12 Flattering Concave Bob Haircuts You’ll Love

Trade your classic straight-cut bob for a concave bob this season.

A concave bob (also known as an A-line bob) is a short women’s hairstyle that’s shorter at the back than it is at the front. Bob hairstyles in general are extremely popular right now and the concave bob is a great look to try out. While the concave bob has a signature recognisable shape, there are multiple ways to pull off the style, including playing around with textures and colours and experimenting with different lengths.

Like all good haircuts, it starts in the salon. To achieve a concave bob, ask your stylist for a cut that’s ever so slightly stacked in the back and sides, with the ends tapering downward. These graduated ends will help your bob naturally turn under as it dries, which is half the battle right there! Keep it subtle though; anything longer than an inch in between layers can end up flipping out and looking choppy.

Considering a concave bob hairstyle but yet to find a cut you love? Say no more. Below, you’ll find some of our favourite looks that work well on women of all ages.

Classic Concave Bob

This mid-length bob has ever-so-slightly stacked layers at the nape of the neck, transitioning to a slightly longer length at the front. This helps to give the hair a fuller look, making it a great choice if your hair is on the finer side naturally.

Sharp A-line Bob

This sharp, angled bob is super striking and high-fashion inspired.

Concave Bob with a Fringe

Incorporating a fringe into this look couldn’t be easier and can really help to bring the whole look together through adding extra texture.


Editor’s tip: Keep your nicely rounded, concave bob from deflating mid way through the day by refreshing it with your favourite dry shampoo. We especially love the TRESemmé Day 2 Volumising Dry Shampoo for boosting flat roots between washes.

Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob isn’t necessarily for the faint-hearted but when done well it can look absolutely amazing. If you’re not ready to go for anything too dramatic, a more subtle version can still be just as impactful.

Bob with Icy Blue Highlights

Give your concave bob more of a unique touch by getting some coloured pieces (or even some face-framing highlights) added through your hair. This combination of dark brunette and icy metallic blue is *chef’s kiss*.

Long Layers

One advantage to keeping the front layers of your hair longer is that you’ll still be able to play around with different styles by adding curls and/or hair accessories.

Sunkissed Highlights

Looking for a way to transition your style into the new season? Give your concave bob a summery refresh with these golden bronde highlights.

Ash Blonde Stacked Bob

The ash blonde hair trend is still going strong and this silver blonde shade makes this short stacked bob look even more striking.


Side partings never fail to elevate a haircut and this is no exception. Did you know that changing up your parting is also a great way of giving extra volume to shorter cuts?

Angled Lob

Blurring the lines between a bob and mid-length hair, this polished look creates the illusion of a longer length while graduating into a shorter length at the back. This angled cut is also a great way to take some of the weight out of thick strands by removing bulk from the bottom of the hair.


Editor’s tip: Your concave bob may look perfectly in place, but that doesn’t mean it has to look and feel hard or crunchy. To help keep the style in place all day without it looking stiff, finish it off with a hairspray like the VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray which will make it everyday activity-proof, while also maintaining some movement and bounce.

Peach Concave Bob with an Undercut

This pretty-in-peach look is equal parts sweet and edgy! The statement undercut adds an extra element to this pastel-toned bob and can easily be hidden by the rest of the hair, so you won’t have to worry about growing out your undercut.

Textured Bob

Wavy bobs (of all lengths) are super on trend this season and a concave bob cut makes a perfect base for adding waves and curls to for an easy, everyday hairstyle.


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