Radiante cabello rojo violeta para blancas y morenas

Róbate todas las miradas.

There are women who like to experiment with the colors of the moment and red-violet hair is the boom of the season.

The beauty of this color is that it favors white, brunette and brown skin.

It consists of a red dye with bluish undertones to create a deep purple color .

Also known as red wine hair dye, this striking color elevates your look to another level.

Todo sobre el cabello rojo violeta

Washing system to keep your hair vibrant red violet

Before we go into detail about dye, we need to talk about the system you need to preserve it.

Believe it or not, there are women who do not use a special washing system for colored hair.

We recommend using a moisturizer like S Factor by TIGI True Lasting Color Shampoo and S Factor by TIGI True Lasting Color Conditioner .

Formulated with nourishing coconut and almond oils, this system moisturizes the root and hair fiber.

This point is very important, because dyed hair goes through a very strong chemical process.

Therefore, all the protein that was extracted when applying bleach and dye must be returned to it.

Depending on the darkness of your hair, the colorist will need to apply a developer or bleach.

This chemical process is necessary to lift the pigmentation and thus absorb the new dye.

In addition to what has been mentioned, this system gives shine and illumination to red-violet hair.

red violet low waves hair
This color gives light to the face.

Detalles del cabello rojo violeta

El primer paso para lograr esta tintura espectacular es visitar un salón especializado en tinturas de moda.

Desafortunadamente, no todos los salones de belleza están al día de las tendencias de color.

Como mencionamos anteriormente, este tinte hace parte de la gama del color rojo con un poquito de azul.

The goal is to create a tincture that changes its intensity when it comes into contact with natural light.

If you have black hair, the colorist will apply a layer of bleach to finish off the model’s color.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a chestnut tint instead of this reddish violet.

Finally, the professional will apply a layer of gloss to seal the dye and shine in the strands.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, you will need to touch up the roots for three to five weeks.

Would you like to dye your hair violet red?