42 Fringe Haircuts for Everyone’s Perfect Look

Bangs are back! In the UK, we call them ‘fringes’, and there are many styles that suit all tribes and tastes. According to Google, they are also one of the biggest hairstyles, with over 3.6k monthly searches in 2023.  

Typically, fringes fall just above or below the eyebrow, and there are many types of fringe haircuts to try. From classic side fringes to curtain bangs or even French girl ones, your options are endless — but the most important thing is to pick one that can work with your face shape and hair type

Here’s our edit of the best fringe hair ideas to try. Read on to get inspired and discover our guide to getting bangs, below.

Classic Fringe

woman with shoulder-length blonde hair and a classic cut fringe
Photo: Mohammad Sattar

This classic style is always on-trend and flattering for all face types.

Curtain Bangs

Woman with blonde medium-length textured hair and curtain bangs
Photo: @pollyvsayer

Curtain bangs parted down the middle give off effortless ’70s vibes, especially when teamed with some bedhead waves.

Wispy Fringe

woman with brunette hair, a short bob haircut and a wispy fringe
Photo: @gabie.godfrey

Do you have fine hair? Wispy bangs are destined for your hair type and perfect for fringe newbies. Give your mane an extra help with Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner for stronger and healthier strands.

Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo Front view

Piecey Bangs

woman with brunette hair and a piecey fringe
Photo: @truemehair

Want to give your thick hair a refresh? Try getting this choppy fringe haircut done! It’ll help you make the most out of your hair texture and garner you some serious compliments.

Straight Fringe

woman with a shoulder-length haircut and a straight, full fringe
Photo: @chicmoihair

If you live for sleek and glossy looks, this straight fringe style is all you need to refer to. For sleek and straight strands use the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Marula Oil Shampoo that gives long-lasting shine and smoothness.

tresemme keratin smooth shampoo front view

Short Hair With Side Fringe

woman with red hair in a bob haircut and a side fringe
Photo: @larissamanoela

Side bangs feature a side part (hence their name!) and are the most universally flattering fringe haircut you can covet. The good news? They suit all face types, hair lengths and textures, too.

Face-Framing Fringe

woman with long blonde hair and a face framing fringe
Photo: @riawna

Do you want bangs that will instantly add dimension to your face? Ask for a face-framing cut, like this one, and you’ll be all set.

Mullet Bangs

woman with brunette hair and a mullet haircut with a fringe
Photo: @salsalhair

The mullet is making a comeback! If you’re feeling brave, you can get one yourself and rock this textured, edgy bangs cut.

Dyed Bangs

asian woman with long brunette hair and blonde dyed bangs
Image: @hanakanazu

Dyed bangs are taking over the internet. Add some colour to your bangs and take your look to the next level. This e-girl-inspired hairstyle is great to set the scene for this modernised social media-inspired look.

Heavy Fringe

Woman wearing bold sunglasses with a medium length haircut and a heavy fringe smiling
Photo: @lucygabrielhair

It’s official, heavy fringes are back and this time, they’re not going anywhere. Classic full fringes can totally transform any cut and this street styler’s mahogany tips give the look a fresh update.

Fringe on Natural Hair

woman with natural curly hair and a fringe
Photo: Craig Alexander

If you thought that hairstyles with bangs were strictly reserved for those with straight hair, think again. Adding a fringe is a flattering way of adding more shape to your coils and taking away some of the weight.

For bouncy and healthy curls, we love SheaMoisture Coconut &Hibiscus Curl Enhancer Smoothie.

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Curly Fringe Hairstyle

woman with naturally curly hair in an updo with a fringe

If you’re wondering how to style a curly fringe, just take inspiration from this gorgeous, curly updo with bangs.

Peach Fringe

side view of a woman with a bod and peach coloured hair with a fringe
Photo: @aggynessscobie

Fringes look good on any hair colour but when there are hues as pretty as this, how could we resist?

Eyelash Skimming Fringe

woman with brunette hair in a bob hairstyle with a longer fringe
Photo: @veronica_nunez

If the fear of going too short is what’s putting you off, you can opt for longer, eyelash-skimming fringe styles that you’ll be able to pin back if you have a change of heart.

