Causas y remedios para un cuero cabelludo seco

No tiene nada que ver con la caspa

Dry scalp is due to the absence of natural oils.

Therefore, there is no lubrication on the scalp and it looks dry.

The function of these oils is to hydrate the scalp , and therefore the hair.

Common factors of dry scalp are flakes, itching, irritation, and dull hair.

Read on to learn how to treat the common condition.

Differences between dandruff and dry scalp

dry scalp flaking on the shoulder
The scales on the dry scalp are white and small.

The difference between dry scalp and dandruff is astronomical.

First of all, dandruff is the product of a fungus and dryness is due to a lack of hydration .

Although both have scales, their anatomy is completely different.

In dandruff the scales are large and cream-colored, on the other hand, the scales on the dry scalp are white and small.

Another important difference between the two conditions is the appearance of the hair.

With dandruff, hair looks oily and on a dry scalp, hair looks dry.

Another important factor is itching, since in the case of dandruff, the itching is constant and irritating.

When there is dryness, the scalp scratches after washing the hair.

In addition to the aforementioned, when there is dandruff, the scalp has a bad smell and with dryness it does not.

Dry scalp remedies

In a word, hydration. That is, you must change your care and style products for moisturizing formulations.

Of course we are talking about products rich in nourishing oils such as coconut or argan.

You should also include products designed for the scalp in your care routine.

We recommend the new Love, Beauty And Planet Hemp Seed Oil & Nana Leaf Scalp Serum .

Formulated with coconut oil, hemp seed, and nana leaf, this natural serum moisturizes and unbalanced scalp .

In addition to hydrating the scalp, this serum will soothe itchiness and restore the natural shine to the hair.

Stop washing your hair every day

woman dry scalp in shower
Don’t wash your hair every day so it doesn’t get so dry.

Hair should not be washed every day to allow the scalp’s natural oils to develop.

This point is valuable, especially if you suffer from dryness.

Wash the hair a couple of times a week, while the condition improves.

Use a complete washing system, that is, the shampoo and conditioner with nourishing formulations.

We recommend the new TRESemmé Ultimate Hydration with Moisture Complex Shampoo and TRESemmé Ultimate Hydration with Moisture Complex Conditioner .

As the name implies, this system was designed to deliver and seal hydration to the scalp and hair.

The system contains active fibers and ceramides, which penetrate the hair fiber and fill it with moisture.

The result will be smooth, hydrated, shiny hair and a flake-free scalp.

How do you treat dry hair and scalp?

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