Easy hairstyles for short hair blow drying with a round brush

The round brush guide: Everything you need to know

Get to grips with the ultimate styling tool.

We know it sounds basic, but do you know how to use a round brush the right way? Truth is, most of us could do with a reevaluation of our brushing technique. So ahead, we’ve put together an essential guide to help you get the most out of your round brush and perfect your hair styling game. You’re welcome.

The round brush: Your ultimate guide


What is a round brush?

Ok, we know that most people know what a round brush is, but just to clarify: it’s a cylindrical hair brush with bristles all the way around. Its round shape means it’s perfect for doing a continuous motion, making it the ideal partner for hair styling.

But why should I use one?

As we mentioned before, a round brush is the dream styling tool, especially when it comes to blow-drying. Unlike other brushes, it can help create volume, bounce and body while you dry your hair, not to mention it can also give shape and discourages frizz (yay!). The rounded barrel of the brush and the vents mean that air from your hairdryer can easily circulate through your brush and on to your tresses. Smart, right?

Close-up of a drying brown hair with hair dryer and round brush.
What’s the right way to use a round brush?

So, what’s the right way to use a round brush?

Before you set about drying your hair, we suggest using a multifunctional styling spray. The VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Styling Spray (£3.99*) contains a heat-activated complex, which helps to guard your tresses from heat of up to 230°C. It also leaves your hair feeling super smooth, with a boosted shine. Now that’s what we call a hard-working product.

Gently work a wide-tooth comb or use your fingers to rake through your hair. Once it’s tangle-free, take a small section of hair near the nape of your neck (roughly 1-2 inches) and use a section clip to keep the rest out of the way.

Grab your hairdryer with the nozzle attachment (so that you direct the air on to your hair, rather than just blowing it around) and your round brush. Set your hairdryer on a medium setting and take your round brush in one hand and your hairdryer in the other. Place your round brush underneath the first section of hair and lift it from the roots, twisting downwards. Follow the movement of your brush with your hair dryer as this will help smooth your open cuticles and remove excess moisture. Do this until the section of hair is completely dry, repeating the process until you’ve dried all of your hair – and you’re done!

And finally, what brush should I get?

Well, natural boar bristles are super gentle on your hair, plus they can also help to distribute sebum evenly down the hair shaft. In terms of the material of the barrel? Most are suitable, but we recommend staying away from metal, because heated metal will easily fry your delicate tresses!

Have we peaked your interest brushes yet? Why not find out what type of hair brush is best for your hair?

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