Damaged ends

6 Trucos súper efectivos para reparar tus puntas dañadas

Cabello lindo de raíz a puntas.

You see those damaged ends and you don’t know what to do. The problem with dry ends is that it goes beyond the ends as it means that part of your hair is unhealthy. To solve this headache you must visit the hairdresser to cut them and make some changes in the care regimen. If you don’t know what, keep reading because here we have effective solutions to nourish and repair damaged hair.

Damaged ends: How to revive your hair

damaged ends long hair
Say goodbye to dry ends.

1. Use a system for brittle ends.

Using a shampoo and conditioner designed to repair damaged ends is essential. We like Suave Professionals Split End Rescue Shampoo and Suave Professionals Split End Rescue Conditioner . Enriched with PEC complex, this system works to reduce up to 70% of brittle ends.

2. Get regular cuts.

The best way to get rid of damaged ends is by doing regular trims. This does not mean a dramatic haircut, but simply an inch (or more) depending on the damage. In general, opt to visit your salon every six to eight weeks. By cutting the ends of your hair, you will avoid further breaking the follicles. Trust us, this simple technique will help you in the long run.

3. Minimiza el uso de las herramientas calientes.

Ya sean los secadores, las planchas, los rizadores o los rulos calientes les causan daños a las puntas de tu cabello, especialmente si se utilizan a diario. Es importante darle a tu pelo un descanso de vez en cuando para que el cabello y el cuero cabelludo intenten repararse. Si tienes que utilizarlas, cerciórate de proteger tu pelo con un protector térmico como TRESemmé Get Sleek Heat Protection Spray.

4. Aplica mascarillas.

Amamos las mascarillas para el cabello y siempre hacen parte de nuestro régimen de cuidado. Normalmente cremosas en textura, las mascarillas reparan las puntas secas y dañadas mientras sellan hidratación en el pelo. Prueba Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Deep Treatment Mask, cuya fórmulas dejan tu cabello 10 veces más resiliente.

5. Use a leave-in conditioner.

Dry, damaged hair generally needs more moisture. One easy thing you can do is use some leave-in conditioner. Daily use of this product can help you repair any damage as it leaves your hair soft.

6. Comb your hair before washing it.

Surely you only brush your hair after washing it, however if you have damaged ends, do it before. Hair is generally weakest when wet and combing it beforehand will help prevent further damage. Let it dry a bit in the open air and then comb. Don’t worry, you won’t have so many knots or tangles.

How do you repair your damaged tips?

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