Alisa el cabello ensortijado naturalmente

Sin ningún químico.

There is a very marked difference between curly hair and curly hair.

The latter consists of a thick strand with wide springs that start from the roots of the hair.

Women with this type of curl enjoy an abundance of hair and therefore look short.

Due to the thickness of the curl as it grows, it gains strength at the root and not at the tip, that is, it grows up and not down.

Since springs don’t carry much weight, they don’t stretch on their own.

The only way to straighten kinky hair is by styling it straight with heat and applying the right products.

Read on to learn the details of this type of curl and how to style it.

Trucos de cuidado y peinado para el cabello ensortijado

kinky redhead with gray hair
A correct washing system is the first step to transform the texture of your hair. Photo credit: Verity Smith.

Apply the correct washing system for curly hair

Hair care begins with a washing system designed for the specific type of hair.

In this case, kinky hair needs a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help loosen up the roots.

One of our favorite systems for this type of curl is TRESemmé Flawless Curls Shampoo and TRESemmé Flawless Curls Conditioner. .

Enriched with vitamin B1, this system is ideal for this type of curl as it offers deep hydration.

As we mentioned earlier, this shampoo and conditioner helps to plump up the volume at the roots by relaxing the coils a bit with each wash.

It can be used every day, but we don’t recommend it, because kinky hair needs the natural oil of the scalp.

This fat needs at least 24 hours to form and another day to reach the roots.

Además de distribuir los ingredientes del sistema, esta grasa relaja las hebras.

Este sistema de lavado es perfecto para el verano ya que genera una barrera protectora contra el frizz y desenreda el pelo.

kinky hair woman with red hair
En el cabello rizado los productos de estilo no son una opción, sino una necesidad. Crédito de foto: Verity Smith.

Aprende a peinar tu tipo de rizo

Sácale todo el provecho a tu cabello ensortijado aplicando una espuma anti-humedad.

Este tipo de rizo se puede peinar rizado con Suave Natural Volume Mousse.

Resiste completamente la humedad del ambiente, manteniendo tus resortes definidos de raíz a puntas.

Después de lavar el cabello, aplica este mousse y seca con el secador y el difusor, apuntando la herramienta hacia arriba.

Esta técnica te ayudará a conservar el volumen natural de tu cabello ensortijado.

Si quieres peinar el cabello con una raíz lisa y los rizos medio sueltos como los de nuestra modelo, lo logras aplicando una crema alisadora.

A Bed Head by TIGI Straighten Our Cream product is perfect for this look.

The thermosetting polymers of this cream are activated upon contact with heat, smoothing the strands.

Apply a small amount of this product to medium-dry hair before blow-drying (without the diffuser) and an ionic round brush.

Place the brush at the root and pull the hair up, pointing the tool in the same direction.

This way you will be able to create loose waves with definition without sacrificing the dimension of the hair.

How do you style your curly hair?