These 13 celebrities prove that blunt bangs can suit anyone (so, what are you waiting for?)

Check out our list of all the celebs who've rocked blunt bang hairstyles and get inspired!

If you’ve ever doubted the impact blunt bangs can have on your look, just check out all the iconic women who’ve worn one – it might change everything. Whether they stop at your brows or just above, blunt cut bangs are – without a doubt – a commitment and fashion-forward statement, not made for the faint of heart.

So if you’re considering getting this bold cut or just want to admire it from the sidelines, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 13 inspiring celebrities who’ve taken the plunge and rocked blunt fringes brilliantly.

13 celebrities who will show you that blunt bangs work for everyone

close up shot of constance wu on the red carpet with blunt cut bangs, wearing glittery dress on the oscars red carpet
The best way to soften up sharp bangs? By playing around with curls, ofc. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

1. Constance Wu’s blunt bangs

Constance Wu knows how to get the ATH team talking! Here, she’s paired glamorous Hollywood curls with piecey blunt bangs, making for an edgy and feminine look.

So, if you’re worried that blunt cut bangs will look too harsh on you, you can easily balance them out with some gorgeous curls.

close up shot of jackie cruz with thick bangs and pixie haircut, wearing all white and red lipstick
These thick bangs look amazing with a pixie haircut, don’t you think? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2. Jackie Cruz’s thick bangs + long pixie cut

Naysayers might tell you that blunt bangs and pixie cuts don’t work well together, but Jackie Cruz is here to melt your doubts away.

With her lush thick bangs, her otherwise simple pixie hairstyle is easily taken to runway-worthy heights.

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close up shot of bella hadid with
First, it was Michelle Pfeiffer, now it’s Bella Hadid. Will you be the next one to try these bangs? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Bella Hadid Scarface bangs

Following in the footsteps of Elvira Hancock, Bella Hadid slayed the CFDA Fashion Awards with a new addition to her brunette lob. Yep, you guessed it: she got Scarface-inspired blunt cut bangs (with curled ends and all).

The femme-fatale vibes we get from this high-impact ‘do is bound to make you feel like a serious #girlboss. So, what are you waiting for?

Editor’s tip: If you want to make your new haircut to dazzle, you’ll need to get your hands on the TONI&GUY Finishing Shine Spray. This will give your mane the glow it craves, all while controlling frizz.

close up shot of taylor swift short bob with blunt bangs, wearing black dress with gold necklace on the red carpet
Taylor Swift or Anna Wintour, you decide! Credit: Getty Images

4. Taylor Swift’s high-fashion bangs

All eyes were on Taylor Swift at this red carpet event, not just because of her daring outfit, but also because of her sleek, precision-cut bob with blunt thick bangs.

We love this fresh take on Anna Wintour’s stylish hairstyle as it makes Taylor’s already-chiselled cheekbones appear even more sculpted.

close up shot of paloma faith with messy blonde hair and feathery blunt bangs, wearing blue and purple dress on the red carpet
Anyone else getting ’70s vibes? Credit: Getty Images

5. Paloma Faith’s ’70s blunt bangs

Singer Paloma Faith revealed a ’70s-inspired Jane Birkin blunt bangs at the ELLE Style Awards. Known for her eccentric sense of style, The Voice UK coach kept her new look low-key, letting her outfit steal the show.

Editor’s tip: Textured types of blunt bangs, like this one, require a texturising spray to give it that beautifully nonchalant vibe. So, we suggest you give the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray a go.

Not only is this fringe-saver (it’s great for reviving greasy bangs), it can help produce with bedhead looks and help with long-lasting styling, since it provides your mane with grip.

close up shot of British model Naomi Campbell with blunt bang hairstyle, with long black hair, wearing silver dress and earrings
Even the queen of the runway approves! Credit: Getty Images

6. Naomi Campbell sleek blunt cut bangs

British supermodel Naomi Campbell often rocks a sultry, eye-grazing fringe and we think we know why. The look draws attention to her amazing eyes and bone structure, ofc! We particularly love it when she pairs her blunt, full fringe with glossy, poker-straight hair.

Could shine spray be the secret behind Naomi’s shimmering mane? We think so!

close up shot of amber le bon with pink hair and blunt feathery bangs, wearing floral dress and posing backstage
Rose gold hair + blunt bangs = hair goals. Credit: Getty Images

7. Amber Le Bon’s rose gold thick bangs

British model Amber Le Bon showcased a playful new look on Instagram. Not only did she swap her natural hair colour for a trendy and romantic, rose gold hue, but she also paired it with a full, eye-skimming fringe. Ooh la la!

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close up shot of ciara with wispy blunt bangs and long bob hairstyle, wearing green top and posing on red carpet
Ooh la la Ciara! Credit: Getty Images

8. Ciara’s Pulp Fiction bangs

Popstar Ciara decided to rock a bob for New York Fashion Week — and by adding a fresh, blunt fringe, she definitely made it a statement-making hairstyle with serious Pulp Fiction vibes.

close up shot of kelly osbourne with purple hair with blunt bangs, wearing all black on the red carpet
Purple rain, purple rain! Credit: Getty Images

9. Kelly Osbourne’s s pastel thick bangs

Kelly Osbourne has swapped her off-kilter mohawk for a much sleeker, chicer look — although with her lavender colour still very much intact.

She topped off this daring look with a peachy lipstick, a dramatic cat-eye flick and a bold, blunt fringe that perfectly encapsulates modern-day Cleopatra.

Editor’s tip: Straight blunt bangs, whether natural or the result of heated styling, take serious work to achieve. So, make sure you’ve got a heat protecting primer spray, like the TRESemmé Biotin + Repair 7 Primer Spray, in your beauty arsenal.

close up shot of christina ricci with blunt bang hairstyle that has wispy ends, wearing statement earrings and black sheer top on the red carpet
We love the little wisps in her bangs! Credit: Getty Images

10. Christina Ricci’s blunt cut bangs with wisps

Christina Ricci isn’t new to the blunt bangs game and has, in fact, made it one of her trademark styles. So it’s no surprise that this sleek full fringe, complete with delicate wisps suits her perfectly.

close up shot of nicki minaj with platinum blonde hair and blunt bangs hair, wearing gold necklace and balck dress on the red carpet
Nicki Minaj is giving off serious Cleopatra vibes. Credit: Getty Images

11. Nicki Minaj long hair with blunt bangs

Nicki Minaj also channelled serious Cleopatra vibes with her thick bangs and long blonde mane, topping the look off with her signature black eyeliner and nude-ish, gold lipstick.

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close up shot of rooney mara with blunt bangs and bun hairstyle, wearing red lipstick and white dress on the red carpet
Now that’s what we call sharp! Credit: Getty Images

12. Rooney Mara’s blunt micro fringe

Rooney Mara’s razor-sharp, blunt micro fringe is a daring yet beautiful statement full of contrasts. This edgy and compact look opens up her face, letting her chiselled features shine through.

We just love how she styles it with a sleek bun and tops it off with an oxblood lipstick. Would you dare?

close up shot of Krysten Ritter with bettie page-inspired fringe hairstyle, wearing blue and black dress and posing on the red carpet
Bettie Page, is that you? Credit: Getty Images

13. Krysten Ritter’s retro fringe

Krysten Ritter’s shorter blunt cut bangs are a wearable take on the famous Bettie Page look. This retro cut brings out her eyes and complements her pale skin perfectly – don’t you think?



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