Blunt Cut Bangs

woman with long dark hair and a blunt cut fringe just above her brows
Photo: @veronica_nunez

Add a sharp straight-across fringe for an easy statement style for any hair length.

Rounded Fringe

woman with a shaggy long brunette haircut and a heavy rounded fringe
Photo: @rosiebriscoehair

Using a hairdryer and a round brush to style your bangs will make sure there’s no chance of your fringe ever looking flat.

’90s Tendrils

Woman with brunette hair in a high updo and 90s tendril fringe
Photo: @veronica_nunez

Ring ring! The 90s phoned and they’re bringing the tendrils back. This face-framing fringe is great for all face shapes and works with a range of hair types and textures. Why don’t you give it a try?

Full Fringe

Taylor Swift with mid-length wavy blonde hair with a full fringe
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

Taylor Swift’s signature soft, feathered fringe in a subtle side part with stunning side-swept waves looks absolutely fabulous.

Shaggy Fringe

Woman with medium length brunette hair and a shaggy fringe
Photo: @ninezeroone

With its gorgeously messy texture and casual full fringe, it’s no wonder the shag cut is having a resurgence.

French Bob With a Fringe

woman with short french bob and fringe
Photo: @hollygirldoeshair

Team a chic, cheek-length bob with a fringe to emulate this classic Parisian style. Of course, deciding to take the plunge and going for short hair and bangs like this French girl-inspired hairstyle is a brave move – but we’re confident that this bold, sophisticated and super stylish look will help inspire you.

Bombshell Bangs

Model Taylor Hill with long curly brunette hair with bangs
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

Floaty, stylish and wearable, the bombshell bangs are a classic, and this 70s style has made it straight into the noughties.

Tinkerbell Bangs

Selena Gomez with brunette hair in an updo with curly split bangs
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

Pair your top knot with face-framing side-swept bangs and you can easily go from day to night with this fairy-inspired look.

Baby Bangs

Woman with long hair in pink and brown with baby bangs
Photo: @zoedoesyourhair

Not feeling a longer fringe? Less can be more with a gorgeous cropped fringe cut just above your brow line. The micro fringe (AKA baby bangs) is seriously cool right now, offering an edgy take on the classic full fringe which screams confidence.

Long Fringe

Woman with long blonde hair and a long fringe
Photo: @fayenne.l

Balance out the look of a longer forehead with a long fringe and layers.

Audrey Hepburn Bangs

Gemma Arteton with brunette hair in an updo with split bangs
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

A true classic. Soften the look of an edgier short fringe by wearing it parted gently to one side.

Tapered Fringe

Dakota Johsnon with brunette wavy hair in a ponytail with long bangs
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

A tapered fringe is longer at the sides and shorter in the middle, perfect for heart-shaped faces.

Fringe for Fine Hair

The centre part never looked so good!
Photo: indigitalimages.com

Love the idea of a dramatic full fringe, but don’t want the feeling of having most of your face covered all the time? Adding a small twist, like a centre parting, can tone down the harshness of some fringes while bringing a touch of sweetness and femininity to your style.

Long Hair With Fringe

long layered haircut on brown hair with bangs
Photo: indigitalimages.com

Typically characterised by a strong and wide jaw, those with square face shapes can draw upon the power of bangs hairstyles to softly counteract their powerful features.

Short Hair and Long Fringe

Nicole Ritchie sporting a showrt blonde bob and long fringe
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

A fringe can make a great addition to short hair and is a way to help you (and your stylist) give you a refreshed look that screams sassy and sexy at the same time.

Medium-Length Hair With Fringe

woman on the runway with a long fringe hairstyle wearing a pastel pink outfit
Photo: indigtalimage.com
TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray Front

Editor’s tip: Control your fringe but still retain some flex with the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray. It’ll give you a brushable finish, as well as ensure that your fringe is looking smooth and frizz-free all day long!

Black Hair With Fringe

Alexandra Burke with a brow grazing fringe and a high bun
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

For a low-maintenance way to work hairstyles with bangs, we suggest opting for a length that is just below the brow and asking your stylist to feather in the centre section so that it feels light above your eyes.

