7 looks that’ll convince you to give the inverted bob a go!

On the proverbial fence about getting an inverted bob haircut? Our gorgeous gallery of inverted bob hairstyles will help convince you otherwise...  

No doubt about it: the bob is back! It’s been seen on pretty much every Instagrammer worth their clout, many a celeb on the red carpet and of course, the catwalks.

However, not all bobs are created equal, and we’re here to tell you that the inverted bob haircut is quite possibly the crème de la crème

Not sure what it is? Well, inverted bob is all about lovely layering at the back and curved lines extending to the front.

But how long your hair graduation is at the front is entirely up to you! So, get scrolling and clicking to get instantly inspired and learn how to nail this haircut.

7  ways to pull off an inverted bob haircut


inverted bob volume boosting layers from Instagram
Make volume your BFF! Credit: Instagram.com/pinupstylist89

1. Add volume to your cut

The precise, graphic lines of an inverted bob haircut is what makes this look so appealing. But to make it into a ‘do that flatters your individual face shape and style, you need to work with your hair’s natural texture.

So, if you’ve got rather thick hair, then your cut will probably have enough body to hold the shape of the cut on its own.

However, if your hair is thin or fine, you can always try working through some VO5 Extra Body Mousse to the shorter layers before styling, to create extra volume and lift! Credit: @pinupstylist89

woman with blonde inverted bob hairstyle Instagram
Perfectly frame your face with an inverted bob haircut. Credit: Instagram.com/cabeloscurtosdivos

2. Accentuate your face shape with asymmetry

Since this haircut is ultra short and has a curved silhouette, it works as a great style to bring balance to long or square-shaped faces.

But even if your face is slightly rounder, you can easily give your cut an asymmetric twist, by choosing to style it with a deep side fringe – this will add a more angular element to your hair, and help lengthen to your face. Credit: @cabeloscurtosdivos

Blonde slightly wavy inverted bob
Will go short or keep it long? Credit: Instagram.com/marcomauad

3. Remember: it doesn’t have to be super short!

Bold, confident, and full of sass, the inverted bob is a stunning way to wear your hair but just remember to assess which length will best suit you.

If in doubt, talk to your hair stylist first because inverted bob hairstyles are more versatile than you think.

For those that don’t want to sacrifice their precious length, try keeping the length of your hair at the front and slowly graduating your tresses at back. Credit: @marcomauad

Woman with pink inverted bob hairstyle Instagram
Styling tools can help to really bring out the best in your ‘do! Credit: Instagram,com/vancut

4. Use the right styling tools

To really nail this haircut, you must know how to style it correctly! Blow-drying is essential in creating the smooth and polished finish that this cut calls for, and is of paramount importance if you have naturally wavy hair, to help you show off the sharp edges of the style.

Prep your hair using the VO5 Frizz Free Crème and blowdry using a round brush. And if you’re really struggling to get those under layers of hair to lie flat, use a pair of straighteners to smooth them out. Credit@vancut

woman with dyed short inverted bob instagram
Are you a colour chameleon? Inverted bob haircuts make a great base for daring colours. Credit: Instagram.com/charityhfipps

5. Be a colour chameleon

Another major reason to try out the chic inverted bob hairstyle? It’s also the perfect canvas for this season’s best hair colours!

So, whether you opt to ombre, blorange or balayage, the graduated shape of the bob provides a perfect platform for showing off your bold, new hair hue. Credit: @charityhfipps

Dark brown inverted bob with a dip dye bright blue streak
Keep your stacks stylish. Credit: Instagram.com/alyssa_michelle_hair_xo

6. Choose the stacks that work best for you

This short inverted bob is created with shorter stacks through your strands to give you that coveted, deeply graduated look. And as with any style, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ – so you need to choose the level of stacks you want in order to get a look that’ll suit your unique features.

We suggest keeping the stacks lower at the back if you want a softer, more subtle finish while opting for shorter stacks to allow you to spike up the back, for an edgier look!  Credit: @alyssa_michelle_hair_xo

Woman with tousled bob hair cut in black halter neck Instagram
This tousled off-duty look is easy to recreate with an inverted bob haircut. Credit: Instagram.com/wolflighthairstudio

7. Try tousled texture

Did we mention that the inverted bob haircut also looks fantastic when worked with tousled and textured waves?

Simply apply the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray onto dry hair and scrunch to create beach-inspired tresses. Credit: @wolflighthairstudio


Et voilà! Love the options that an inverted bob hairstyle can give you, but feel like going in a slightly different direction? Not to worry, all you have to do is spend some time on our Bob Hairstyles page, and let all the celebrity endorsed ‘dos inspire your next look!