Ingrediente estrella: Avena para todos tipos de pelo

Regalo de la tierra.

Oats are one of those miraculous ingredients nature gave us to preserve our health and beauty.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber , the benefits of oats in the body are many.

Healthy hair is the result of a balanced diet and good care.

Why not take advantage of the usefulness of this ingredient in our hair?

There are many products enriched with this whole grain and countless home remedies.

However, today we are going to tell you how oats transform your hair.

3 Funciones de la avena en tu cabello

Moisturizes dry hair

oatmeal washing hair
Opt for a washing system enriched with natural protein to moisturize your hair.

Your skill with home remedies and concoctions does not go beyond masks, don’t worry, because neither do ours.

Soft, manageable and silky hair requires an effective washing system and if it’s one infused with oats, even better.

We recommend using Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo and Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Conditioner , they also apply the benefits of honey to your hair.

This washing system nourishes and hydrates dry hair and protects it from damaging factors.

In other words, the best thing about these products is that they can be used on colored hair.

Soothes scalp irritation

oatmeal scalp itch
La avena es un remedio natural para humectar el cuero cabelludo.

La avena en hojuelas cocida en agua es una pócima casera buena para calmar el cuero cabelludo irritado.

Cuando hay irritación se presentan escamas en la raíz del cabello acompañadas por picazón.

Es decir, la condición es un poquito más severa, es necesario consultar a un dermatólogo, de lo contrario, la condición puede empeorar.

Si la situación es cosmética, simplemente prepara la avena y déjala enfriar, aplícala en el cuero cabelludo y deja que haga efecto por 15 minutos.

Por lo tanto, enjuaga con agua al clima y repite dos o tres veces a la semana.

Finalmente, evita el uso de productos para peinar y de las herramientas calientes mientras dure la irritación.

Proporciona un acondicionamiento profundo con avena

oatmeal dry frizzy hair
La avena es un ingrediente natural concentrado para nutrir el cabello.

Todos los tipos de pelo, especialmente los crespos y lacios requieren de hidratación profunda por distintas razones.

In other words, frizzy hair tends to dry out easily due to its thick texture .

On the other hand, straight hair is prone to breakage due to its fine structure.

Oats are rich in various forms of B vitamins, and biotin (B8) is part of this group.

That is, this component is present in many hair products since it facilitates its growth.

Finally, a store-bought or homemade oatmeal mask is all your hair needs to take it to the next level.

We Like Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Mask and you should apply it at least once a week.

What are your favorite natural ingredients?