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Qué es la henna para el pelo y cómo funciona

Una alternativa natural y colorida

Henna for hair is a natural color alternative and is at the height of popularity.

In other words, the demand for natural and vegan products continues in its splendor, including for dyeing hair.

Henna is a hot-weather plant, the leaves of which are powdered and turned into a reddish mastic .

Said putty is perfect for dyeing the skin, hair and has been used for centuries in certain cultures.

If you want to try the red dye range without mistreating your hair, henna is the best alternative.

Keep reading so that you know all the details of the natural dye.

Cómo funciona la henna para el pelo

henna for hair painting hair
Today more salons are offering henna for hair coloring.

First of all, we must mention that henna works best on fine hair.

It’s good for all hair textures, but on fine strands, the color sets deep.

The result is vibrant color that lasts longer than thick strands.

Henna is a gentle color alternative to traditional dyes.

It is delicate on the locks, because it conditions, strengthens and deposits color without changing the composition of the hair follicles.

Henna is free of chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide, which are present in box and professional dyes.

Estos dos químicos tienden a abrir la cutícula del cabello para así eliminar el color natural del mismo y reemplazarlo por otro.

La henna logra el mismo objetivo, pero de una manera sutil y sin afectar la cutícula capilar.

Cuáles son los beneficios de la henna en el cabello

henna for red hair
Cuando la henna se va saliendo, el color cambia.

Además de tinturar naturalmente el cabello con un matiz rojo, la henna ofrece otros beneficios importantes.

For example, it conditions and softens the hair shaft of the strands and fills them with a natural vegetable protein.

Henna also stimulates hair growth and is visibly noticeable in women with fine hair.

Another of its important benefits for hair is that it strengthens the scalp.

It should be noted that the natural dye lasts approximately four weeks, depending on the frequency of washing.

The best thing about this dye is that it ages very well, since instead of losing color, it loses intensity.

That is, it stays in the red color range, but less vibrant.

If you want to extend its life, use a safe washing system and styling products for colored hair.

So if you want to change your color, try henna and don’t mistreat your hair.

Would you like to try henna on your hair?

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