Corte mohicano: 15 formas de llevar el ‘look’ más rebelde

El corte mohicano, rebelde y osado por naturaleza, sigue vigente. Aquí te damos tres opciones para hacerlo parte de tu 'look'.

If we made a list of the most risky men’s haircuts, the Mohawk would definitely be in the first places.

Celebrities such as Travis Barker, Adam Levine, David Beckham and a long list of footballers , have adapted this style to their hair and personalities, setting a trend among men around the world.

Here are some ways to wear the Mohawk haircut today.

This style became common in young punk subcultures in the early 1980s and was then adopted by many other groups, becoming a more diverse style. Its name comes from the Mohicans indigenous people, native to the current territory of the United States that was exterminated by the English in the colonial wars. Today, the Mohicans are still associated with the punk and rock subculture, but due to the commercialization of these subcultures it has become part of a more conventional fashion.

The mohawk or mohawk cut consists of shaving both sides of the head, leaving a strip of hair – as long as you like – right in the center, which usually extends from the forehead to the nape of the neck. By its nature it is ideal for all types of faces, especially round or square .

Mohican and beard

Sheamus with high reddish Mohawk cut and bushy beard
Imitate Sheamus and add a beard to your ‘look’ to create a unique contrast. Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Shutterstock.

The juxtaposition of a bushy beard with a tall crest makes this wide, long mohawk even bolder than usual.

Long mohican

Travis Barker with spiky Mohawk haircut and head tattoos
Travis Baker sports a rebellious Mohican that matches his ‘punk’ style. Credit: Peter Brooker / Shutterstock.

When it comes to a mohawk, there’s always room for a big, edgy look. Set your hairstyle with eGo Wet for men wax , which achieves a firm, shiny and long-lasting finish.

Medium Mohawk Haircut

John Cameron Mitchell with blonde spikey Mohawk undercut
Mohicans can also be more subtle. In the picture, John Cameron Mitchell. Credit: Marion Curtis / Starpix / Shutterstock.

A tapered mohawk can also work well for faded styles with a slightly longer back and sides.

Modern mohican court

Sean Paul with short Mohawk haircut and black hair
Refresh your look with a short crest that highlights your features. In the picture, Sean Paul. Credit: Amanda Schwab / Starpix / Shutterstock.

A short mohawk is a great way to soften and modernize the look of a mohawk . Although its look remains rebellious and exciting, its intensity is reduced to make the style easier to wear.

Faded Mohawk Haircut

mohawk court
David Beckham wears a faded Mohawk haircut. Credit: Sipa USA / Shutterstock.

Not every Mohican cut should have a high crest and the one worn by David Bekcham is proof of that. As long as the cut keeps the principles of long hair in the center and short on the sides, it is a Mohawk.

Beckham sports the most requested hairstyle by professional footballers, as they can sport short and long hair at the same time. Depending on your taste and how you plan to style it, you can tell the barber how short you want the crest.

You can also choose to completely shave the sides or order them faded, as in this case. To get a hairstyle like that of the British footballer, you can use eGo Matte for men wax , which will give your look a firm, matte finish that will stay flawless for hours.

Mohican punk

Travis Baker with Mohawk cut
Travis Barker’s Mohican is one of the most famous today. Credit: Matt Baron / BEI / Shutterstock.

Musician Travis Barker has made the Mohican an essential part of his look . He wears a more or less long crest and completely shaved sides.

To achieve a hairstyle like Barker’s, we recommend using a product that offers extreme hold, in order to give the hair texture. For example, Ax Adrenaline wax will keep your creation firm for up to 24 hours.

Crest Haircut with Lines

Theo Rossi with a short mohawk and buzz cut
The ‘mohawk’ style can go as short as you like. Take Theo Rossi for reference. Credit: Unimedia / Shutterstock.

With the sides cut to the skin, even the shortest Mohicans can have a huge impact. For example, this buzzcut style that immediately catches the eye.

Gradient Mohawk Haircut

Darryn Lyons with long pink Mohawk cut decorated with feathers
A few frets in the hair are the perfect combination to show off your ‘mohawk’ with style. In the picture, Darryn Lyons. Credit: David Fisher / Shutterstock.

The Mohawk cut admits the mixture of styles. For example, the pink crest, of the same and combed upwards, together with some star-shaped frets on both sides. It is certainly a unique combination.

Side mohicans

Mario Balotelli with a spiky mohawk and reddish hair
Create a unique contrast with a ‘punk’ inspired mane! In the picture, Mario Balotelli. Credit: Matt Baron / Shutterstock.

This tall and wide mohawk creates a strong contrast without resorting to shaved sides. Style your hair with Ax Ice Chill Wax for a long-lasting, natural look .

Short mohican

Mark Herzlich with a short mohawk cut and curly bushy beard
Short ridges are practical and easy to style. In the picture, Mark Herzlich Credit: Andrew H Walker / Shutterstock.

El corte mohicano resulta muy práctico y cómodo, sobre todo si se lleva en su mínima expresión: rapado y con una cresta de corta extensión. Solo recuerda que si llevas este look deberás darle gran mantenimiento para conservar su estructura.

Mohicano en cabello chino

Cole Whittle with curly high mohawk
Los chinos crean un contraste único entre más alto los peines. En la imagen, Cole Whittle. Crédito: Shutterstock.

Luce tus rizos con un corte mohicano. Este estilo te permitirá crear un contraste interesante entre el rapado y tu cresta.

Peinado mohawk

Nick Cannon in a purple braided mohawk
Nick Cannon luce una trenza mohicana que solo simula este corte. Crédito: Callahan/Ace/Shutterstock

The Mohawk cut can also be simulated. To achieve this you need to make braids glued to the sides and hide the ends. You can also wear this style with a high ponytail or a man bun .

Ridge cut

Radja Nainggolan with blonde mohawk cut
This cut is practical for footballers like Radja Nainggolan. Credit: Kieran Mcmanus / BPI / Shutterstock.

For those always on the go, a classic, short Mohawk is a great option. This cut is much cleaner and sharper, which keeps your face clear.

Punk haircut

Adam Levine with flush mohawk
Adam Levine is always setting new trends. Credit:

Adam Levine has never been afraid to experiment with his look , and he often makes very wise decisions that have made him a style icon.

One of his most copied cuts has been the flush mohawk , for which he left only a thin line of short hair down the center of the head, shaving both sides. The abundant beard and mustache create a very interesting and masculine contrast.

False Mohican

Romeo Toasted with a mohawk of black feathers
Romeo Tostado added feathers to his ‘look’ to make it even more original. Credit: Startraks / Shutterstock.

You do not have to shave to wear a Mohawk. Romeo Tostado shows us that this rebellious style can be worn in different ways, as long as you have the confidence to do so.

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