15 Tonos balayage en cabello oscuro para trigueñas

Aclara tu rostro.

If you’re afraid to experiment with color, a coloring technique like dark hair balayage is perfect for breaking the ice.

The goal of this hair color style is to add light to your hair and face.

It is practically a modern version of the traditional highlights or highlights, but with the big difference that in balayage, the locks are painted.

The technique is not torture like highlights where you had to remove tiny portions of hair with a needle.

The best thing about this process is that you can start with a dark color and lighten it with each touch-up.

Check out our inspiration gallery to see the different ways to rock this perfect color trend for brunettes.

1. Dark balayage with orange tint.

balayage dark hair wavy lob
The orange tint is one of the shades of the season.

As you already know, citrus hair colors are still all the rage this season and the orange tint is one of our favorites.

It is perfect for adding light and dimension to dark brown hair .

The dyes with a low blonde tone like orange, look spectacular on the dark complexion as they make it look tanned.

2. Balayage from crown to ends.

balayage dark hair red hair
With the balayage you can gradually lighten your hair.

If you have very dark brows and don’t like the contrast of light roots, go for a dark crown-to-tip balayage .

Choose a shade with a golden brown tint to bring out the soft undertone of the dye.

This type of color will add light to your face from temple to chin.

3. Balayage dark hair with ombré.

balayage dark hair dark root
The ombré is still at the peak of popularity.

Multicolored hair is still in full swing and this dark root look with the rest of the hair brushed in is perfect for the lazy.

In this type of balayage, the lightest shade is deposited from the temple to the tips, applying a little more bleach than normal.

We recommend using a Nexxus Humectress Step 2 Moisture Restoring Masque .

Use this product at least twice a week to prevent your hair from becoming porous.

4. Dark balayage, full process.

balayage dark hair brown hair
With the full balayage you transform your color.

As we mentioned earlier, the beauty of dark hair balayage is that it allows you to build it up.

That is, the hair absorbs each brushstroke of color naturally until it reaches a complete process.

Experts recommend starting with a medium-dark shade so that it lightens with each touch-up.

This is how cute and natural a dark balayage looks after six months.

5. Brushstrokes of various colors.

balayage dark hair blue hair
Experiment with vibrant temporary hair dyes.

Why not mix up two or three popular color trends by painting your hair in various colors?

Gray hair is still in fashion and bright colors too.

To achieve this variety of bright tones, you have to bleach your hair and that is why we recommend buying a purple shampoo.

Our favorite is Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo , it prevents color oxidation.

6. Color at the edge of the hair.

balayage dark hair lowlights
Make the most of curls by painting their edges.

If you have curly hair, simply apply color to the edge of the hair, strategically selecting the highlights to paint.

They will look as natural as if your hair has been bleached in the sun.

Use an alcohol-free mousse to give your curls definition.

Try TRESemmé Flawless Curls Alcohol-Free Mousse .

In addition to definition, this mousse resists and controls frizz.

7. Balayage dark hair with thick highlights.

balayage dark hair lighter lights
Experiment with two or three colors to create a unique stain.

Depending on the degree of drama you want to achieve, you can make thick princeladas with a light tint as you do the touch-ups.

This model has been building her dark balayage for almost a year.

8. Only in the bangs.

balayage dark hair color in the pompadour
Apply an oil to brighten your hair and color.

Another way to add light to your hair is by balayage only on the bangs or pompadour.

Perfect for women with frizzy hair who like to style it straight and are not afraid of color.

Another product that you should apply is an oil to give your hair shine.

Try Copyright by TIGI Custom Create Color Luster Oil .

Formulated with coconut oil, this oil offers shine, tames frizz, and protects color.

9. Only at the ends.

balayage dark hair highlights from medium to ends
The tint on the ends brightens the skin.

If you have long hair, and are looking for an update, but don’t want to cut it short, then go for a dark hair balayage only at the ends.

The brush strokes start from the middle of the hair down by painting lowlights.

10. Dark layered balayage.

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