair blunt bangs - image - all things hair
A showstopping shine can really help elevate the sleekness of a concave bob.

4. Set with a brushable hairspray

Your concave bob may look perfectly in place, but that doesn’t mean it has to look and feel hard or crunchy. To help keep the style in place all day without it looking stiff, finish it off with a creation hairspray, like the VO5 Sublime Sleek Creation Hairspray, which will make it everyday activity-proof, while also maintaining some movement and bounce.

5. Maintain freshness and volume with a dry shampoo

Keep your nicely rounded, concave bob from deflating mid way through the day by refreshing it with your favourite dry shampoo. We especially love the Toni&Guy Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo for its fresh-smelling formula which can also help boost volume from root to tip.

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