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Qué es la porosidad del cabello y cómo regularla

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Hair porosity refers to the ability of the strands to absorb moisture. Normally, it has to do with wavy, curly or frizzy hair and depends on your hair structure. That is, the degree of the cuticle and how it absorbs and retains moisture in the strands. There are three levels of porosity: low, medium and high. As you can tell, at the lowest level, hair does not absorb or retain moisture. At the medium level, the hair is not at high or low risk and the highest level is the best for the hair. Read on to learn in detail about porosity and which are the best products.

Diferentes grados de porosidad del cabello

What is hair porosity

porosidad del cabello mojado
The glass of water test is the best way to know your degree of porosity.

If you don’t know what your porosity level is, do a simple test. Submerge a section of freshly washed and dried hair in a glass of water. If the strand is split, your hair has a high level of porosity. On the other hand, if it stays in the middle of the glass, it has a normal level of porosity. Finally, if it stays on the surface, it has a low level or a low absorption capacity.

Low level of hair porosity: Use alkaline products

porosidad del cabello con vapor
If you have low porosity, opt for steam treatments to open the cuticle.

Mencionamos anteriormente que cuando hay un nivel bajo de porosidad el cabello no absorbe humectación. Es decir, no absorbe agua ni productos y por lo tanto las hebras lucen muy resecas y opacas. Esto se debe a que la cutícula capilar es apretada y no deja que entre el agua.

El resultado es un pelo que flota en la superficie y que no se unde. La mejor manera de solucionar este problema es usar productos alcalinos, es decir, con el pH alto. Entre menos acidez, más alcalinidad y la cutícula capilar se abrirá para absorber humectación. También opta por usar vapor para abrir la cutícula antes de aplicar los productos. Siempre aplica los productos de cuidado y estilo sobre las hebras mojadas.

Nivel Normal y alto de porosidad: Usa productos cremosos

porosidad del cabello rizos apretados
La porosidad tiene que ver con la absorción de agua por el cabello.

As their names indicate, at these two levels, the hair absorbs moisture and retains it for the long term. In these hair structures, the cuticle is loose and ready to absorb moisture.

It should be noted that the degree of porosity of your hair can change from normal or high to low in an instant. Of course it has to do with the abuse of hot tools and chemical treatments.

That is why you must maintain a healthy care routine so as not to change the texture of your hair. On the other hand, it is important to apply creamy, oily and concentrated products such as masks and oils. These types of products help keep the strands hydrated and shiny for longer.

What degree of hair porosity do you have?