How to use hair rollers to get bombshell curls: A step-by-step guide

Want to know how to use hair rollers? Keep reading to see the 8 steps that'll help you achieve curls fit for the runway!  
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With gorgeous, bombshell curls ruling the runways and red carpets, it’s only natural that you want to get in on the action. But when you don’t have a stylist to hand, achieving the curly look of your dreams might seem impossible. News flash: you only need to learn how to use hair rollers to get big, bouncy curls, instead!

Yet while you may write off hair rollers as being ‘old’, these classic styling tools are actually the secret behind a lot of star-worthy curly hairstyles! And guess what? We’re going to show you how to get bombshell curls with hair rollers in 8 easy steps. Just watch our in-depth tutorial above or follow the guide below. And, if you prefer heated ones, we’ll also give you tips on how to use hot rollers on long hair and short hair!

How to use hair rollers in 8 easy-peasy steps


Prep hair.

Before reaching for your hair rollers, it’s important that you prep your hair with the right products. So start by applying a setting lotion to your dry locks, or, for a more modern version, try the VO5 Blow Drying Lotion.

This nifty lotion will help give you volume, thickness, and calm frizz and flyaways – plus, it helps protect against damage caused by heated appliances. Bonus!


Blow dry your hair.

Once you’ve prepped your hair, it’s time to blow-dry your mane with a hair dryer and brush.


Section hair.

Now for the fun part: rolling up your hair! Separate your locks into manageable sections and roll each one around a roller away from your face, starting from the ends. Doing so will give major, Marilyn Monroe volume – and who wouldn’t want to look a little like her?

Editor’s tip: Now, if you want to learn how to use hair rollers on short hair, all you need do is work with medium-sized rollers. Not sure how many to use? Well if you have lob to bob length hair, 5 hair rollers should do you well!


Set your curls.

In order to limit damage to your delicate tresses, we recommend going heat-free when setting your curls. But if you’re pushed for time, or aren’t keen on the idea of sleeping with your rollers in, blasting your rolls with a hair dryer can help to lock your curls place quickly.

Editor’s tip: Eager to know how to use hair roller on long hair, but don’t have time let your lengthy locks dry? Then you need the help of our hot rollers tutorial, here, which will help you get the curls of your dreams!


Remove your rollers.

Once you’re confident that your curls are set in place, remove your rollers one by one. Note that you should be gentle when completing this process and to avoid tugging your hair too much, else you may ruin the shape of the curls.


Finger comb your hair.

If you’ve followed these simple steps, you should now be left with beautiful, bouncy curls! However, if you’ve left your hair rollers in overnight, you may find your curls tighter than desired. To loosen them up, run your fingers through your hair from roots to ends and shake ’em out.


Spray hairspray.

Finish off the look by spray your tresses with the VO5 Volume Creation Hairspray. This hairspray is lightweight with ultra brushable technology and will help lift your hair from the roots while giving you a workable hold all day.


Final look

There you go, now you know how to use hair rollers like a pro! Whether you wear the look as is or dressed up with a hair accessory — and sometimes doused with glitter at the roots — you’ll have an easy, bombshell hairdo that’s ready for any occasion. You can’t argue with that, can you?


Now that you’ve mastered how to use hair rollers, you might find yourself eager to try out other styles! If so, skip on over to our Curly Hairstyles page, where you can find other gorgeous hairstyles to master.