Luce un corte de pelo sombreado de galanes

El corte del momento.

One of the classic men’s styles that will continue to enjoy popularity this year is the ombre haircut. There are different ways to style the cut, as long as the bib creates shadows. That is, the typical shading effect of the cut consists of a hair degradation. In other words, it is achieved by shaving and leaving the hair long. The goal of the cut is to create a perfect balance of shadow and light with the amount of hair that is cut. If you want to learn more details of the style, keep reading.

Todo sobre el corte de pelo sombreado

Light and Dark Low Shaded Haircuts

shaded haircut

As we mentioned earlier, the focal point of the ombre haircut is the different shades created. The barber will begin by shaving the sideburns and hair on the temples with sharp lines. He will also create a frame on the layer adjacent to the hair, that is, the last one to frame the hair.

The idea is to do this cut when you have very long hair to give drama and dimension to the pompadour. The longer it is, the better, since you can comb it high or even make a pompadour. Depending on the finish you want to achieve, we recommend applying a pomade to the top.

Nuestra pomada favorita es Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade. Este producto te permite esculpir el cabello en diferentes formas y estilos. Además del fijo, esta pomada deja un acabado brillante el cual es perfecto para darle luz al pelo. Funciona muy bien con todas las texturas de cabello y ofrece una apariencia natural.

Corte de pelo sombreado 3D

shaded haircut

We already mentioned that there are different ways to cut this style and this 3D version is one of those. As you can see the shadow effect is created twice. First from the sideburns to the temple, where a line with thin hair is left. The second shade simply consists of the shaved framing of the forehead and pompadour. To make the contrast more evident, comb the pompadour in one direction and the hairline in another. The last step is to apply the ointment so that your hair stays with this natural shine.

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