Gel hair

Cómo aplicar gel en el cabello crespo, lacio y ondulado

If you want to learn how to apply gel to your hair, this article is what you were looking for.

Gel is one of those styling products that very few women use because they don’t know how to do it.

Fortunately, we are here to help you solve this enigma, since the gel is a very versatile product.

For example, it can be applied to both wet and dry hair, and in addition to giving hold and dimension, this product tames frizz.

Keep reading below so you can learn everything about the product and start using it from today.

Aprende cómo aplicar gel en el cabello correctamente

Gel for frizzy or afro hair

how to apply gel on frizzy hair
In curly hair it is recommended to apply the gel on wet hair. Photo credit: GPC/ATH.

This type of texture tends to be dry in nature, and therefore you should choose a product that is alcohol-free and as natural as possible.

Afortunadamente, salió al mercado Emerge Style Goals Gel y fue diseñado para dicha textura.

Es decir, este gel sin alcohol fue cuidadosamente formulado y sin sustancias desagradables, como los sulfatos, parabenos, ftalatos ni siliconas.

Además de lo mencionado, este gel no contiene aceite mineral, vaselina ni colorantes.

Simplemente aplica el gel sobre el cabello mojado en diferentes secciones para que se absorba bien.

Seguidamente, procede a estilizar tu cabello con el estilo que quiera, ya que este gel no es pegajoso.

Cómo aplicar gel en el cabello lacio y ondulado

how to apply gel on straight hair
Aplica el gel sobre el cabello lacio seco para no perder volumen. Crédito de foto: GPC/ATH.

Según los expertos, si tienes el cabello lacio, se recomienda aplicar el gel en el pelo seco.

The reason this is so is because you don’t want to take as much volume out of the hair.

It is also recommended to use a strong but light hold product that does not weigh down the hair.

We consider the best product to be the classic TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Firm Control Gel .

Considered the best styling gel on the market, this product helps sculpt hair into different shapes.

That is, it allows you to create straight, wavy, wet and collected hairstyles in different ways.

This gel should be applied at the end, after styling to give it a hold and keep frizz away.

The best thing about this product is that it does not melt in heat or humidity. It also doesn’t leave your fingers or hair sticky.

Did you know how to apply gel to hair?