El corte mohicano para hombre está en demanda

Porque tú eres un guerrero.

There are styles that, although they do not reach the peak of popularity, never lose their validity, and one of those is the Mohawk cut.

The reason is obvious, because the mohawk is an acquired taste, that is, it is not a hairstyle for everyone.

The cut consists of a shaved hair with the exception of the central part in order to create the characteristic crest of the style.

The indigenous hairstyle of the same name has always been a symbol of masculinity .

Showbiz has always enjoyed a fascination for style, and for good reason.

The favorite hairstyle of actors and models is in demand this season.

Read on to find the two versions of the cut all young people want to wear, especially this football season.

short mohawk

Faded mohawk cut

Not every Mohawk cut has to have a super tall crest and here’s the proof.

After the cut keeps the principles of long hair on top and shaved on the sides, it is a Mohawk.

Our model wears the hairstyle most requested by professional soccer players since they can wear medium short and long hair at the same time.

Depending on your taste, you can tell the barber how short you want the crest.

You can also choose to completely shave the sides or leave some hair as seen.

To style this style, you can use a gel or putty.

We recommend the latter product as it offers a bit more control.

Putty to style your weathered Mohawk haircut

The star product to style both styles of Mohicans, both short and tall, is a putty.

We recommend using a product that offers enough hold so that you can give your hair texture.

Without a doubt, we consider Ax Spiked-Up Look: Styling Putty to be the ideal product.

In addition to offering a very strong fix, this product resists high degrees of humidity.

This factor is important, especially if you like to style a high ridge with a spiky effect.

This putty allows you to manipulate the hair in different ways.

Another benefit of this putty is that it fixes the hair, but without leaving it oily.

The finish of this putty is a semi-matte, that is, it highlights the natural shine of your hair.

colored mohawk cut

Modern colorful Mohican

For gentlemen who like to turn heads with styles «outside the box» the colorful Mohawk cut is perfect.

As you can see, this hairstyle mixes two fashion trends; bleached hair and mohawk.

The beauty of this cut is that it can be done on both straight and frizzy hair of our model.

Like the previous style, you will use the putty to style it.

Your stylist will most likely apply some developer or bleach to lift your natural pigment.

The colored dye can be a temporary or semi-permanent depending on how long you want to wear it.

You will probably notice a change in the texture of your hair from the chemical, and it will surely feel rough.

Don’t worry, this is normal and all you have to do is apply a nourishing oil .

Enjoy your new cut, and be prepared to answer quite a few questions.

Would you like to try this Mohawk cut?

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