Blonde Hair With Fringe

model with platinum blonde hair cut into a short shag haircut and blunt bangs, wearing dark red lipstick
Photo: indigitalimages.com

Short hairstyles can look just as good with fringe hair, and this pixie cut – complete with a full blunt fringe – just proves it!

Short Hair With Fringe

blonde short haircut with fringe
Photo: @veronica_nunez

The trick to nailing a fringe when you have a round face is to opt for a daring, graphic look. This fringe haircut works especially well for thick hair, as it will appear less wispy and more structured.

Shoulder-Length Hair With Side Fringe

a close up look of an asian woman with medium straight black hair
Photo: indigitalimages.com

To get a lovely, soft finish to your hair, bangs can be swept to the side for a sultry, yet pretty way to rock the look! This is an elegant and flirty way to experiment with fringes and, if kept long enough, can even clip it back when you want to.

Side Fringe Hair

Reese Witherspoon with side fringe wearing yellow strapless dress
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

Psst: A side-swept fringe works amazingly well for all hair lengths, whether you have ultra-lengthy locks, medium tresses or even a cropped pixie!

Long Layered Hair With Fringe

woman with a long layered hairstyle and fringe
Photo: indigitalimages.com

This fringe hair look is often much easier to maintain than a full, blunt fringe, as it doesn’t need to be super smooth or sleek to look great!

Full Fringe With Long Hair

Lea Michele with full fringe wearing purple glittery dress
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

If you’re blessed with an oval face, you can feel safe knowing that every fringe type will not only freshen your style but will also flatter your face! But why not try opting for a fringe like Lea Michele? Because it hangs just below the brow, you can wear it straight with a middle parting, or swept to the side whenever the mood takes you!

Romantic Side Fringe

actress shailene woodley with soft brunette swoop bangs in an updo
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

Looking to grow out your fringe or not sure if you’re ready for bangs? A feathery, swooping, side fringe is a natural way to transition or to experiment idea of a fringe.

Wavy Hair With Fringe

singer camila cabello with long dark brunette hair and grown out bangs
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

Whether it’s a new fringe you’re after or you’re battling hair boredom, this long fringe look is sure to shake things up for your style!

Hair Up With Fringe

Micro fringe: Imogen Poots with wavy dirty blonde hair and micro fringe styles in a messy bun smiling.
Photo: Rex by Shutterstock

Messy textures are great for giving off some serious cool girl vibes. It works so well with a cute micro fringe and face-framing tendrils.

Natural Hair With Bangs

blonde natural haired woman with a full fringe wearing a denim jacket and striped tshirt
Photo: @laurissawillems

Don’t be fooled into thinking that natural and curly-haired girls can’t rock bangs. Just remember to get a curly hair specialist to cut your hair into a fringe!

Fake Bangs

a girl with faux bangs hair smiling outside
Photo: Verity Jane Smith

Loving these fringe ideas? Still not sure if you’re willing to part with your hair? Bangs needn’t be scary because you can simply fake it ’til you make it with this easy, faux fringe.

Just create a high ponytail and flip your hair forward to create the illusion of a fringe. Then tie a bandana or scarf to finish off the look.

‘Can I Pull off Bangs?’ and Other Frequently Asked Questions

To fringe or not to fringe… that is the question! Over time, we’ve all faced many a fringe-hair dilemma; wondering what fringe hairstyle to try and whether or not it will suit us.

Can I Pull Off Bangs?

Of course! The great thing about fringes and bangs is that there are just so many different styles available that almost anyone can pull off bangs.

What Kind of Bangs Should I Get?

Blunt fringes look great with heart-shaped faces, while oval faces can pretty much wear any style of fringe cut (lucky!).

Micro fringes work well with glasses but if you have a fuller face shape you might want to consider a soft wispy fringe or side fringe hairstyle.

How Do You Manage Fringe Hair?

Managing a fringe doesn’t have to be difficult. As they’re constantly touching our faces, fringes tend to get greasy more quickly, so washing just your fringe will help with this.

Use dry shampoo to refresh your hair in between washes and keep grease at bay.  And finally, blow dry your fringe to give it body and fullness and try using rollers to fight a flat fringe!

How Do You Know If a Fringe Would Suit You?

Try a fake fringe before you take the plunge and cut your hair! It’s a great way to figure out if you’re ready to cut your hair without actually cutting it.


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