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Mejor brillantina para el pelo de hombres según el corte

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Hair pomade or glitter is one of those versatile styling products that cannot be missing from your routine. The product was designed to offer hold and control to the hair when creating any hairstyle . There are several versions of the pomade on the market, and they all offer different finishes. That is, there is frost to leave the hair with a shiny, matte, creamy or wax effect. Depending on the style, you will choose the ointment… It’s that simple! Below, we’ve rounded up three versions of the product available at the drugstore for you to try.

Cuál brillantina para el pelo es para ti

Men’s strong fix and semi-gloss glitter

For gentlemen who like to wear structured hairstyles like the pompadour or quiff, this pomade is perfect. That is, it offers a strong fix, and allows you to shape the hair in different ways. Of course we are talking about Bed Head For Men by TIGI Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade . The beauty of this hair glitter is that it can be applied to both wet and dry hair. When wet, it helps create a barrier against frizz, as it resists high degrees of environmental humidity. On the other hand, it allows you to achieve a neat finish on dry hair. Thanks to its non-greasy, non-sticky formulation, this ointment will not leave residue on your fingers.

shiny ointment

Si eres de los que les gusta llamar la atención con los peinados, esta brillantina es para ti. Como su nombre lo indica, Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade es brillo en una lata. Esta pomada fue diseñada para los caballeros que les gusta lucir los peinados llamativos de los cantantes. Por supuesto que te estamos hablando del undercut, y del fade alto. Esta pomada ofrece fijo, y deja el cabello bien brillante casi que con un acabado húmedo. Lo mejor del producto es que se absorbe rápidamente para no dejar el cabello pegajoso.

Brillantina para el cabello de alta definición

Finally, we bring you Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade . This pomade differs from the previous two in that it was designed to create well-defined hairstyles. That is, it is perfect for men with curly hair with geometric cuts like the square. It also allows you to style the different types of shaved haircuts of professional footballers. This glitter offers a strong hold and a super shiny finish. Thanks to its grease-free formulation, you can apply a generous amount of the product without problem.

What is your favorite hair glitter?